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In honor of your 5th Reunion, please consider making a gift to support HKS students. With your help, the School can open its doors as widely as possible for the next generation of public leaders when they need it most and when the world needs them most.

Giving Participation Rate by Degree Cohort

You can make a difference for future students by giving in recognition of your 5th Reunion. Our goal is to get 18% of the class to give a gift that is meaningful to them.

Total Class

Wondering how the Class of 2018 is doing compared to other classes celebrating a Reunion? Visit our Reunion giving page. The Class with the highest participation will be recognized during Reunion at the in-person celebration.  

Make a gift in honor of your 5th Reunion

5th Reunion Donor Honor Roll

Thank you to members of the Class of 2018 who have already made a gift. On behalf of the HKS students and faculty who, fueled by your support, are shaping the world for the better, we appreciate your generosity!  

$10,000 – $24,999
Nicholas Butts MPA
Jenina Soto MPA

$1,000 – $2,499
Anna E. Flynn MPA
Mary S. Thomas MPP

$999 and below
Jeremy D. Avins MPA
Raphael Awuku MPA/ID
Aubrey R. Boukakiou MPA
Morgan S. Brown MC/MPA
Fernando G. Cafferata MPA
Ngok Pang Ronald Chan MPA
Howard Cohen MPP
Jed R. Cole MPA
Elizabeth M. Cowan MC/MPA
Lillka Cuttaree MPA
David A. Demres MPA
Salma El-Yassir MPA
Damon J. Faldowski II MPA
Richard C. Gasperini MC/MPA
Abril Gordienko Lopez MPA
Kevin J. Hong MPA
Shamil Ibragimov MPA
P. V. Iyer MPA
Prabhat Kumar MPA
Erika M. Lovin MPA
Adam D. Murray MC/MPA
Tukeni Obasi MPA
Daniel M. O'Connell MPA
Alexander D. Olsen MPP
Mala Paliwal MPA
May Sabe Phyu MPA
Junjie Pu MPA
Dana I. Rassas MPA
Ziad Reslan MPP
Martin Saenz De La Pascua MPA
Gabrielle M. Sagalov MPA
Eduardo Salgado Sr. MPA
Noah M. Stern MPP
Eduardo A. Tejeda MPA
Matthias Trefs MC/MPA
Olivia G. Volkoff MPP
Karen P. Warner MPA
Nozomi Yamakawa MC/MPA
Breno Zaban Carneiro MP

*Donor list as of  March 17, 2023. 

Questions about giving? Want to get involved?   
 Contact Jessica Munoz-Sainz.