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Arnold Zack MPA, having just celebrated his 90th birthday, has closed up shop as a labor management arbitrator after deciding some 5,000 cases over 64 years. “I wish you all similar longevity and success in your chosen careers to make this a better world. I tried to make it a more peaceful world in labor management relations. The horizons established by the Kennedy School make your role in that quest for peace harder, but your training at this school empowers you to bring that goal closer to reality.”



Honora Kaplan MPA died on Oct. 22, 2021, in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. Honora was a lawyer and public official in Massachusetts for decades. She served on the Newton (MA) School Committee, leading the progressive wing, in the 1970s and 1980s.

Abe Lowenthal MPA continues to focus on Latin American and inter-American affairs. He has published several pieces on Venezuela’s elusive transition from authoritarian rule, and one on Peru’s 2021 election of a leftist schoolteacher as president, contextualizing this surprising outcome in the light of 50 years of political fragmentation and declining state capacity. Abe is also working on an essay comparing the decline of political institutions and norms in Brazil and the United States, and another on U.S.-Latin American relations in the post-pandemic world.



John LaBreche MC/MPA writes, “I retired from federal service in 1997 after 35 years with Social Security (manager) and Labor (ESA-Black Lung Division mid-management) in eastern Kentucky with occasional assignments to Washington, D.C. I then accepted a position with the Kentucky Department of Labor, where I worked until 2002. For the past 29 years, I have served on the board of Pikeville Medical Center (PMC), a growing eastern Kentucky regional medical center, and am acutely aware of the pandemic stresses endured by our staff of 3,000. PMC also is home to the Appalachian Autism Center, which is quickly becoming the largest such treatment center in the United States.”


1972 | 50th Reunion

Ron Luke MPP has been working with HKS classmates throughout the years to establish and operate an HKS Special Interest Group on State and Local Government. The group has put together several programs and monthly coffee chats. If interested, send an email to



Roland Castaneda MPP writes, “This July, I joined the South Texas Pro Bono Asylum Representation Project (ProBAR), a project of the American Bar Association that provides legal information, pro se assistance, and pro bono representation to thousands of immigrants and asylum-seekers in remote South Texas each year. Founded in 1989 in response to the overwhelming need for pro bono legal representation of Central American asylum-seekers detained in South Texas, ProBAR has a long history of providing critical legal services to people at risk of deportation. I am a staff attorney who will also support ongoing efforts to raise additional funds and increase the number of pro bono attorneys for ProBAR.”



Sam Lehman-Wilzig PhD writes, “After retiring from 40 years teaching, researching, and chairing two departments at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, I have a new book appearing early in 2022, Virtuality and Humanity: Virtual Practice and Its Evolution From Pre-History to the 21st Century (Springer Nature). It surveys and analyzes virtuality through human history as expressed in religion; philosophy, math, physics; literature and the arts; economics; nationhood, government, and war; and communication—and the socio-psychological functions explaining its universality. The book is dedicated to my wife, and to Harvard’s late (and great) professor Daniel Bell, the inspiration for my interdisciplinary approach to researching human activity.”


1977 | 45th Reunion

Lawrence DiCara MC/MPA is back home in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, after spending five months in various hospitals after being run over by an SUV while walking on a sidewalk in Marion, Massachusetts. He is back to work at 10 Post Office Square. He walks with a cane when outdoors and has his right arm in a sling as a result of surgery in July to repair nerve damage from the accident. He is pleased to be back writing, representing clients, and giving speeches and lectures.



Richard Broinowski MC/MPA returned to the Australian foreign service in 1979. He became Australian ambassador to Vietnam (1983–86), South Korea (1987–89), and Mexico, the Central American Republics, and Cuba (1994–97). He also spent three years managing Radio Australia. After retirement he became an adjunct professor at the University of Sydney and sent Australian media students to work as journalists for newspapers in China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, and the Philippines. Richard lives with his wife, Alison, and cat, Genji, in Sydney. He has published six books. “Would love to catch up with colleagues at the Kennedy School.”

Edgard Moncayo MC/MPA writes, “I’ve held various leadership appointments within the Colombian government, along with positions at international bodies such as UN CEPAL and the Andean Community, specializing in economic policy and development. My research and teaching positions at a variety of universities and my strategic consulting experience have allowed me to lecture and work in the United States, Europe, and Latin America. I’ve held visiting lectureships at several European universities, including Oxford and the Autonomous University of Madrid in Spain. I most recently served as a senior visiting fellow at Florida International University in Miami, examining issues of regional economics and innovation.”



Nancy Connery MC/MPA writes, “I am sad to announce the death of fellow HKS classmate Rina Spence Countryman MPA in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on June 10, 2021. Rina was a pioneer in women’s health care and the first female hospital president in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, among many other accomplishments. She was also my friend for more than 50 years. I miss her dearly.”

Steve Cox MPP retired in 2018 from a career in international development, conservation, and human rights. Steve worked at the Ford Foundation, Agua del Pueblo, Acceso, INCAE, the Inter-American Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, World Resources Institute, and the World Wildlife Fund. He is now an active board member of AsylumWorks and the Beckner Advancement Fund, and is involved in D.C. city politics with the Washington Interfaith Network. He and his partner, Laurie Welch, are also frequent campaign workers for progressive candidates around the mid-Atlantic. Daughters Katie and Sarah are back in D.C. and active in public service careers. Steve is learning how to make furniture and attacking a long reading list.



Chris Evangel MPA spent his career working in financial services and government. After HKS he was based in Manhattan and worked at the Office of Management and Budget in the federal government, at Moody’s Investors Service, and as a managing director of investments in national insurance regulatory. Chris, who lives in northern New Jersey and New York, is currently attending University of Richmond Law School with one year left to go for his JD. “Yes, most might have chosen to retire instead.”

Joe Leitmann MPP was hired in July as the first executive director of the University of California Disaster Resilience Network to harness the talent of the largest research university system in response to society’s existential threats. He also leads a team of 25 experts drafting the COVID-19 economic and social recovery framework for Africa with the African Union and development partners. Finally, Joe is advising the World Bank on evaluating a decade of experience with disaster risk management. And he is still playing saxophone and squash!


1982 | 40th Reunion

Bob Gleeson MPP is a professor and the Albert A. Levin Chair of Urban Studies and Public Service at Cleveland State University. Bob’s prior positions include vice president and Sutton Chair at the Public Policy Institute of California; director of the Center for Governmental Studies at Northern Illinois; and director of the Center for Economic Development at Carnegie Mellon. Bob earned a PhD in history and policy from Carnegie Mellon in 1997. His latest book is The Evolution of Human Settlements: From Pleistocene Origins to Anthropocene Prospects, with William Bowen (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019). Bob and his wife, Denise, live in Beachwood, Ohio. His son, Zack (27), lives in Washington D.C., while daughter, Hannah (25), lives in Cleveland Heights.

Worth Thomas MC/MPA has been elected to the board of directors for Community Bancshares Inc., the holding company for Community Bank. The bank operates in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, and Tennessee, and has more than $7 billion in assets and 800 employees.



Tony Green MCRP shares that at the end of January Jim Brown died of complications from Parkinson’s disease and Lewy body dementia. Tony writes, “All of us who knew Jim understand what a fighter he was. He never gave up, no matter what. I can’t imagine anyone worked harder against these devastating illnesses. But those were battles he could not win. As you probably know, Jim was a massive sports fan in addition to being quite an athlete himself. He was an avid golfer, runner, and an NCAA champion swimmer in college.”

“[I]f you are a recipient of highway or transit federal dollars, you are now allowed to develop and to generate a local hiring preference contract, which is, I think, one of the biggest policy shifts you’ll find in the whole bill.”

Mark Sullivan MPP 1984


When Afghanistan took the world stage in August, the plight of its women and girls galvanized Judy Bunnell MPP. Her post on the HKS Women’s Network Facebook page mobilized alums from various programs and years. Refugee visas were the paramount need, explained Marina LeGree MC/MPA 2014, who has helped build athletic programs for Afghan girls. As she worked to secure visas, the HKS group supported hundreds who evacuated to Europe and Latin America. Today, resettlement work and support for those still in country are the priority. Joining Judy were classmates Jody Litvak MPP, Carol Landsman MPP, and Lisa Austin MPP. Contact Judy to assist.

David DeLong MC/MPA is still researching, writing, and speaking about the future of work and solutions for critical skill shortages. David is currently writing Tapping America’s Hidden Talent Pool, a book of lessons learned from U.S. businesses committed to training and employing “marginalized” workers, including immigrants, those with disabilities, and the formerly incarcerated. “Glad to connect with those who have success stories to share.” Naomi Goldstein MPP received the inaugural Evaluation Champion Award from the Evaluation Officer Council Recognition Program at the U.S. government’s Office of Management and Budget. Naomi, who has worked for 20 years at the Administration for Children and Families, was recognized for her leadership, her contributions to federal evaluation policy, and her mentorship to evaluation professionals throughout the federal government.

Charles Kelley MC/MPA is pleased to report that his daughter, Caroline Kelley Geiger, received her PhD in health policy and evaluative science from Harvard this spring, and her first class in the PhD program was at the Kennedy School! She was also president of the HKS rowing team, whose competitive activities were of course unfortunately cut short by the pandemic, but watching her row on the Charles for HKS will be a lifetime memory for him. Charlie marks his 30th year as a director of the Rhode Island Student Loan Authority and wishes all his classmates health and happiness.

David Owen MC/MPA is enjoying his third year of retirement after 35 years in local government management. He recently attended the funeral of classmate Bill Boerth MC/MPA at West Point. David is waiting to read the memoir of another classmate, Edwardo Doryan MC/MPA, PhD 1988. David lives with his wife, Mary, in Newburyport, Massachusetts, and maintains a second home in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, where he worked for nearly 12 years. He is planning to resume travels abroad next year.

Hilary Silver MPP welcomed a second grandchild, Ezra, this summer. She writes, “Ezra’s two-year-old big brother Saul loves playing with Duplo. No surprise. He gets his love of Lego/Duplo from both sides of the family! I’m working toward a certificate in health care analytics to get stronger in technical skills that didn’t exist when we graduated.”



Frances Fabian MPP is still researching and teaching at the University of Memphis. “I’m very excited that my recent publication really drew on macro public policy as well as international management. Hope you all take a look at ‘Globalization, Economic Development, and Corruption: A Cross-Lagged Contingency Perspective.’ It is free access at:”

Tom Gardner MC/MPA writes, “I am currently chair of the Department of Communication at Westfield State University in Westfield, Massachusetts, where I have been teaching for 20 years. I live in Amherst, happily married to Karen Levine. Our son, Koby, got his master’s at Clark and is a local district representative for Rep. Jim McGovern. My daughter, Sarah, and her husband, Reid, are in Rome with the U.S. State Department and have two lovely boys, five and eight months. We plan to go in May. Enjoyed our Class of ’85 Zoom reunion. What a great class! In touch with Marty Linsky IOP 1973, Jim Shultz MC/MPA, Gabriela Romanow MC/MPA, and others on Facebook.”

Charles Grice MPP writes, “Greetings all ... living between Austin, Texas, NYC, and upstate New York. During COVID we opened a brewery (Roaring 20s) in New Lebanon, New York. Come by for a beer! I continue to work in banking and also serve on a board at HKS ... make a gift! Best wishes to you all.”



Sarah Burns MC/MPA, after almost 15 years in Washington, D.C., working on Capitol Hill, at the State Department, the World Resources Institute (WRI), and representing the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), relocated to Los Angeles, where she continues to work in the changing landscape of reforming U.S. foreign policy. Sarah is currently a senior fellow with the highly effective and aptly named NGO Just Foreign Policy. “Sorry we missed our 35th HKS reunion, see you at the 40th! I’ll have a memoir coming out before then!”

Jim Doane MC/MPA writes, “We are leaving for Fort Myers, Florida, just after Christmas, and plan to spend four months there golfing, reading, and relaxing. Returning to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, in early May. We are true ‘snow birds.’”

Rob Muller MPP reports that he and Sally (Sachar) now split their time between Chicago and their pandemic retreat in rural west Michigan. “Kids have grown into employed, fun, and engaged adults (in New York, D.C., and Illinois). I am stepping down as dean of the College of Education at National Louis University at the end of the academic year. Next gig? Open to ideas and opportunities.”


1987 | 35th Reunion

Brian Mooney MC/MPA is pleased to report that his first book of poetry, Unbidden, was published in 2020.

Jeffrey Padden MC/MPA writes, “After receiving my MC/MPA, I served as a small-business policy advisor to the Michigan governor and as a director of small-business services. In 1991, I launched Public Policy Associates, Inc., which conducts policy research, development, and evaluation. I sold the company in 2013, but remain as board chair and do some consulting with the firm. My wife of 37 years died in 2017, and I am now happily involved with a wonderful woman I met in 1974. I have two kids and three grandkids, all of whom are doing fine. My health is good, and as a pastime I play music with several local groups.”

Shigetaka Seki MPP is the executive director of the Consumer Product Safety Association after having served with the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry from 1980 to 2007, and with the Vinyl Environmental Council from 2007 to 2018. In 2018, he received a doctoral degree in environmental science with a focus on the recycling of plastic products. Shigetaka is a board member of the Harvard Club of Japan, where he is mainly in charge of the Harvard Prize Book program.

“[P]olice killings of Black and Hispanic individuals lead to ... specifically dire effects for the educational wellbeing of Black and Hispanic students nearby. And the long run costs of this are enormous.”

Desmond Ang


Abby Arnold MC/MPA writes, “Greetings—after graduating I built a career as a mediator focused on large dialogues and collaborations on renewables sustainability, marine, and water resources issues. In 2008 I helped found and have been running AWWI, a nonprofit dedicated to understanding and developing mitigation strategies to minimize impacts of wind (and now solar) on wildlife, so we can build out the renewables needed to help achieve net zero carbon goals while conserving wildlife. I married in the summer of 1988, raised three children, traveled, and now spend as much time in Alaska and elsewhere enjoying the great outdoors. Hoping all are healthy.”

Carole Florman MC/MPA, after almost 29 years in Washington, D.C., has relocated with her husband to mid-coast Maine. Carole works remotely as a policy fellow for CancerCare, a national nonprofit organization that provides no-cost professional support services to anyone affected by cancer.

Pieter Josephus Jitta MC/MPA writes, “When studying in Cambridge, I worked for the Dutch Ministry of Justice. After being self-deployed for a decade I returned to the ministry in 2005. I fulfilled several management positions and, since the beginning of 2019, work for the Dutch government as a consultant on leadership and organizational development. My spouse, Thea, who became a sculptor, and I have lived since 2012 on a former farm in a beautiful rural area. All our children—two sons and a daughter—work in the private sector (beer sales, digital branding, and retail). As grandparents we are blessed with three grandchildren.”

John McLaughlin MC/MPA has joined forces with John Flannery from MSNBC to create a new weekly podcast called “On The Level.” Their program showcases the major issues of the day, including truth, law, and justice in the United States. “On The Level” can be found on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. Please join at

Anne Melko Nelson MC/MPA writes, “After retiring in 2014, I remarried in 2018 and my husband, Michael Melko, and I now split our time between our homes in Naples, Florida, and New Hampshire. While I loved the last 25 years of my career, retirement is definitely more fun.”

John Wasowicz MC/MPA is completing Mount Vernon Circle, the fifth book in his Old Town mystery series featuring Mo Katz as the fictional U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia. Mount Vernon Circle, slated for publication in 2022 by BrickHouse Books, Maryland’s oldest literary press, involves a domestic terrorist attack along the George Washington Memorial Parkway outside Washington, D.C. Previous books in the series include Daingerfield Island, Jones Point, Slaters Lane, and Roaches Run, with settings all situated along the Potomac River in northern Virginia between the 14th Street Bridge and Mount Vernon.



James Brett MC/MPA, president and CEO of the New England Council, this spring received two honorary degrees from Regis College and Assumption University for his leadership and advocacy for individuals with disabilities. He was appointed by President Obama to the President’s Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities (PCPID) and by Speaker Pelosi to the National Council on Disability (NCD).

George Mazza MC/MPA, on leaving the U.S. Justice Department after serving more than 20 years as a senior civil rights attorney, has returned to studying theology at Catholic University in Washington, D.C., where he is completing a PhD. In the spring of 2021, he designed and taught an innovative course on Judaism, for which he coordinated presentations by noted Jewish scholars and activists. In June 2021, George released Dearest Sylvia, a book of the edited and annotated love letters that his father wrote to his mother during World War II.

Seth Radwell MPP published his first book, American Schism: How the Two Enlightenments Hold the Secret to Healing Our Nation (Greenleaf Books, June 2021). The book has an introduction by Jonathan Israel, a world-renowned professor of the Enlightenment, and has been endorsed by both academics and journalists, including Ana Navarro of CNN, Pulitzer Prize–winning author David Garrow, Yale professors Jacob Hacker and Stephen Darwall, and Harold Meyerson of The American Prospect and The Washington Post. The central theme of the book is how to rehabilitate our severely damaged political dialogue in order to save our democracy. More info at:



Frank Muller MC/MPA, following Australia’s devastating Black Summer bushfires, has been drawing on his expertise in climate and energy policy to assist residents of the township of Cobargo, on the New South Wales south coast to rebuild with greater resilience and lower emissions. A recently awarded government grant of $1.4 million will be used to design and gain approval for a solar/battery microgrid to keep the power on during future grid failures. Frank also recently was lead author of a well-publicized paper by the think tank The Australia Institute on the implications of carbon border adjustments, such as those proposed by the European Union.

Stephen Wilkins MPA has joined the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) in the role of senior vice president of human resources and diversity, equity, and inclusion. In this new position, he will be responsible for the development and implementation of a human resources strategy that builds on CPB’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. Stephen will report directly to Patricia Harrison, president and CEO of CPB, and will work closely with his peers in the public media community. For more information, visit



Joel Freid MPA writes, “After 22 years in Oakland, I recently moved back across San Francisco Bay to the land of my youth in Marin County—San Anselmo, to be specific. I’m still practicing environmental law with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District in San Francisco. My ‘kids’ are 20-somethings now: son Aaron works as a data analyst in D.C., and daughter Lena is finishing college at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Did you know that Obama HLS 1991 took at least three K School classes?! One with me, Law and Political Economy taught by professor Chris Edley, and Gary Orren’s Press, Politics, and Public Opinion. I am still volunteering as a voter-protection Dem attorney, defeated the recall of California Governor Newsom, and am gearing up for ’22 & ’24!”

Arlene Kirsch MC/MPA writes, “In Williamstown, Massachusetts, I helped form an anti-racism activist group and led the campaign for a person of color to win a Select Board seat with more votes than any Select Board member has ever received before. Upon learning of a toxic police department culture, regular pressure from our group resulted in the firing of a racist police dispatcher and the resignations of the now-former police chief and town manager. Unfortunately there still is much more work to do here.”

Jenny Luray MPA writes, “After fun times in various roles in the U.S. House of Representatives, Senate, and White House, I led public policy and government affairs for two life sciences companies. Now I’m at Research!America, a nonprofit advocating for stronger U.S. funding in medical and scientific research and speeding up the “bench to beside” pipeline. If you are working on similar issues or just want to say hi:”


1992 | 30th Reunion

Geri Augusto MC/MPA is a senior fellow in international affairs at Brown University’s Watson Institute. This past fall she helped organize a virtual conference marking the 60th anniversary of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC).

Mark Brimhall-Vargas MPP writes, “Having moved to Boston five years ago (living in Saugus, Massachusetts), I am now working at Fenway Health as the executive vice president of racial equity and social justice. I’d love to collect with other HKS people in the area.”

Juliette (Dacey) Fay MPP has published her sixth novel, Catch Us When We Fall (HarperCollins, September 2021). Set in the Boston area, it follows a young pregnant woman’s recovery from alcoholism with the reluctant help of her only sober friend, a Red Sox third baseman with problems of his own. Juliette lives in Wayland, Massachusetts, with her husband, Tom, and a rotating roster of their four adult-ish children.

Ruth Lawson-Stopps MC/MPA writes, “After 10 years I am pleased to return to the Maine Department of Corrections as the director of medical services. We are excited to be proud grandparents of our new grandson who lives in Washington, D.C., much too far away. I look forward to seeing old friends at the reunion, COVID permitting.”



Piotr (Peter) Dmochowski Lipski MC/MPA lives in Paris, France, and has recently been reelected as the head of the European Telecommunications Satellite Organization (EUTELSAT IGO), an intergovernmental organization with 49 member states. He also serves as a commissioner on the Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development under the auspices of two United Nations specialized agencies—International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and UNESCO. Peter is a Littauer Society member and in October 2019 was invited to participate in the Dean’s Council Meeting. Going back to the HKS campus is definitely on his list, once the pandemic is over.



Clifford Garstang MC/MPA is the Library of Virginia Literary Award-winning author of the short story collection What the Zhang Boys Know. Clifford combines his international experience and midwestern and Virginia roots in his new book, Oliver’s Travels (Regal House Publishing, 2021), which explores the search for truth—in what we tell ourselves and others—and the challenges of healing broken families.

Brian Quinn MPP is an associate professor of law at Boston College Law School. Brian teaches and writes on corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, and venture capital.

Laura Rojas MC/MPA launched a podcast in October called “Dialogos Inteligentes.” Every 15 days Laura interviews people who discuss what is happening at the intersection of technology, business, and public policy and why it is important. The podcast’s aim is to understand the technologies that are driving that technological revolution, anticipate the evolution and use of technologies, and raise difficult questions surrounding the use of technology. The podcast is in Spanish and can be found on podcast platforms such as Spotify.

“Any infrastructure project should be required to have robust community engagement from the get-go, so that you get the buy-in.”

Jane Gilbert MPA 1994


Lorene Flaming MPP writes, “Stepping out of international development for a spell to reside at Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe (Sept. 2021–March 2022). Deeply grateful for this gift to myself. Engaged in mindfulness study and practice, focusing on compassionate listening and action and how to be with suffering without burning out. The teachings are grounded in neuroscience, psychology, ethics, and contemplative perspectives (e.g., the G.R.A.C.E. model developed by Joan Halifax). If interested in learning more, Upaya’s offerings are accessible in their ‘cloud Zendo’ via Zoom and YouTube.”

Lauren Gibbs MC/MPA writes, “I am trying to pass bills in all 50 states providing fire safety information to students in schools and colleges because my daughter died in an off-campus fire in 2017 as a sophomore at Reed College. If she had had fire safety information, she might have lived. I am starting with Massachusetts, where Mara was born and lived until college, and Oregon, where she died. If you are in Massachusetts, ask your state senator and state representative to get Ways and Means to pass H.2434/S.1570. If you are in Oregon, ask your state senator and representative to create such a bill and pass it. If in a different state, do similarly. If you want to help in YOUR state or territory, contact”



David Gambill MC/MPA writes, “I’ve been a chocolatier (Sonoma Chocolatiers) in Sonoma County, California, since 2008. Since 2011, my attention has also focused on my wife, Susan, and our son, Hunter, as Susan has disappeared into early-onset Alzheimer’s. She will likely pass on in the coming year—hopefully after Hunter graduates from high school in June. The 2017–2020 fires, then the pandemic, crashed our business. But it’s growing again, and we’ll be OK (order our chocolates at I now enjoy my son, garden, practice mindfulness, Aikido, and archery, and make people smile with dark chocolate treats. It’s a challenge, but life is good.”

Jeffrey Lee MC/MPA retired as the maritime mining officer of the U.S. Navy, a federal government civilian position.

Diego von Vacano MPP writes, “I have been active in supporting and advising President Luis Arce of Bolivia as the country recovered democracy last year. I am focusing on lithium, green energy, U.S.–Bolivia relations, and academic programs in Bolivia. Bolivia’s Uyuni has the largest lithium reserves in the world, key to the green energy transition. Would love to hear from HKS alums working in that area. I am a professor at Texas A&M University and working on a new book about recovering democracy in the Americas.”


1997 | 25th Reunion

Leith Greenslade MPA, in September 2021, was awarded the Advance Global Australian of the Year and Social Impact Award. The award recognizes her work leading Every Breath Counts, a coalition of more than 100 organizations from the public and private sectors that helps low- and middle-income countries access treatment, especially medical oxygen, for COVID-19 patients.



Nicolas Ducote MPP writes, “My twenties were invested studying in Argentina and the United States (Georgetown, Harvard, and Yale). My thirties, after HKS, were dedicated to civil society, co-founding and leading Cippec, still one of the premier think tanks in Latin America. My forties, I went into local politics, getting elected first as legislative council member and then as mayor of my hometown (Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina—population 400,000). When I completed my mandate, COVID struck, the world locked down, and I turned 50 as I began a new transition. I spent the past year studying social movements and community organizing to launch Epica, a civic engagement platform focusing on youth and women’s empowerment in the Americas.”

John Kenagy MC/MPA writes, “Greetings to all HKS 98ers. I continue to use adaptive design to develop flexible, responsive, and patient-centered health care organizations. Most health care systems are perfectly designed to not adapt. The stress and burnout of COVID have been the ultimate, sometimes tragic, examples. So our work focuses on how to design large (and small) organizations and systems to adapt. It works. MBA thinking is often the problem. My MPA experience at HKS (special credit to Ron Heifetz) made the difference. Jonell and I wish you all the best in your endeavors.”

Susan Thornton MC/MPA retired in 2020 after 39-plus years as an Air Force civilian. Susan’s last Pentagon position was at the senior executive level as the director of information dominance programs. She also served as chair of the NATO Air Forces Armament Group. Susan received the Decoration for Exceptional Civilian Service from the Secretary of the Air Force in recognition of her work. She lives in Arlington, Virginia, and now works for a consulting firm, Dayton Aerospace, Inc. Susan makes frequent trips to Ohio to visit her two adult children and recently started traveling to other locations. An extended European trip is planned for early 2022.



Munir Merali MC/MPA writes, “Greetings from Bangladesh. Since graduation, I have had the honor and privilege to contribute as a ‘development diplomat’ to the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN). For the past two decades, with the support of relevant governments and partners, AKDN has been involved in developing innovative and sustainable models of investments in the public and private sectors in South and Central Asia, while promoting cross-border trade, development, and regional cooperation to engender peace, stability, and economic development in the region, including Afghanistan. In Bangladesh, AKDN is establishing a ‘Center of Excellence’—The Aga Khan Academy—to help improve the quality of education and teaching.”



Sally Boales MC/MPA writes, “I am writing a book about the long-term effects of parental suicide on a family. It is a true story. Little is known about how suicide trauma impacts a child’s emotional and physical well-being over the course of his or her lifetime. The book covers rage, poverty, emotional yearning, stigma, bullying, and shame. It is a book of wonder, however, in terms of how we each found our way. My background in nursing, public health, and public policy greatly contributes to the legitimacy of the story and the presentation of developmental impairments, social justice inequities, and family dynamics. It is with much gratitude should you be moved to donate to this cause:”

Julie Kashen MPP is the director of Women’s Economic Justice and a senior fellow at The Century Foundation, a progressive think tank. Julie has been leading efforts to make policy progress on child care and early learning, paid leave, and related work-family issues. She also serves on the board of Vote Mama Action Fund, an organization working to achieve gender equity by breaking down barriers for mothers to run for elected office. She has recently been featured on the podcasts “Parenting and Politics,” “Now, What’s Next,” “Great Ideas,” “Reasons to Be Cheerful,” and more. Julie lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband and seven-year-old and is grateful for in-person second grade.

Daniel Kirk MC/MPA writes, “Greetings KSG friends! After 30 years, the Kirks are transitioning from service as an army family, and it’s time for Dan to figure out what to be when he grows up—an interesting process. We plan to stay in the D.C. area as our son, Buck (now 11), is thriving in Falls Church. Carolyn and I hope to see you when you pass through.”

Ignacio Estella Rodilla MPA moved to Boston in 2020 and plans to make it home for a while. Ignacio leads non-organic and transformational initiatives as senior vice president of corporate development at Avangrid. “I believe we have a once-in-a-lifetime duty to preserve and protect our planet to sustain life. That is what I try to contribute to on a daily basis.”



Ramin Isayev MC/MPA, after graduating, enjoyed a successful career in the energy industry and started three companies that he turned into multimillion-dollar international businesses. Ramin also lectured at various universities, translated several textbooks from English into Azerbaijani, and established and managed a NATO public diplomacy center in Azerbaijan. Ramin left the energy industry in 2020 and started investing in renewables and new technologies. Since September 2021 he has been working as an advisor to Head of State Tax Services. When Ramin has free time he travels with his daughter, Suzan, to see new places and meet new people.

Takahiro Tajiri MPA is still working for the Japanese government as an officer in the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry.


2002 | 20th Reunion

Hyung Du “HD” Choi MC/MPA writes, “In HKS I introduced myself as a JFK (journalist from Korea). Thanks to the HKS education, I was elected a national assembly member (Korea Congress Member). Please let me know if I would be helpful even in a small way in Korea or on Korea-related issues. You can also find me via LinkedIn.”

Greg Kidd MC/MPA writes, “Life has gone from HKS, to the Fed and Promontory, then Twitter, Square, Ripple, and a lot more crypto. I’m working hard on financial inclusion through our efforts with GlobaliD. Identity as a right and responsibility for all. Looking to address the trust deficit in our society. Hope to connect up with others who feel passion on the inclusion front.”

Bob Lesser MPP writes, “My new book, The Peak Performance Formula: Achieving Breakthrough Results in Life and Work, shares my work as a founder, Silicon Valley executive coach, and psychotherapist. The book offers leaders a guide to improving individual, team, and organizational outcomes using research-based approaches and interviews with high performers from across disciplines. Included are interviews with some HKS alums and Professor Ronald Heifetz. If you are a founder, manager, or organizational leader, this book gives you the tools and tactics to get the best from yourself, your teams, and your organization.”

Stephanie Oestreich MPA writes, “For those in New York and Paris: I’m working for a transatlantic cell-therapy start-up and also still play music (violin).”



Kahlil Byrd MC/MPA writes, “My team and I at Invest America are excited to partner with Equifax and the Equifax Foundation on a major effort to analyze various stressors impacting those most at risk of student loan default. Key quote from this week’s release: ‘The Equifax and Invest America partnership is another component of the Equifax commitment to strengthening financial inclusion and equality, and to help create better access to credit so underrepresented consumers are not perpetually left out of the economic empowerment conversation.’ The Equifax/Invest America partnership delves into the student loan default crisis, focusing on understanding the borrower and using data to support students to avoid default.”



George Alexander HKSEE was recently appointed to the Board of Trustees of the Foundation of the National Student Nurses Association (FNSNA) for 2021–2024. The foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. It exists to promote the nursing profession through scholarship, leadership, and development. The foundation has distributed more than $4.3 million in scholarships for undergraduate nursing education. Alexander has spent the past 17 years delivering results in strategic planning, health care policy, medical research, and education that advance organizational goals.



Mark Rosenow MPP, after two years of service in Germany, returned to the bench this past summer as an Air Force military judge assigned to San Antonio, Texas. In that role, he presides over felony-level criminal cases involving Air Force and Space Force members at military installations worldwide. He’s looking forward to reconnecting with classmates now that he’s back in the States.


2007 | 15th Reunion

(Phillip) Christopher Hughey MC/MPA switched from law to diplomacy in 2012, joining the State Department as a foreign service officer. He has since worked at U.S. embassies in Brazil, Kuwait, and Madagascar, and is currently on a domestic assignment in Washington, D.C., with the State Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor. He lives with his wife and two daughters in Middleburg, Virginia.

Tom Massimo MC/MPA has retired early from Massachusetts state government and has more time for family and to pursue new interests. He is continuing to teach graduate courses in organizational behavior and labor relations and is consulting for nonprofit organizations in the Boston area.

Erin Sweeney MPP writes, “Since leaving the foreign service, I have been working in the education nonprofit sector in Newark, New Jersey. I also decided I couldn’t get enough of school, so I am finishing a part-time JD program at Rutgers Law School in May 2022 and aim to work in immigration law beginning in fall 2022. I also recently got married and we are expecting a baby girl in March 2022. With all that excitement this spring, I am sorry I will miss reunion but hope it is amazing and hope to see you all at the next one!”

“My students and I have been really trying to understand a psychological construct that we call ‘receptiveness to opposing views.’ … [This definition] doesn’t have any mention … of compromise or attitude change in it.”

Julia Minson


James Ahlers MPP joined Phoenix Children’s Hospital as assistant general counsel in July 2020. He is proud to support the organization’s mission of providing innovative and exceptional family-centered pediatric care. James lives in Phoenix with his wife, Tiffany, and two boys, Henry (13) and Liam (11).

Javier Arguello MC/MPA recently celebrated a decade of managing COGx, a research and development firm in applied cognitive science. COGx translates research from learning science into evidence-based programs that improve learning and teaching. The firm, having established a presence in the Middle East, is now expanding into Latin America and Asia. Programs are available online for educators, adults, and students.

Moushumi Khan MC/MPA is honored and humbled to be part of the inaugural Advisory Council of the Asian American Foundation (TAAF). TAAF is a new nonprofit organization founded to serve the AAPI community in the pursuit of belonging and prosperity, free from discrimination, slander, and violence. It is a convener, incubator, and funder committed to accelerating opportunity and prosperity for AAPI communities, serving the 23 million Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the U.S. who are striving to build a better future for themselves and their families. “Looking forward to collaborating with classmates on this mission!”

Omar Khan MPA, professionally trained as a doctor, is currently the team leader for Sustainable Energy and Economic Development Programme (SEED), which is funded by UKAID in Pakistan. Omar previously worked as a governance advisor for the Department for International Development (DFID) for almost a decade and as a civil servant for the government of Pakistan (customs). Omar has a passion for sustainable tourism and heritage and recently authored Once Upon a Time in Murree, a book about a colonial hill town in Pakistan. He is a regular contributor to newspapers on articles ranging from public policy to eco-tourism. Omar lives in Lahore, Pakistan, with his wife, Fariha, and kids Asad, Saad, and Natalya.

Janet Rosenzweig MC/MPA continues her work to promote sexual health and safety and prevent child sexual abuse. Janet was honored to be among the many speakers who participated in the international conference “Faith and Flourishing: Strategies for Preventing and Healing Child Sexual Abuse” (, co-sponsored by the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science. “Please check out the conference site for resources to bring to your community!”

Portrait of Zekarias Mamma Hussein in graduation robes.


Dominik Cziesche MPA writes, “After having run my own communications consultancy for over six years, from 2022 I will help grow Teneo’s business in Germany as a managing director.” Bruce Haupt MPP writes, “Three big things! 1. PhD defended in November 2021: studying how network organizations scale and spread new practices. 2. Started a new job at the Harris County (Texas) Office of Management and Budget. Asking what I can do to serve my county, and will see if I can apply the PhD learnings! 3. Arrival of our third child in October! Life continues to never be the same. :-) Hoping to reconnect with HKS friends near and far.”



Shahab Ahmed HKSEE reports that after spending time in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, as head of legal for Etihad Airways, the Ahmed family has moved back to the United States. Shahab is now assistant general counsel for privacy and cyber security at a Nasdaq-listed big tech company based in Miami, Florida. While spending time in the Middle East was an amazing experience, the family is adjusting well to life in the States. Shahab’s passions continue to be academic scholarship, fast cars, a fabulous watch collection, and travel.

Eduardo Baeza MPA writes, “Hello classmates! After working in the defense sector for a corporation based in Dallas, Texas, for two years, my family and I recently moved back to Spain. We will be missing the amazing Texan-style BBQs and American football, but being back ‘home’ is always good. Professionally, I have transitioned to the wind energy sector, which is now blooming in the European Union. It was a pity that our in-person HKS class reunion got canceled, but hopefully we will all meet again soon for our next gathering. Hope you are all doing great, take lots of care, and big hugs from Madrid!”

Manuel Hartung MPA was elected by the board of trustees of ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin and Gerd Bucerius to serve as the foundation’s new CEO as of January 2022. Hamburg-based ZEIT-Stiftung is one of Germany’s largest foundations. It was established by Gerd Bucerius, the publisher of the weekly DIE ZEIT, in 1971. Central to ZEIT-Stiftung’s mission is the commitment to invigorate civil society. Before joining ZEIT-Stiftung, Manuel—a trained journalist—served as head of DIE ZEIT’s science and education sections and as executive director of DIE ZEIT’s subsidiary firm Tempus Corporate.

Thomas Pageler MC/MPA writes, “Wishing you all the best! I hope everyone is happy and healthy!!”

2012 | 10th Reunion

Francisco Aguilar MPP writes, “The company we started while at HKS (Bounce Imaging) was just awarded a $15 million ceiling IDIQ contract with Customs and Border Protection to use our cameras to speed up container inspection, hopefully helping with supply chain bottlenecks in the economy. We also continue to serve the most elite special operators, as well as first responders in about 400 municipalities plus Canada and Europe. Not quite what I expected to be doing for government when I started HKS, but hopefully making a difference! Graciela, our small mammal, is 2.5 years old and loves to nom nom nom like Cookie Monster.”

Nathan Dial MPP graduated from Northwestern’s PhD program in political science this past August. Nathan’s dissertation was on NATO in the 21st century. He has also published four op-ed articles on race and the military. “Currently, I am flying the RC-135 out of Offutt Air Force Base (Omaha, Nebraska). I will continue to fly and hopefully commander operational squadrons in the coming years. Lastly, I got married to my girlfriend of five-plus years, Monica, on August 25, 2021.”

Carla Laroche MPP, after three years of teaching at Florida State University College of Law, and earning the inaugural university-wide Community Engaged Teaching (Graduate) Award in 2021, moved to Virginia to develop and direct the new Civil Rights and Racial Justice Clinic at Washington and Lee University School of Law.

Federico Manfredi MPP writes, “After graduating from HKS, I returned to New York for a brief stint in business (some of my MPP 2012 classmates may remember Tromba). I then moved to Cairo, where I was the politics editor of Daily News Egypt, at the time one of Egypt’s last independent newspapers. I then relocated to Paris to be with the woman who would become my wife, Nelly. Paris has been our home since. I completed a PhD in geopolitics at the Sorbonne. I am now a lecturer in political science at Sciences Po Paris. I teach undergraduate and graduate courses on international affairs, including seminars on the war in Syria and the geopolitics of energy.”

Ian Palmquist MC/MPA was elected board president of Adaptive Leadership Network, succeeding founding president Ron Heifetz. He is excited to continue working with Ron and this wonderful network of HKS alumni and others in supporting each other as teachers, consultants, and practitioners of leadership. He looks forward to connecting with many of you at an ALN event online or in person soon.


Nick Bayard MPA/ID was appointed to the role of executive director of BirdNote, a public media and environmental conservation organization dedicated to telling vivid, sound-rich stories about birds and the challenges they face in order to inspire listeners to care about the natural world—and take steps to protect it. BirdNote stories can be heard on nearly 250 radio stations across the United States and at and has an estimated audience of 3 million. Board President Tom Livingston shared, “We’re excited to have Nick lead us in supporting new programs and reaching new audiences, making birding an accessible and inspiring way for communities around the country to connect with conservation.”

Cristina Garmendia MPP writes, “I launched my research consulting practice URBNRX in the winter of 2019 to support racial equity projects in St. Louis, including COVID-19 response. After deep work on the St. Louis Affordable Housing Report Card (, I believe the private housing market will never be able to match the need created by the endemic economic inequalities in the United States … And I have now achieved the trifecta of sufficient stability, time, and inspiration to launch a passion project/response: If you have insights in the redesign of and philanthropic reinvestment in public housing, send me a note! I have the support of our local housing authority to pursue a dozen projects I love.”

John Ikeda MPA/ID recently started a position as senior director at Castalia, a strategy consulting firm focusing on infrastructure finance and policy, where he manages their portfolio of water projects. He was previously senior advisor for the Green Climate Fund.



Jonathan Chang MC/MPA writes, “Hi everyone! I recently joined Shopify as the head of growth for governments and organizations. I am based out of Singapore. In my role, I work with policymakers, government agencies, trade associations, chambers of commerce, foundations, and universities to advance e-commerce entrepreneurship and help scale e-commerce merchants. Please connect with me! Hopefully we can collaborate on impact projects to support e-commerce entrepreneurs (including social entrepreneurs!).”

Nate Mackinnon MC/MPA and his family recently moved back to Massachusetts after he spent four years leading Nevada’s community colleges. Since May 1, Nate has served as the executive director of the Massachusetts Association of Community Colleges. In this role, he represents and supports all 15 Massachusetts community colleges. Nate and family are currently residing in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Ted Zagraniski MC/MPA and family have moved back to the Washington, D.C., region that they love while Ted takes on a new assignment as a strategic plans officer in the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Installations (G-9), Headquarters, Department of the Army.



Daniel Dobrygowski MPA, this past November, was recognized by the National Association of Corporate Directors in its NACD Directorship 100 as one of the most influential leaders in the corporate governance community for his work on governance of technology risk as head of governance and trust at the World Economic Forum.

Constantinos Papaloucas MPA has been advising Greece’s minister of environment and energy since October 2019. In December 2020 Constantinos was appointed as the coordinator of the National Hydrogen Committee, whose mandate is to prepare the national road map and hydrogen strategy of Greece. “These are important times for the energy transition of the European energy industry to power a carbon-neutral economy by 2050. As a fervent supporter of the transatlantic cooperation, I was very happy to simultaneously lead the cross-ministerial Greek call for Important Projects of Common European Interest on Hydrogen and also lead the cooperation between the Greek Ministry/Energy entities and the U.S. Department of Energy on carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS).”

Juana (Hernandez) Sanchez MPP and her husband, Victor Sanchez, welcomed their first son, Felix Eleazar, last spring. Following the birth of her son, Juana left her policy consulting job to become the inaugural director of programs at the UCLA Latino Policy & Politics Initiative (LPPI). In this role, she oversees the design of leadership programs that advance data-informed governance to improve the quality of life for Latinos and other communities of color. Best of all, she works alongside her Harvard roommate Paul Barragan-Monge MPP, who serves as LPPI’s inaugural director of mobilization.


Ana Babovic MC/MPA, following a huge success in 2021, was invited to again teach a class in advocacy and organizing to students in the master’s degree program in human rights at Sciences Po’s PSIA. She can’t wait to meet the new class and discover with them new ways of developing leadership capacity for change in different communities around the world.

Alyce Su HKSEE participated as a board director and head of banking cooperation in Monte Jade Science and Technology Association of Hong Kong Limited’s board of directors meeting and annual general meeting this past September. Monte Jade Hong Kong is an independent, Hong Kong-registered company with Hong Kong’s overall interest as its top priority. The company promotes Hong Kong as a hub for investments and as a China gateway for the rest of the world in the science and technology sector, leveraging the Guangdong–Hong Kong–Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA).

Tommy Tobin MPP is an associate at Perkins Coie LLP and chair of the American Bar Association’s Food, Cosmetics, and Nutraceuticals Committee. Tommy recently edited the book Food Law: A Practical Guide, published by the American Bar Association. The book aims to whet the appetite of those looking to learn more about how law and legal practice intersect with food.

“[I]n our current, highly polarized environment, the two parties, instead of creating political incentives to find common ground and make common-good appeals, just move further and further apart into tribal politics.”

Archon Fung


José Antonio Alfaro MPA is the corporate affairs director for Ab-Inbev in Mexico.

Mohsen Ali MPA writes, “I’m leading one of the major nonprofits in my home country of Egypt, the Egyptian Food Bank, working nationwide to serve over hundreds of thousands every day. I’m also teaching graduate courses in nonprofit governance at Cairo University. I will forever carry with me what I’ve learned at HKS. I will forever carry the wisdom of Juma, the brightness of Hausmann, and the inspiration of Tarek Masoud. May you always keep shining the paths of everyone that comes across you.”

Matthew Fecteau MC/MPA was promoted to lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army on June 21, 2021, for his steadfast dedication to his country. He serves as an information operations officer supporting counterterrorism and peacekeeping operations across Africa. Matthew gave the following remarks: “Reflecting on this huge milestone, I want to recognize my mother, Marion Fecteau. As many I know can attest, I have dealt with my share of setbacks. However, despite these missteps, I believe I am the luckiest person alive. Through all the ups and downs, my mother has loved me unconditionally. This accomplishment is just as much her success as it is my own.”

Abril Gordienko López MPA writes, “Under my leadership, the NGO Citizen Power Now!, which I co-founded in 2012 to promote reforms to Costa Rica’s electoral system, recently succeeded in getting Congress to pass a bill that we drafted. As a result, for each future national election (the next one is in February 2022), every candidate for Congress must submit a biography and recent photo for his or her candidacy to be registered. In addition, candidates for the presidency must submit their bios, as well as a formal government plan. This will help curb improvisation in public policy for newly elected governments, provide transparency to congressional electoral processes (we vote on party-blocked lists), and foster voters’ awareness.”

Grey Lee MC/MPA is now the business development manager (Northeast U.S.) for S&P Global’s new ESG unit, Sustainable1. He helps companies leverage S&P’s massive data to use financially adjacent information to anticipate and manage risk along environmental, social, and governance issues. Grey continues to teach his course on green buildings at Harvard Extension and this year added a second course on healthy buildings. He got married in December 2020 to Emily Rideout, a professional violist, and they are expecting a baby in January!



Daniel Goetzel MPA and his wife, Hannah, welcomed their first son, Arthur Yotam Burke Goetzel, this summer. They are moving to Washington, D.C., in October and look forward to reconnecting with HKS friends!

Sarah Kinney MC/MPA is now the director of Healthy Hunger Relief for Partnership for a Healthier America. She recently finalized the Healthy Hunger Relief Index, an assessment and implementation tool helping 50-plus organizations across the United States prioritize health equity in policy decisions at the local, regional, and national levels.

Patrick Lynch MC/MPA, in November, released a short film to support Native land sovereignty in Alaska, in partnership with Native filmmakers from the Village of Igiugig and the Nation Building II course at Harvard Kennedy School. Eric Henson MPP 1998, who teaches the Nation Building course, was the executive producer of the film, while Patrick and his partner, Erica Wood, directed and co-produced, along with Jon Salmon and Keilan Wassillie from the Village of Igiugig. The film was featured by the Ash Center in November and is available to watch on the center’s website. Patrick previously directed a video essay while at HKS, under the supervision of Professor Jorrit de Jong and filmmaker Cecily Tyler MC/MPA 2016.

Andy Swab MPP continues his work in technology and security for the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Office of the Director (OD), as part of Deloitte’s Government & Public Services practice. He is based out of Washington, D.C., and was able to spend the summer with family in New Hampshire.



Josh Altman MPP is working in defense and foreign policy on the staff of his home state’s newest senator, Jon Ossoff.

Seongyoung Choi MPA/ID writes, “After two years of studying at HKS, I’m back at my previous job, the Ministry of Economy and Finance. I’ve been in charge of responding to labor and management relations over the past months. In the process of working at my recent jobs, I observed many kinds of unjustifiable matriculation and job recruitment, particularly by those who have social and political status. I got some new impressions of the society I belong to, and thus, now I am strongly feeling responsible for doing more for my society—by using my assets, such as my position and intelligence—than I ever thought.”

Courtney Duffy MPA has joined the policy team at Patreon, a global membership platform that lets artists generate recurring income and engage more closely with fans. After weathering the majority of the pandemic in Ontario, she spent the fall in Greater Boston before ending up in New York City in 2022.

Kasia Jakimowicz MC/MPA writes, “After working with the EU (Digital Innovation and Blockchain) and the World Bank (Solutions for Youth Employment), starting November 1, 2021, I will be leading the work on I-CODI-ITU’s International Centre of Digital Innovation in Geneva, in the Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT), Special Projects. The ITU BDT is responsible for the organization and coordination of the work of the Telecommunication Development Sector (ITU-D) of the Union, which deals mainly with ICT-focused development policies, strategies, and programs, as well as technical cooperation activities, to promote digital inclusion and drive digital transformation at community, country, and regional levels.”

Quinn Liu MPP writes, “It has been quite a journey since I graduated in 2020. After moving eight times since graduation, I finally found my way to Copenhagen, working in sustainable investing and as a singer-songwriter. End of education is not end of learning. I keep on reflecting and refreshing my takeaways from HKS, and trying to bring the thoughts, ideas, and theories into real-world applications.”

Karim Sarhan MC/MPA writes, “I designed and lectured in an online executive education program for mid-careers in Egypt on the public policy process. I presented in the program many of the frameworks I studied at HKS and other universities on policy design and implementation. I designed the program in Arabic, and used local case studies. The participants were from the government, private sector, and civil society. Through a partnership with an international development organization, we offered the program at no cost to all participants. Based on the participants’ feedback, the program was very successful. I hope to offer similar programs in other Arab countries.”

Brijesh Pratap Singh MPP writes, “Believe it or not, climate change is real. I am passionate about energy transition and believe that wise financing can help mitigate the potentially catastrophic effects of climate change. I am one of the investment arm members of Mitsubishi Heavy Industry America, a leading engineering and technology company. I make investments, help low-carbon tech start-ups to grow, and channel their big thinking into solutions that move the world forward on the path of sustainability.”



Michael Colanti MC/MPA accepted a position as vice president of client success for Disaster Technologies Inc., a software company that provides decision support technologies for situational awareness, operational coordination, and planning before, during, and after disasters, with a mission to save lives, protect the environment, and build resilient communities.

Marco Carrasco Villanueva MPA/ID and his team were recognized as a NASA International Space Apps Challenge Global Winner.