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Yuichi Ezawa MPA writes, “Upon return from HKS, I rejoined the Japanese Ministry of Finance and spent most of my 30-year career in policymaking in international economy and finance, including dialogue at the G7, IMF, and World Bank. I was the head of the International Finance Bureau and also served as personal secretary to the finance minister. From 1995, I worked for JP Morgan as group senior advisor, until I joined UBS in 2000 as Japan representative and vice chairman. In 2003, I became chairman of Toyo Gakuen University in Tokyo. I am grateful for the HKS program and hope to be of any help.”

Robert Gallamore MPA, PhD stayed at Harvard for PhD joint degree in political economy and government in 1968. “Wrote a book with Professor John Meyer, American Railroads: Decline and Renaissance in the 20th Century (Harvard 2014). Now working on Rails to the Domes. Anyone interested in state capitals/capitols and railroads? Let me know.”

David Reese MPA writes, “Since serving as a member of a Harvard group of advisors to the Pakistani government and working 20 years with the World Bank, have kept busy consulting, traveling, finishing marathons in Dublin and Honolulu, and writing a history of Liberia (which should be available by the end of 2017).”



Alexander Jordis-Lohausen MPA write, “My lifetime career finished nearly two decades ago. I won’t revert to it. Today I would be more than a dinosaur in this field. More interesting might be to note that in that period that followed, I was suddenly, and by pure chance, called into an activity which has always been close to my heart: I became opera critic and Paris correspondent of the German periodical Operapoint. For the past seven years I have selected and reviewed the most fascinating performances in the four théatres lyriques of the French capital. What else do I do? I write historic novels and tell fairy-tales to children and adults in Parisian hospitals.”

HKS Serves continues to bring student, alumni, staff, and faculty volunteers together for a day of public service. In September, more than 200 participated at 10 locations across the Boston area, including More than Words (above), where volunteers sorted and scanned donated books.
HKS Serves continues to bring student, alumni, staff, and faculty volunteers together for a day of public service. In September, more than 200 participated at 10 locations across the Boston area, including More than Words (above), where volunteers sorted and scanned donated books.

1968 | 50th Reunion

Frank Popper MC/MPA writes, “I still teach land-use planning at Rutgers and, with my wife, Deborah Popper, a retired geographer, at Princeton. Our Buffalo Commons work on the land-use future of the U.S. and Canadian Great Plains remains active. So does our parallel work on shrinking cities like Detroit, St. Louis, and smaller places. We are on the board of the National Center for Frontier Communities in New Mexico. I am on the board of the Great Plains Restoration Council in Texas. Our daughter is a digital-marketing consultant in San Francisco. Our son teaches history at William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. I want to learn skydiving.”



Victor Chen MPA has written several books, available from and Amendments, corrections, and further writings are available on his Facebook page.

Jack Underhill MC/MPA is planning to present a paper at the next conference of the American Society for Public Administration on “In Search of National Health Equity: A Strategy to Improve Health Outcomes for Low- and Moderate-Income Americans.” For the past 10 years he has presented papers at the ASPA conference on poverty-related issues.



Dan Chill MC/MPA writes, “Since 2003, I have been managing in Tel Aviv the world’s only international naive art gallery, GINA Gallery (, which procures, markets, and sells the naive art of more than 250 artists from 37 countries worldwide. I discovered the genre while traveling throughout the world as an international commercial lawyer. The art displayed at GINA Gallery affords a welcome contrast to the chaotic life pervading the outside world, underscoring my belief that we are at the dawning of the age of naivism (a word coined by me), a genre whose time has come.”



David Wheat MPP is retiring from the University of Bergen in Norway, where he was a professor. He will return to the United States in 2018 and reside in Colorado. He will stay busy, teaching five courses online plus one onsite in Lithuania. His economic systems research in Ukraine will also continue.


1973 | 45th Reunion

Christopher Palmer MPA is an environmental film producer, professor, speaker, and author. He serves on American University’s full-time faculty as Distinguished Film Producer in Residence at the School of Communication. His books include Shooting in the Wild (Sierra Club Books, 2010); Confessions of a Wildlife Filmmaker (Bluefield Publishing, 2015); Now What, Grad? Your Path to Success after College (Rowman & Littlefield, 2015); and Raise Your Kids to Succeed: What Every Parent Should Know (Rowman & Littlefield, 2017). He is married to Gail Shearer MPP 1974. He has just turned 70 and can still easily stand on his hands!

Bob Rhodes MC/MPA was honored to receive the Governor LeRoy Collins Lifetime Achievement Award from Leadership Florida. He sends greetings to the class of 1973.



Linda Levy Laughlin MC/MPA writes, “One year after being at the Kennedy School, I left Washington, DC, and embarked on a PhD program at the University of Michigan in Organizational Psychology. During its completion I moved to New York and for 10 years was in senior management at two national not-for-profit organizations, simultaneously training as a psychoanalyst. I have been in private practice for 25 years but miss involvement in public policy and service and seek at least volunteer work in the field.”

Flash Wiley MPP writes, “I am a graduate of 1974, receiving jointly a JD from the Law School and an MPP from HKS. I am the first African-American graduate from the Joint Degree Program. I am also the inaugural recipient in 2005 of the Donald Stewart Alumni Achievement Award from the HKS Black Alumni Organization. I was also the “founding mentor” of the annual Black Policy Conference. Nowadays, I am senior counsel of Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP law firm. I am staying busy civically as follows: I just stepped off the board of visitors of my alma mater, the U.S. Air Force Academy; I am currently chairman of the board of visitors of the Air University and the chairman of the celebrated Dimock Health Center in Boston; and I am a member of the executive committee of the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce.”



Gary Van Valin MC/MPA writes, “Finally going to retire for good come January 2018. If you’re in the Albuquerque or Santa Fe area, give me a call. Cheers.”



Marilyn Hett MCRP is the 2017 recipient of the James Felt Creative Counseling Award from The Counselors of Real Estate (CRE®) professional association. The award celebrates outstanding achievement and ingenuity in real estate counseling by a member of the CRE organization. She advised and sometimes mentored more than 80 mostly nonprofit organizations that applied for financial assistance to the Hillsborough County (Florida) Historic Preservation Challenge Grant Program. She continued to counsel them about their construction or preservation plans for historic buildings, fundraising, and implementation process to ensure successful completion of projects.

Shalom Saada Saar MPA writes, “Life has been challenging and rewarding. After a short tenure at MIT and publishing my book by Jossey-Bass, Leading With Conviction, I moved to China as a full-time professor of leadership at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. My work, besides teaching and consulting for global organizations, focuses on comparing Chinese executives’ leadership style with their counterparts in the West. Life in China is fascinating and a lot of lessons to be learned.”


1978 | 40th Reunion

Richard Broinowski MC/MPA writes, “After graduating with a Mid-Career MPA in 1978, I returned to the Australian Foreign Service. I was Australia’s ambassador to Vietnam from 1983 to 1985, then ambassador to the Republic of Korea from 1987 to 1989. From 1990 to 1992, I took a break from diplomacy and was appointed general manager of Australia’s overseas broadcasting service, Radio Australia. I returned to diplomacy in 1993 and was appointed ambassador to Mexico from 1994 to 1997, jointly accredited to the Central American Republics and Cuba, where I got to know Fidel Castro quite well. On retirement, I became an adjunct professor in communications at the University of Sydney. I’m now president of the New South Wales branch of the Australian Institute of International Affairs, with four books under my belt. Writing, I find, is a good cure for RDS (Relevance Deprivation Syndrome). It keeps one off the streets.”

Eric Hirschhorn HKSEE, with the advent of a new administration, retired from his position as U.S. under secretary of commerce. He and his wife are doing considerable traveling; between trips, he’s preparing a new edition of The Export Control & Embargo Handbook, serving as a DC Court of Appeals hearing committee member, and serving as a senior advisor to the Center for Strategic & International Studies. He’s also working hard to satisfy the Fitbit gods by putting in at least 10,000 steps a day.

Jose Candido Senna MC/MPA writes, “After leaving HKS, I have been involved with transportation projects, mainly on intermodal, ports, and air areas. Their key focus has been on the enhancement of the Brazilian international trade flow’s competitiveness. Since then, this experience has stimulated my professional activities on internationalization of companies’ projects, embracing logistics, trade finance, innovation, and sustainability, with very special attention to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and on the potential of foreign investments for them. The implementation of those projects will play a very important role for the social and economic development of Brazil.”

Jean Van den Eynde MC/MPA writes, “Proud father of three children who lead interesting lives, are passionate about their professional pursuits (be they human rights or craft beer), and who have splendid partners—when this is published, we hope there will be four grandchildren. Still passionate myself about executive search, for clients in the private and public sectors, a lot for very international board appointments. Honored to serve on the board of an insurance company. Good governance is a permanent quest. Nathalie and I are leading busy professional lives, blessed with good health, and considering that at some point we may want to slow down and do a bit more traveling.”



Eric Cody MCRP, since retiring as a vice president of several National Grid companies in 2003, has been working with electric cooperatives across the United States on strategic technology planning and managing complex business changes. He also founded and continues to lead a 501(c)(3) that has restored and maintains tidal flows to a salt marsh on Cape Cod Bay.

Chuck Dolan MC/MPA continues to work on international communications/PR issues as senior vice president at kglobal. President Clinton appointed him to two terms as vice chairman of the Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy.

John MacIlroy MC/MPA writes, “After years in law and political advocacy (concurrently teaching graduate courses as an adjunct professor), I retired to the Carolina coast, where I now write. My first book has just been released, a coauthored collection of “mostly true” stories. In the tradition of writers like Bill Bryson, Not Exactly Rocket Scientists and Other Stories is a nostalgic nod to the magic of friendship. With traction from early book endorsements by novelist Pat Conroy and Tony Dow (who played Wally Cleaver on Leave It to Beaver), I am now busy promoting the book, as well as finishing up several short fiction stories, scheduled for spring publication.”

Richard Sumpter MC/MPA writes, “I retired from EPA (Kansas City Regional Office) on September 2, 2017, after 27 years there and 47 years of federal service. I also had seven years with FEMA and 13 years with the “War on Poverty” (Office of Economic Opportunity) from 1968 to 1981. Since 1989, I have taught over 300 courses as an adjunct instructor and will continue to teach at a local university. Thanks to HKS for these opportunities.”



Jon Elam MC/MPA retired after 50 years of local government service. “Figured residents did not need a 75-year-old city manager. Now getting in shape for some overseas humanitarian work. Open to ideas and volunteer opportunities.”

Mark Graham Hanson MCRP, until March 2017, was working as an appellate attorney in the state court public defender’s office in Tallahassee, Florida. “Got a few convictions reversed. Now deciding on my next act. Finished 58th out of 176 swimmers (and third in my age group) in 6.5-mile swim race down the Hudson River in September 2017.”

Judith Kaplan Karon MPA is happily retired after 30-plus years at the University of Minnesota-Duluth. “Living in Sun City-Palm Desert, California. Playing bridge, volunteering, and enjoying life!”

Russ Lopez MCRP writes, “I have used my degree to write urban history books: Boston 1945–2015, Boston’s South End: The Clash of Ideas in a Historic Neighborhood, Building American Public Health: Urban Planning, Architecture, and the Quest for Better Public Health in the United States.”



M. Gasby Greely Brown MC/MPA has become a subject matter expert in nonprofit philanthropy. She serves on the faculty of the renowned The Fund Raising School (TFRS) at Indiana University’s Lilly Family School of Philanthropy and is a practicing fundraising consultant. Gasby is a cofounder of Bridge Philanthropic Consulting (BPC) and the CEO of The Gasby Group (TGG). Both are premier philanthropic consulting firms. Her specialties are annual giving and capital campaigns, board development, and strategic planning. She is the author of The Business of a Spiritual Matter: A Primer for Faith Based Non Profit Leaders and 7 Fatal Flaws of Non Profit Boards.

Joseph Buonaiuto MC/MPA migrates during the year between three homes in southern California, northern New Mexico and his ancestral village of Pietrelcina, Italy where he is the director of the Fondazione Italo-American di Pietrelcina, a nonprofit supporter of community youth and cultural activities.

Guy de Fontgalland MC/MPA, after some 35 years on the road in Asia, Africa and Europe following graduation from Harvard, has founded the Northern Institute of Development Initiatives (NIDI) as a nonprofit to assist the development of the war-ravaged Northern Province of Sri Lanka. He brings to NIDI his years of work experience with commercial banks, UNDP, World Bank/IFC and a string of consulting work for government agencies in Asia, Africa, and Europe. Although he has lived and worked most of his life overseas, founding and operating NIDI in his native land has been his dream, especially in the context of post-conflict development of the north of Sri Lanka.

Eric-Fenn Elbot MPA writes, “Selling the DC-based national security, neuro-tech company Veritas Scientific Corp. Chairing a Massachusetts-based media documentary series for Honor the Promise Productions. Met Dean Allison in Beijing: you must read “Destined for War!” Supporting Dean Elmendorf’s quest to position HKS as a North Star in a public sector desperately seeking new moorings. Fun helping biggest ’82 HKS Reunion. Honored to have my three offspring teaching at African Leadership Academy, pioneering disability mainstreaming, and working on PhD in philosophy—vicarious enlightenment. Enjoying long daily Buddhist tradition forest walks with my big white dog, Diva. Miss The Great O.”

Erik Ferguson MCRP writes, “I have finally completed my paper on decision making, at least in draft form, as required by my original contract with Harvard University dating back (apparently without my knowledge or consent) to 1969. Talk to the man for more details.”

David Kirk MCRP writes, “After a Rotary scholarship to Australia, I spent 12 years as a planner at the Atlanta Regional Commission, leaving after the 1996 Olympics to attend Michigan Law School. I graduated with my JD in 1999, returned to Atlanta, and am now a partner at Troutman Sanders, where my practice focuses on telecommunications law, development and redevelopment (such as the Atlanta BeltLine), and other state and local regulatory matters. I am married to a landscape architect/planner; we have two wonderful daughters, one just started in the honors program at the University of Michigan, the other is a junior in high school. We live in the city of Decatur.”

Alexandria Panehal MC/MPA is finishing up a 34-year career with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). “I have lived and worked in eight countries (so far) and am rounding out my career with USAID by teaching national security strategy studies for the next two years at the National War College at Fort McNair in Washington, DC. My plan is to finally retire after the 2018 academic year so I can carve out time to work on three books I have been trying to find time to research and write.”

Worth Thomas MC/MPA was elected to Blue Ridge Y Assembly board of directors of North Carolina.


1983 | 35th Reunion

Tom Herman HKSEE reports that his new documentary, Dateline-Saigon, which profiles the Pulitzer Prize-winning reporting of David Halberstam, Neil Sheehan, and other early skeptics of the Vietnam War, has won a number of awards on the festival circuit. He expects wide distribution of the film in 2018.

Verna Barden McDaniel MC/MPA writes, “My fellow Mid-Career MPA alumni and friends, I have retired after a 40-year career as of 2015/16. My last position was serving as Washtenaw County administrator in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Tim and I are blessed, as our daughter will wed her fiancee, Brandon in 2018. I wish all of you the best in life.”

Bruce Pitt HKSEE writes, “I have been engaged through the U.S. Treasury Department to provide expert advice to the governments of Puerto Rico and Haiti in dealing with the Puerto Rico debt crisis, and modernization of financial systems in both countries. Wonderful people there. The education I received at Harvard has been a tremendous asset to my work. What’s retirement?”

Muhammad Siddiqi MC/MPA writes, “I have been writing poetry for quite some time. A small collection of my poems has been printed this year as Heights of Sublimation. These poems reflect my observations, feelings, and emotions experienced at different places in my country and abroad. The world is beautiful, encompassing a variety of exciting spots and interesting people!”

Frank Tapparo HKSEE writes, “I’m continuing to enjoy retirement. Marie and I are currently enjoying the early fall in Italy, where we have spent about half of each year since 2000. On the agenda are return trips to New Orleans (last there in 1991), Cuba (not since 1959), and Vietnam (last there in 1975).”



Salvano Briceno MC/MPA writes, “Following a 25-year career at the United Nations in sustainable development fields (environmental education, environmental policy and legislation, marine and coastal resource management, climate change, biodiversity, desertification, and natural risks), I retired in 2011 and have since joined the Integrated Research on Disaster Risk program of ICSU/ISSC/UNISDR, which I advise as a member of its science committee from my base in France, next to Geneva.”

Kevin Howley MPP is now running a turnaround management firm in Detroit, a city now apparently on the “cool” list, doing work with both nonprofit and private sector organizations. “My oldest is just off to Kalamazoo College, my undergrad alma mater. My youngest just started 6th grade, so parenthood seems endless at this advanced age. My partner is in IT sourcing at Trinity Health. We always enjoy visitors here in Detroit!”

Steven Weissman MC/MPA writes, “After cofounding and directing the energy law program at University of California’s Berkeley Law for 10 years, I have moved across campus to teach at UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy. In addition to sharing the halls with a couple of friendly faculty faces from our KSG days (Robert Reich and Michael O’Hare), I get pleasant daily reminders of just how dedicated and inspiring public policy students can be.”



Michael Castine MC/MPA writes, “Serving as a trustee of the governing council for approximately eight years, I thought I should pass this along to fellow HKS students and alumni: If interested in the study of the presidency, presidential oral histories, and the secret White House tapes from FDR to Nixon, check out the University of Virginia’s Miller Center website at”

Tessie Tzavaras Catsambas MPP writes, “I am happy to announce that I was just elected 2019 president of the American Evaluation Association. Evaluation is a key management and leadership skill, and I hope you all join us!”

Ken Davies MC/MPA writes, “After retiring from the United Nations (WFP) in 2015, my wife, Margrethe, and I have settled in Jinja, Uganda, on the banks of the Nile. We have built a thatched home, and I’m busy growing an acre of vegetables and fruit, working with a number of NGOs both in Uganda and elsewhere. Our five kids are grown and scattered across Africa, Asia, and North America, but we stay in close touch and see each other often. We spend summers at our house on Thuro Island, Denmark (Margrethe’s home country). Would love to reconnect with other MC/MPA classmates and any HKS graduates in Uganda. My interest remains smallholder farmer market development.”

Darryl Garrett HKSEE retired as a senior executive from the CIA in 2000 and then ran a consulting business for 14 years. He received a certificate in health coaching from Georgetown in 2015 and is working as a certified fitness trainer with a specialty in senior fitness and coaching patients from the Neal Barnard Medical Center in Washington, DC ( Darryl is a docent for the CIA Museum and a proxy board member for Hitachi Vantara Federal. He’s thinking about doing a Tony Robbins-style seminar titled, “Dare to Be Unremarkable: How I Went From a Six to Three Figure Income in Five Easy Steps!!!”

W. Kevin Hughes MPP currently serves as chairman of the Maryland Public Service Commission. He was appointed to the commission by Governor Martin O’Malley in 2011 and appointed chairman in 2013. The commission regulates electric, gas, and telecommunication utilities in the state as well as retail energy suppliers and transportation companies. The  commission is a national leader in promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy policies and recently approved the nation’s first large-scale offshore wind projects off the coasts of Maryland and Delaware. He also serves on the nine-state Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Board.

Barbara Lamont MC/MPA writes, “100 words cannot describe my roller coaster of a ride since 1985. Moved from NYC to New Orleans, built a teleport, then a TV station, then a contact center. Survived four days in my house during Katrina, relocated to Lafayette, Louisiana. Had seven grandchildren, married 58 years, now CEO of a multilingual, multichannel government Call Center serving agencies in 38 states. Public Policy degree has been critical in my career. Hope to retire in the next five years! Happy, healthy, looking forward to living to be 130!”

Fred Newton HKSEE, a retired CPA, now volunteer chair of the City of Lakeway, Texas, Arts Committee, is producing an annual fine arts show and 24 concerts each year.

Henry A J Ramos MPA recently reaffiliated with University of Houston-based Arte Publico Press, where he serves as a senior editor and author. Currently he is writing a book called Democracy & The New American Economy: Where Prosperity Meets Justice, which will be published in fall 2018. He recently joined the board of Media Policy Center, a Santa Monica, California-based documentary film production group focusing on social justice content. He also continues to serve on the boards of the New York-based Nonprofit Finance Fund and the Women’s Foundation of California. Henry and his wife, Claudia, recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.



James Doane MC/MPA retired from the Foreign Service in March of 2000 and has relocated to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. He and his wife, Jeannine, also own a coach home in Fort Myers, Florida. He loves to read, plays lots of golf and enjoys spending time with his grand children. They are members of Kings Creek Country Club in Delaware and Gateway Country Club in Florida. He competes in statewide golf tournaments in Delaware on a regular basis and has won numerous team events since retirement.

James Faier MPP writes, “I am in Illinois. We suffer from a partisan map. What will we who received elite training in public policy do to create a nation where voters choose their representatives and not the representatives choose their voters? We need to bring about a change. Who will help?”

James Junke MC/MPA writes, “Still around and defying the odds. A regular at my local Y, bike a lot, avid reader, connect with colleagues and friends over coffee or at local academic events. Active in local Ottawa Harvard University Club. Traveled to Australia and New Zealand in January–February 2017. Uluru and night skies were spectacular. Saw the Fed at the Oz Tennis Open. Rod Laver in attendance.”

Hatanto Reksodipoetro MC/MPA writes, “I decided for an early retirement in 2009, after serving the public sector for 34 years. My last position was secretary general of the Ministry of Trade. After seven years as CEO in the private sector, I was asked by the government to be CEO of the Batam Industrial Zone Authority (BIFZA). Batam is a free trade zone, located 20 miles across Singapore, developed to attract high-tech industries. My task is to develop Batam into a world-class industrial complex of high technology industries, with both fiscal and nonfiscal incentives, to place Indonesia on the map of the global digital economy in the next 10 years.”

Paul Y. Thompson HKSEE writes, “My Senior Executive Fellows program at Harvard significantly advanced my career as a public servant and as a professor and administrator at the University of Florida (UF). I retired from UF in 2001 holding two positions simultaneously, as associate dean of the College of Engineering and associate VP for research and grad programs for the university. As a PhD from MIT, I really enjoyed returning to the area, the SEF program’s high academic level, the quality of the professors, the interaction with contemporary participants, and the environment. Thanks, HKS SEF!”



Lizbeth McDannel Bell MC/MPA writes, “Cheering on the Resistance from the blue left coastal city of Santa Monica, California. I love reading about the successes of all my classmates, so keep submitting, even if I don’t. I’m retired from paid life, but reap abundant rewards from being an active, contributing citizen, reflecting constantly on my fabulous Harvard education as applied to life.”

Sherri Wasserman Goodman MPP is a senior fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center and the Center for Naval Analyses, in Washington, DC. Her passion is the nexus of national and environmental security. She is featured in the film, The Age of Consequences, about climate change and national security, which is based on the work of the CNA Military Advisory Board that she founded in 2007. She is a nationally recognized speaker on climate, energy, water, and national security. She has been married 30 years and has three wonderful children.

Nadine Hack MC/MPA, CEO of beCause Global Consulting (, was deeply honored to be a finalist for CEO of the Year in the 2017 Ethical Corporation Responsible Business Awards. “It is particularly humbling as the other CEO finalists all lead major multinational corporations (Accenture, Patagonia, Danone, Yes Bank, Globe Telecom, and Firmenich) with significant global initiatives. See 67-second video”

Martha Harris MC/MPA writes, “I enjoyed seeing many of our classmates at our 30th reunion in May. Check out our Facebook page, “Harvard Kennedy School Class of 1987 Reunion,” for photos. In June, I enrolled in Church Divinity School of the Pacific to earn a masters in divinity degree. In September, I was named a postulant for holy orders by the Episcopal Diocese of Central Pennsylvania. I continue to run my own company, Fizika Group, which was recently selected to pitch an investment to Steve Case, cofounder of AOL. @FizikaActive develops applications to improve brain health across the lifespan. Please be in touch,”

Richard Opper MC/MPA writes, “Who knew retirement would be so much work? Foundations, museums, and the odd NGO coalition. My hours didn’t decline that much—but the pay sure disappeared! It feels good to be in a position to help, and to bicycle when ever possible.”

Jeff Padden MC/MPA writes, “My wife, Kathy, and I have two grown kids and two grandkids. After KSG, I worked for the Michigan governor. Then, in 1991, I launched Public Policy Associates, Inc. in Lansing, Michigan. The firm does policy research and evaluation nationally. I sold PPA in 2014, but remain as board chair and consultant.”

Wes Pippert HKSEE writes, “I was a 1987 fellow at the Institute of Politics. During 28 years with UPI, I covered two state capitals (both Dakotas), was our principal on Watergate, covered the Carter White House, and was senior Middle East correspondent, based in Jerusalem. After IOP, I was an associate professor in Missouri’s School of Journalism and director of its Washington Program for 22 years. I now am an associate professor emeritus and director emeritus. I coauthored an article in Moment, an independent Jewish magazine, on Sheldon Adelson’s establishment of Hayom newspaper in Israel that was a finalist for Syracuse’s best article of 2014 on traditional media.”

Barbara Zadina MPP writes, “Soundbreaking: Stories from the Cutting Edge of Recorded Music, the TV series I exec produced with Beatles producer George Martin, finally aired last November on PBS in the U.S. and in more than 30 other countries. The Hollywood Reporter named Soundbreaking the #5 best TV program in 2016 (and highest-ranked documentary). We were nominated for a News & Documentary Emmy Award, a Critics’ Choice Documentary Award, a RealScreen Award, and a Webby Award in Social Music. Now we’re working on season 2. It’s been a fun break from my policy communications work in the past. I also enjoy serving on the HKS DC Alumni Council, and loved seeing class friends at reunion!”


1988 | 30th Reunion

Volker Baas MC/MPA 1988 writes, “Dear all, for the past eight years I have been serving as president of the Harvard Club Rhein Main in Germany, ultimately trying to highlight the relevance of the unique education we enjoyed at Harvard. I look forward to meeting you all again and, if possible, exchanging views and experiences with those of you who also assumed a role in the alumni world. All the best and see you next May.”

Charles Haddad MPA writes, “My fifth book—an adult novel titled Curse of the Bearded Girlfriend— was published last June. I continue to teach narrative nonfiction as a tenured professor at Stony Brook University, where I also take students on study abroad in the summer. Yes, I do speak Chinese, however badly.”

Steve Reifenberg MPP writes, “I’ve taken a faculty position at the University of Notre Dame’s new Keough School of Global Affairs as the codirector of the Integration Lab, or “i-Lab,” which is organized around working with faculty and training students in the context of addressing complex global challenges in areas such as education, health, climate change, and refugees. Much of the work I do today is inspired by my time as a student and working at the Kennedy School.”

John Tsebe MC/MPA writes, “From 2004 to 2014 I served as CEO and national librarian of the Republic of South Africa. I retired at the end of February 2014. I am now a pensioner. In May 2015, I was elected the first president of the African Library and Information Associations and Institutions (AfLIA). This is a newly established continental association for Africa. It was established in 2013. AfLIA held the first conference in May 2015 in Accra, Ghana. That is where I was elected president. The second conference of AfLIA was held in May 2017 in Yaounde, Cameroon. At this conference I was re-elected president for a second term until 2019.”

John Wasowicz MC/MPA has published his first novel, Daingerfield Island, a legal thriller featuring Elmo Katz, Esq., a former prosecutor who becomes embroiled in an espionage caper. “A timely metaphor about the power of alternative facts in a post-truth world,” wrote reviewer Michael Neff.

The Alumni Digital Summit in October brought together HKS experts and alumni to connect on topics relevant to today’s digital tech landscape. Following a Forum on social movements and technology the evening before, the full-day event included discussions featuring speakers including David Eaves (top left), lecturer in public policy and head of the Digital HKS Initiative, Nayana RenuKumar MPA 2016 (above right), head of public policy for Airbnb India, and many more.
The Alumni Digital Summit in October brought together HKS experts and alumni to connect on topics relevant to today’s digital tech landscape. Following a Forum on social movements and technology the evening before, the full-day event included discussions featuring speakers including David Eaves (top left), lecturer in public policy and head of the Digital HKS Initiative, Nayana RenuKumar MPA 2016 (above right), head of public policy for Airbnb India, and many more.


Mehrdad Baghai MPP writes, “In 1988, I created a global warming simulation for my PAE with Tom Schelling. Using participatory learning, we created a rich experience around acting in the long-term collective interest. In 2005, the simulation became the centerpiece of High Resolves, a self-funding social venture my wife, Roya, and I started in Australia, which has become a leader in the design of experiences around social inclusion and justice. We have engaged over 165,000 young Australians in over 130 schools and are now expanding into the United States and Canada. Please reach out if you’d like to bring High Resolves into your school or community.”

Joe Brett MC/MPA writes, “Not many know that I had quit drinking in March of 1987 and so being at the Kennedy School in August of 1988 was a thrill for me. I had sold off every possession and wanted an adventure that would make me a citizen of the world. 1989–1990 HIID in Jakarta as project assistant, 1992–1994 as project manager in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. Moved to Arizona in 1994 and was president of Scottsdale Sister Cities Association, board member of the Harvard Club, and VP of the Veterans Heritage Project. Married Cori in 2005 and celebrated 12 years of marriage on October 1. Was also a guest speaker on the Moral Wounds of Combat.”

Brian Campion MC/MPA writes, “After we graduated, I returned to the Midwest to look for a job. I accepted an appointment as president and CEO of a small Catholic Health System in La Crosse, Wisconsin. After we made it financially viable, we became part of the Mayo Health System, which allowed the Sisters to retain their health care ministry. I retired from that endeavor in 1989 and became a professor in business school at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, my college alma mater. Together with colleagues we created a leadership experience for physicians/executives that continues to today. I retired in 2007. The K School gave me the background to be a CEO.”

Robin Farley MPP was appointed in January 2017 to the Senior Executive Service as the director of transformational programs in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy. In December, he was awarded the Department of the Navy Superior Civilian Service Award by the assistant secretary of the navy.

Russell Hawkins MC/MPA writes, “Twenty-two years later, still in South Africa! Last 12 years with Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA). Currently serving as vice president of Harvard University Alumni Association of South Africa. Am also serving as a country coordinator for Harvard Africa Alumni Action Forum taking place in Accra, Ghana, on August 24 to 26. There is no greater honor than beings of service to one’s fellow human being no matter where in the world you happen to be doing it. It does not take a lot; only a willingness, commitment, and desire to make a difference in the life of our fellow human beings and the planet where we live...”

David Luberoff MC/MPA writes, “After 28 years, I’ve managed to get exactly a half-mile from HKS (where I worked from 1989 until 2012). Since August 2016, I’ve had the good fortune to be deputy director of Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, which uses research, fellowships for Harvard grad students, and a variety of events to ‘advance understanding of housing issues’ and, hopefully inform policymaking. Classmates should look me up if they are in Cambridge!”

Veena Siddharth MPP writes, “I moved with my family from London to Costa Rica in July 2017. My husband is starting a company doing solar energy, and I am continuing to work in human rights and evaluation. I have been teaching a short course in human rights advocacy at the London School of Economics, and the next session will be in April 2018. I hope to meet more KSG alumni in the region and am interested in connecting with those doing work related to human rights, impact investing, and socially responsible business.”

Joe Wilson MC/MPA writes, “Retired since 2009. Now trying to save world from global warming by pushing legislation and politicians in the right direction. Having some success. Cheers, All!”



Jeff Fowler MC/MPA, in July 2017, was appointed president of American Operations Corporation, which provides critical services to the federal government out of Chantilly, Virginia.

Mark Francis MPP has been granted a ninth patent for his work driving technology disruption and design innovation in the areas of mobile tech, smart play/gaming, and augmented reality. Over the past two years, he has also served as a technical advisor to the Emmy-nominated Netflix show Project MC2, focused on engaging girls to embrace an understanding of and love for science and technology (STEM/STEAM). Mark and Lauren will celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary in December. They have a standing invite to classmates to show them the food carts, running trails, and bookstores of Portland, Oregon.

Lawland Long MC/MPA is the founding CEO of FACESF in San Francisco, a citywide nonprofit that merged (2011) two long-standing legacy organizations of Florence Crittenton and Whitney Young. “Our focus is supporting working families to be healthy, independent, and financially stable in an increasingly divergent area between the haves and have-nots. We offer early childhood development, workforce training, school age and family support services. Moreover, I have also had a keen focus on city- and statewide policies and funding, successfully increasing needed services and funding every year since our inception.”

Dick Lundgren MC/MPA writes, “I recently completed terms on the boards of directors of the Lancaster Farmland Trust and the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County, both in Pennsylvania. Our mission in both of these organizations is to preserve the unique historical heritage of the agricultural landscape of Lancaster County.”

Shaun McNally MC/MPA writes, “Greetings from Mogadishu, where I work with a wonderful Somali team. Together, on behalf of USAID, we work with ministries, parliament, and civil society, to improve public administration, legislation, and advocacy. I entered KSG as a state legislator, with the goal of sharpening my policy skills. After losing a race for Congress in 2004, and a career change to international development, I’ve carried lessons from KSG to Iraq, Albania, Afghanistan, Armenia, and Somalia.”

Pierre Spaninks HKSEE has established himself as an expert on entrepreneurship and the labor market. He is currently writing a book on work, Social Security and independent contractors, to be published by Amsterdam University Press in 2018.

Scott Stucky HKSEE became chief judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces in August. The five-judge court exercises world-wide appellate jurisdiction over courts-martial arising under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Stucky was appointed to the court by President George W. Bush in 2006.



Fabiana Feld MPA is CFO for International Finance Corporation in Washington, DC. She is working with multinational companies in frontier countries, helping them develop sustainable supply chains and environmental and social investment projects that help reduce poverty and spread prosperity. She is also rooting for classmate Enrique de la Madrid Cordero’s effort to become the next president of Mexico and Andres Roemer’s Ciudad de las Ideas event. She lives in DC with her IMF husband and three noisy and naughty boys, a perfect fit for an energetic mother!

Michael Fenn HKSEE has just published “Municipal Good Governance and the Role of City Manager” with University of Toronto professor Dave Siegel.

“Paul” Martin Frentz MC/MPA writes, “Hi everybody, I’m both happy and sad to hear that quite a few of us are retiring—enjoy life now more than ever, and hand all your experience over to this young generation in need! I’m still working with start-ups in my second consulting firm, PCB, in Vienna. My parents died recently, and I unexpectedly inherited their house on the Baltic Sea, with 16 rooms plus garden house dating back to 1800. It’s way too big for me, but now I might be able to live my dream of having my own think tank/conference place/whatever. You’re most welcome in Vienna or Lubeck! Stay happy and healthy.”

Barry Sloane MC/MPA writes, “I’m happy to report my son Marshall is a freshman in the College and on the heavyweight crew team. I am also proud to be a member of the finance committee for Governor Baker’s reelection.”

Diane Stollenwerk MPP, after working in health care policy for 20 years in Seattle, was recruited to Washington, DC, by the National Quality Forum in 2010. She now lives in Baltimore and works on improving health and health care. She served several years on the Maryland Health Care Commission, runs a busy public affairs firm ( and is a proud companion to her wife, who is a delegate in the Maryland General Assembly. Remember little Dylan, who was only two when we started at HKS? He lives in DC and is about to be a dad—Diane is super excited about becoming a grandma!”

Margaret Daniels Tyler MC/MPA writes, “I have joined a small cohort of like-minded individuals who are committed to the belief that achievement gaps are not facts of nature. What we as parents do right now ‘through the first three years’ will affect our children for the rest of their lives. The Black Philanthropy Fund is a learning and leadership community that engages others in an ongoing process of learning and strategic action to achieve the goal of educational excellence and equity. We are committing time and treasure to a project designed to broaden and deepen the practice of effective parenting.”

Nasim Zaidi MC/MPA worked in the Indian Administrative Service for 36 years at the provincial and federal levels. He spent a decade in civil aviation at the federal level as regulator and policy-maker, and was in the UN ICAO Council for three years. He developed airports in New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru in PPP mode. He retired in 2012 as permanent secretary. He became a constitutional authority-election commissioner and chief election commissioner for five years, managing fair and free elections of president/vice president of parliament and state assemblies in the largest democracy in the world, with 850 million voters and one million polling stations and EVMs. Retired in July 2017!



Joyce Anagnos MPP writes, “After 11 years as a senior attorney for the city of Toledo, Ohio, defending the city from all sorts of claims and managing a sprawling client, I recently transitioned to the welcome quiet of an Ohio Supreme Court appellate court—Ohio’s Sixth District Court of Appeals, located in Toledo. I feel as if I went from a T station to the BPL Reading Room!”

Rob Begland MPP is a litigation partner at Cox, Castle & Nicholson LLP, a preeminent full-service law firm focused on real estate in the United States. Rob’s addition bolsters the firm’s robust statewide trial presence, and will support Cox Castle clients through all stages of the litigation process. Rob is a veteran complex commercial litigation and trial attorney with nearly 20 years of experience. He represents companies in disputes related to real property, contracts, corporate governance, intellectual property, and insurance. Rob is based in Los Angeles.

Rosemarie Day MPP writes, “It was great to reconnect with former classmates in May at our 25th reunion! Currently, I am enjoying the role of entrepreneur and consultant. I launched Day Health Strategies in 2010 to help implement the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Lots of twists and turns since then, but I’m proud to have built a boutique, mission-oriented consulting firm that works on health care transformation initiatives. Working hard to protect the ACA and fighting for other causes I believe in. I am still living in Somerville, Massachusetts. Two kids are off to college, and one is still at home.”

Juan Garcia MPP writes, “After serving as assistant secretary of the navy in the Obama Administration, I’ve been Amazon’s director for associate development for the past two years, splitting time between Seattle and DC. Denise (HLS 1992) and I sent our oldest of four (twin boys) off to college this year, and my rock’n’roll cover band (Juan Direction) is playing all the big Amazon events. Hope everyone is doing well!”

Richard Hyde MC/MPA writes, “I just arrived back in New England to become the pastor of the First Congregational Church of Gray, some 30 minutes north of Portland. I am also lecturing at nearby St. Joseph’s College. I live on Little Sebago Lake and would be happy to have visitors.”

Carla Koppell MPP writes, “It’s been a long time since I checked in with classmates. I’m currently a vice president with the U.S. Institute of Peace in Washington, DC, a Congressionally created, nonpartisan, independent national institute dedicated to conflict resolution and peace building. I arrived there one-and-a-half years ago from the U.S. Agency for International Development after serving as USAID’s chief strategy officer, and before that as senior coordinator for gender equality and women’s empowerment. I had the enormous pleasure of watching my eldest son, Benjamin, begin as a Harvard College undergraduate this year. Get in touch when you are in DC!”

Leo Quigley MPP writes, “I’m living in Brooklyn, New York, these days in a policy role with the New York Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery. Our charge is to invest $4.4 billion in CDBG-DR funds to build back better in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Before this resilient recovery work, I shaped social impact bond development with social finance and the HKS SIB lab, led housing grant making and PRIs at the Boston Foundation, and built affordable housing communities with a large national nonprofit. Hoping to do more in impact investing, building on skills in finance and policy.”

Seth Terkper MC/MPA writes, “I completed a four-year term as minister for finance in Ghana in December 2016 and was deputy minister from 2009 to 2013. It was great to serve and lead in Ghana’s macroeconomic and fiscal management. Soon we will launch a PFM and tax Africa consultancy to continue a life of public service, in policy and politics. The initiatives in office include revenue and expenditure (IFMIS) reforms as well as prudent financing of budget deficits. We set up a sinking fund (debt management) and sovereign wealth fund (infrastructure development) from the nation’s oil and gas revenues. We set up the Ghana EXIM Bank to provide trade finance to promote exports.”

Susan Watts MC/MPA is a former commissioner on the Planning and Zoning Commission for the town of Palm Beach, Florida, and now is a member of the Mayors County Budget Task Force.


1993 | 25th Reunion

Xavier Briggs MPA writes, “Along with teaching at HKS and MIT, I’ve done several stints as an appointee in the U.S. government, most recently the Obama White House 2009–2011. Since 2014, I’ve been serving in New York as vice president for economic opportunity and markets at the Ford Foundation.”

Elsa Chen MPP has been appointed vice provost for academic affairs at Santa Clara University, where she is a full professor in the Department of Political Science. Elsa and her husband, Ken Tsunoda MPP 1994, live in Los Gatos, California, with their two sons (ages 16 and 14).

Damon Coletta MPP recently published NATO’s Return to Europe: Engaging Ukraine, Russia, and Beyond, with Georgetown University Press. In the book, an international group of scholars examine a broad range of issues not only to explain recent alliance developments but also to make recommendations about critical choices confronting the NATO allies.

Karen Credeur MC/MPA is taking lifelong learning classes: Latin, mythology, writing short stories before, and Spanish and etymology now.

Stephen Falbel MPP writes, “Transportation planning has carried me from the Boston MPO to working for a private sector consulting firm to running my own firm. Happily ensconced in Montpelier, Vermont, I do a lot of transit consulting work in Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and upstate New York, both for state agencies and regional transit providers and for planning councils. My two kids are college age now, and my son hopes to attend KSG someday. Shocking to think how much time has passed. Having divorced and remarried (with a seven-year-old stepson), I am still doing lots of singing, including opera, early music, and a chamber chorus. Regards to all!”

Peter Dmochowski Lipski MC/MPA currently lives in Paris, where he is the executive secretary of the European Telecommunications Satellite Organization EUTELSAT IGO, elected by the 49 member states in March 2017. Peter also serves as an observer (censeur) of Eutelsat Communications S.A., a company listed on the Paris stock exchange. Since his graduation from HKS, Peter has held many executive positions in government and the private sector in Poland and internationally. Among them were CFO of the Polish National Television, DG of the Ministry of Culture, and CEO of Public Consulting Group (Polska). He is married to Elzbieta and has one daughter, Matylda.

Ian Simm MPA is not far off from celebrating the 20th anniversary of founding Impax Asset Management, an investment management firm based in London and focused on the transition to a more sustainable economy. Today, Impax manages about US$10 billion. It has recently announced the acquisition of Pax World Management, which is based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and has pioneered sustainable investing since 1971. Ian would love to connect with fellow alumni with similar interests!”

Mark Troutman MPP was appointed Dean of the Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy at the National Defense University in Washington, DC, in August.



Loren Blackford MPP writes, “I was just elected President of the Sierra Club Board. I look forward to serving in this new capacity in this challenging and exciting time!”

Susan Hackley MC/MPA writes, “Enjoying my 16th year as managing director of the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School and have helped develop a negotiation training program that we now offer in other countries, including Saudi Arabia and Israel. Also working on a documentary film project about the impact of our wars on America’s children and families,, inspired by my son, who as a young Marine fought in the Iraq war.

Joseph Harb HKSEE writes, “After retiring with over 40 years of civilian and military service in the U.S. Intelligence Community, I published the counterespionage novel Team Triad, a Nuclear Spy Hunt: Iran. Team Triad endeavors to illustrate how multicultural, multidisciplined intelligence community collaboration and innovation can solve complex analytic challenges and positively impact the course of history. This tale is set in the context of the intense spring 2015 negotiations between the P5+1 and Iran to finalize an agreement that Iran would forgo the development of nuclear weapons.”

John Hlinko MPP is living in D.C. with his wife, Leigh (an architect and author), and his daughters, Kate and Ali (and Pebbles the puppy). He is running LeftAction, an online activist network, and helping Democratic candidates and organizations rally grassroots support. He and his wife have been particularly busy recently hosting fundraisers for Congressional candidates, and he expects to do a whole lot more of it in 2018.

Michael Putegnat MC/MPA writes, “My new novel, The Settling, publishes June 1st. It’s conveniently available at Amazon in print and ebook. My first novel, Laguna, won an Independent Publishers Gold Medal. Finally, after many detours and distractions, I am now writing full-time.”

David Shorr MC/MPA writes, “Enjoying life as a part-time local politician on our city council and part-time consultant, helping assess the impact of organizations that work in the policy/political arena. My book on the GOP’s abandonment of workable policy approaches, I Call Bullshit: Four Fallacies That Keep Our Politics From Being Reality-Based, can be found on Amazon.”



Meredith Ann Edwards HKSEE write, “Since my Harvard experience, from 1997, I was deputy vice-chancellor at the University of Canberra; until 2004, director of a National Institute for Governance; and 2010-2017, a member of the UN Committee of Experts on Public Administration. I am a fellow of the Institute for Public Administration Australia, a fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences Australia, and a fellow of the Australian and New Zealand School of Government. In 2001, I published a book, Social Policy, Public Policy: From Problem to Practice. In 2012, I coauthored Public Sector Governance in Australia. I now research on diversity and inclusion within the public sector.”

Michael Hill MC/MPA has just published a new book titled War Poet, a biography of the poet Alan Seeger (Harvard 1910), who was killed at the Battle of the Somme in World War I. Kirkus Reviews called the book a “very readable, well-sourced biography, overall ... An engagingly written contribution to poetry scholarship.”

Tami Kesselman MPA was named global head of strategic partnerships for the United Nations Social Impact Fund, bringing together philanthropy, grants, and commercial capital to create market-rate economic returns and social dividends aligned with the SDGS. Tami is also on the Nexus Impact Investing Working Group’s Steering Committee and frequently addresses financial and social impact audiences on structuring frameworks to achieve higher financial and impact returns. She co-chairs Opal Financial Group’s Impact Investing Forum and runs her Investingsmart workshop at SECON (HBS/HKS), at Nikkei’s Tokyo AgTech Summit and for the Hult Prize finalist accelerator.

Joshua Mendes MC/MPA writes, “How do you solve intractable conflicts? That was the focus of a panel discussion I had the privilege to organize and moderate in September—under the auspices of the HKS New York alumni group. Our three panel experts, Kay Spencer, Fernando Travesi, and Niall O’Dowd, discussed and compared the challenges and achievements in Colombia, Myanmar, and Northern Ireland. Thanks to Natalie Fabe Ubias and the others in the HKS New York alumni group for their guidance and support.”

Geralyn Sheehan MC/MPA is serving as country director for the U.S. Peace Corps in Colombia. “It is an honor to serve during this historic period of peacemaking for the first time in over 50 years for Colombians.”



Patrick Corrigan MPP writes, “Growing my consulting firm; have had the honor of working briefly with Marty Seligman, the founder of positive psychology, at Penn, and helping build a leadership development program at Georgetown. Much more interesting and meaningful experiences to follow, I’m sure...”

Desiree Green MC/MPA writes, “Friends of 22 years: Yurika Ayukawa MC/MPA, Desiree Green and Junji Tachino MC/MPA. The MC/MPA grads and their families in April joined together for a traditional Japanese dinner in Tokyo. Yurika is a professor at Chiba University of Commerce; Desiree is vice president of international government affairs at Prudential Financial; and Junji is acting director of the editorial board of The Asahi Shimbun.”

Natalie Keng MPP writes, “Ni hao, y’all! My start-up business, Chinese Southern Belle, was pleased to be awarded Best of Atlanta for Cooking Classes. It is a pleasure and an honor to teach with my mother, Margaret Keng, and have the opportunity to share our knowledge and skills with food as a fascinating gateway to connect culture, diversity, health, and sustainability. We’re also excited to announce our line of natural, scratch-cooking sauces now available online and at Whole Foods Market and Kroger stores (200-plus stores in Georgia). Give us a holler if you’re passing through Hot’lanta!”

Patrick Mendis HKSEE was the keynote speaker at the 8th World Confucian Conference at the Shandong University in China and the inaugural speaker at the Belt and Road Initiate (BRI) Lecture series at the University of Hong Kong. He also served as a distinguished visiting professor of Sino-American relations at the Anhui University in Hefei and lectured at Northwestern University in Xian, where he was later appointed distinguished visiting professor of Confucian and American studies. He is an academic advisor and a senior fellow of the Pangoal Institution in Beijing.



Lenora Peters Gant HKSEE, member of the National Intelligence Senior Executive Service, Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), was appointed on an Inter-Governmental Personnel Act sabbatical to Howard University School of Business in August. Lenora will serve as the ODNI National Security Executive Fellow and Senior Advisor. In 2017, U.S. News & World Report ranked Howard University nationally among its best universities and second among Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Matthew Garside MC/MPA writes, “After a career in the U.S. Navy followed by time in the oil and gas industry, I am now actually using my degree! I am the town manager in Poland, Maine. If you are ever in the area, please stop in.”

Jennifer Kron MPP writes, “After 20 years in DC, most recently as the acting chief information officer of the intelligence community, I recently moved with my husband to Australia. We will be here for the next three years. We are living in Canberra, where I will be serving as the senior director for intelligence enterprise management at the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, advising as Australia stands up a new intelligence agency.”

Eduardo Pizano MC/MPA was appointed dean of the Universidad de los Andes Government School, in Bogotá, Colombia.

Mami Terai MC/MPA writes, “I am honored to serve as a member of the board of publications and moderator to the government liaison thread to Message Center of American Immigration Lawyers Association in this time of challenge to our immigration system. Before the law career, I served at the Japanese Prime Minister’s Office for 11 years, including the time at Kennedy School, and immigration practice seems to be a great match for my knowledge, skills, and experience. I feel so lucky to be able to be doing what I love in New York City, one of the most competitive cities in the world.”


1998 | 20th Reunion

Alexandru Grumaz HKSEE writes, “From Harvard to Shanghai is a long way. The years went by, and I went through important positions in the Ministry of Defense (I was appointed lieutenant general), then undersecretary of state in the Romanian government, and finally the consul general in Shanghai in China. The Harvard course was for me the foundation for what followed.”

Scott Keene MPA recently moved to the Washington, DC, area to take on the job of deputy chief financial officer and budget officer at the Federal Railroad Administration. This was his third career after retiring from the Coast Guard in 2008 with 27 years, followed by managing Boston University’s facilities budgets until last August. The move was designed to get nearer family and friends, all of which live in the DC metro area. Bringing private sector experience to federal budgeting, along with his years of military experience made the transition back into government easier.

Oh-jung Kwon MPA writes, “How have you been? I miss you all and the good old days at HKS!”

Peregrine Russell-Hunter HKSEE was recently named the Charles Fahy Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center. He also serves as the director of the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals within the United States Department of Defense. He and his wife, Janet, have three children; Hannah, Sarah, and Malcolm.

Michael Seelman MPP writes, “I recently visited the UK to speak on a Cambridge University panel regarding the future of collaboration and help launch a leadership academy. This was also the public debut of my new company (, which provides executive/leadership coaching and management/communications consulting services. Contact me if you are interested in learning more.”

Jodie Smith MPP was recently appointed to the City of Oakland (California) Public Ethics Commission for a term through January 2020. The commission has jurisdiction over local campaign finance, public financing for city elections, lobbyist registration, and government ethics. Apart from this local good governance effort, Jodie lives in Oakland, works on public law issues as an attorney in San Francisco, and heads the local women’s bar association’s initiative to increase the presence of women in public office. She’s also on the San Francisco Harvard Club board and invites you to say hello if you’ll be visiting the Bay Area.

With Dean Doug Elmendorf and his wife Karen Dynan, Professor of the Practice of Economics at Harvard University, in attendance (and Kenneth Juster MPP 1979 newly installed as the U.S. ambassador to India), the Harvard Club of India dinner in New Delhi in December took on a special significance. Raminder Singh (left), a 1982 Nieman Fellow, and Harvard Club of India President Anirudh Sari MPA 2014 (right) discuss the proceedings.
With Dean Doug Elmendorf and his wife, Karen Dynan, Professor of the Practice of Economics at Harvard University, in attendance (and Kenneth Juster MPP 1979 newly installed as the U.S. ambassador to India), the Harvard Club of India dinner in New Delhi in December took on a special significance. Raminder Singh (left), a 1982 Nieman Fellow, and Harvard Club of India President Anirudh Sari MPA 2014 (right) discuss the proceedings.


Brandy Corcoran Carlson MPP recently joined her husband, Paul Carlson MPP 1998, at Seventy2 Capital Wealth Management, the firm he cofounded in December 2016. She is working with Paul on strategy and business development initiatives. Their office is in Bethesda, Maryland, and they count several HKS graduates as clients.

Tariq Rafique Khan MC/MPA writes, “Hi everyone, have been out of contact for quite long. Worked in different positions with the federal and local governments in Pakistan. Presently working as director general at the Prime Minister’s Office overseeing reforms in the public sector, especially civil service reform and restructuring of federal ministries and departments. It would be a great pleasure to hear from colleagues of the 1999 class of MC/MPA. Best wishes.”

Marjorie Medd MPA writes, “My takeaway from KS was to “give back” to my small rural town and community ... very rewarding.”

Veronica Loewe Muñoz MC/MPA writes, “Our family is doing great. Fernando works for the Foundation for Agriculture Innovation (FIA) and travels often around Chile. Caterina, 25, is a biochemist and chemistry teacher; she got married last year to Juan Pablo, and they will have their first baby next March. Simon, 21, is studying physiotherapy. I keep working on forest research at the Chilean Forest Research Institute (INFOR), and these years have led two main innovations: advances in stone pine cultivation techniques, and a certification system (SAFOR) to quantify the fire risk in forest plantations. These two developments led to me being awarded the Innova+Agro2017 national prize in innovation.”

Cynthie Tin-Oo MC/MPA, Mason Fellow from Myanmar/Burma, is living between two countries, USA and Myanmar,  and working as an independent consultant in public health in Myanmar. “At present, my work focus is on cervical cancer prevention and control program development in Myanmar, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Sports. I am serving as vice president of the Burmese Medical Association of North America, based in Baltimore, Maryland.”



Laurie Allen MC/MPA writes, “Life can take some unexpected twists and turns, but I wanted to connect and say hello classmates! I moved back to the DC area in 2009 and bought my dream horse farm in Leesburg, Virginia, with husband, Joe, who passed away in 2015. It is a beautiful setting in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, just 50 minutes from DC. I worked for the USGS as a Senior Science Advisor for Wildlife Research and now am a private consultant on organizational management contemplating my next career move. Finished a PhD in July, research in microbial ecology of estuaries, to add to my long list of career experiences in ocean science and policy. Let’s catch up.”

Aaron Goldzimer MPP writes, “After spending the first part of my career in international environmental and human rights advocacy, I ended up going “back” to school—this time for Stanford business and Yale law degrees. Finished up the Obama Administration at the Treasury Department, and now am consulting for a Silicon Valley billionaire on U.S. politics/democracy (e.g., how to defeat Republicans). Would love to hear from HKS family!”

Ken Johnson MPP writes, “I live in DC with my wife, Gina Lagomarsino (HBS 2000), and our two kids, Liana (14) and Elias (11). I joined the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2003, became its chief financial officer in 2010 through early 2017, and then in February became the agency’s acting chief operating officer. Gina is the CEO of an international development nonprofit called Results for Development. We have loved living in DC, and love to welcome visitors, so please let us know if you’re ever in town!”

Aung Naing Oo MC/MPA, after sitting out the official peace process for more than a year in Myanmar, has recently started as the executive director of the technical secretariat of the Joint Ceasefire Monitoring Committee—Union Level, helping the government, ethnic armed organizations, and civilian counterparts to maintain ceasefires as agreed by the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement, which he helped negotiate from 2013 to October 2015.

Stephanie White-Trivas HKSEE writes, “In 1999 and 2000, I had the pleasure of meeting faculty and participants who attended these executive education programs. The courses were excellent and provided me with fresh insight toward the goals my organization needed. I would recommend any of the courses provided by Harvard’s executive courses. These programs were beneficial and I was able to apply the methods easily to garner the support to revamp our plans to satisfy our board of directors. Thank you.”



Frank Aum MPP writes, “In January 2017, I left the Pentagon after serving seven years as a political appointee, most of those years as senior advisor on North Korea in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Currently, I serve as the senior expert on North Korea at the U.S. Institute of Peace in Washington, DC.”

Cristopher Ballinas Valdes HKSEE, in addition to continuing his work as a lecturer on public policy at Mexico City’s ITAM, managed to save some time to represent his motherland at the Latin American Kendo Championships last year, finishing first in the team category and third in the individual category. Besides that, he drafted a new book on political struggles behind the forging of autonomous agencies in Mexico.

Jean-Martin Bauer MPP 2001 and family moved to Brazzaville in July. JM started a new assignment as country director for the World Food Programme in the Republic of Congo.

Gerard Bautista HKSEE writes, “Ola classmates! I reach out to all to connect for youth education. I am currently the chairman of the University of Baguio Foundation. The focus of the foundation is education of the youth. I also just finished the design of the Ateneo de Manila Senior High School building. The focus of my architectural firm is school planning and design. I also attended exec ed at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Best regards!”

Kristin Ehrgood MC/MPA and Vadim Nikitine MC/MPA 2001 have launched relief efforts for the 3.5 million U.S. citizens devastated by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. They employ more than 100 people on the island through their family foundation and commercial real estate management company. They are partnering with teams there to support the immediate humanitarian and recovery efforts critical for the people of Puerto Rico. Please visit their family foundation website to learn more, including how to donate and get involved (

Mark Fedor MC/MPA is completing his final year as commanding officer of the Coast Guard cutter James, homeported in Charleston, South Carolina. During its last deployment, the James interdicted 11 tons of cocaine and detained 48 smugglers for prosecution in the U.S. legal system. The James also conducted hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico. Acting as a floating command center, the James directed 11 other cutters to conduct search and rescue, complete port assessments so that commercial traffic could resume, and deliver lifesaving relief aid. Upon completion of his tour on the James, Mark will be a fellow to the Council on Foreign Relations in New York City.

Albert George MPP 2001 writes, “I was honored to be hired in 2015 as the first director of conservation for the South Carolina Aquarium. In 2016, we launched the Resilience Initiative for Coastal Education (RICE) in collaboration with the Medical University of South Carolina Public Information & Community Outreach, SCETV, Allen University, and the U.S. Department of Energy. One of the primary goals of RICE is to work to reach and engage traditionally underrepresented communities in the global climate change discussion. RICE also desires to establish a regional framework for resilience planning. RICE is a purposeful tribute to the West African slaves descendants known as Gullah.”

Charles Harvey HKSEE writes, “Since Harvard I have retired from a corporate career and serve as chairman of three county government boards. I am currently working on my dissertation, which will lead to completion of a doctor of education degree, and will continue serving clients in my higher education and leadership consulting practice.”

Ramin Isayev MC/MPA writes, “I have started and developed a multibillion-dollar oilfield services company over the past nine years. Now looking for other investment opportunities in new industries and regions. I also continue my executive education at MIT and I am often in the Boston area. Would love to hear from HKS alums what we can do together in line with HKS mission.”

Finbarr Livesey MPP writes, “Very glad to announce the U.S. launch of my book From Global to Local in September with Pantheon Books, of which Jeff Sachs kindly said “Livesey’s fine book will help us understand and anticipate the changing dynamics of global economic interdependence.””

Kent Lucken MC/MPA is the North American head of financial sponsors at Citi Private Bank, splitting his time between Boston and New York, and serves as chairman of the U.S.-Asia Institute, trustee of the Boston Institute of Contemporary Art, and International Council board member at HKS’s Belfer Center.

John Monaghan MC/MPA writes, “Hi, friends. My first novel, Head On—NYPD, takes on ISIS. It’s a fast, fun read published by Global History Publishing Co., that highlights the shared humanity with Muslim ‘terrorists’ (‘Ibrahim’s revelation’ is based on real life). Take the 2 Chapter Challenge right now—you can preview them without purchasing the book on Just input my name and Head On will come right up! If you find it entertaining, please, tell all your contacts! Thanks. P.S. The publisher is nominating it for an Edgar, and the paperback will be out sometime in October.”

Doug Shipman MPP was recently named president and CEO of the Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta. The Woodruff Arts Center is the third-largest arts center in the United States. It includes the Alliance Theatre, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, and the High Museum of Art and serves more than one million patrons a year. Doug resides in Atlanta with his wife and two daughters.



Shawn Malone MPP has just taken a position as director of two Gates-funded sister projects in South Africa, led by AVAC and PSI and focused on HIV prevention, testing, and treatment, one for adolescent girls and young women and one for young men. The projects will analyze factors that affect young people’s decisions around whether to get tested, whether to seek treatment if positive, and whether to adopt and adhere to HIV prevention practices if negative, and then apply a human-centered design approach to develop more-effective interventions.

Scott Talan MC/MPA writes, “In June, I reached my goal of seeing 100 countries in going to Malta. Many of my trips involved seeing our classmates, which was heartwarming. I’ve been teaching at American University (thank you to Sean Smith MC/MPA for early teaching advice while we drank coffee at Cosi in Dupont Circle) since 2010 and feel blessed to be doing so. My classes are social media, personal branding, and PR. Last year I received my university’s Teaching with Technology Award partly due to the fact I’ll try almost anything once to see if it works. Thank you, HKS!”


2003 | 15th Reunion

Peter Cheung HKSEE writes, “When you read this, I should have turned 64! Since September 2017, I have resumed my Hong Kong barrister status. I have also done some mediation and arbitration in Shenzhen. As an intellectual property expert, I feel young while updating my general knowledge and skill in my professional calling. I sustain my interests in creativity/innovation, brand building, and intellectual property. Apart from my works, I have been helping HKUST to do better on those fronts. When I’m 64, I should have done my autobiography, including the leadership learning experience at HKS in fall 2003. The takeaway messages have been impacting on me ever since!”

Toivo Klaar MC/MPA writes, “In mid-October, I was offered the opportunity to become the European Union’s special representative for the Southern Caucasus and the crisis in Georgia. In this capacity, I will lead efforts on the EU’s behalf to help resolve the conflicts that have bedeviled the countries of the Southern Caucasus for the past three decades. I can build on my experience as head of the 400-person EU monitoring mission in Georgia in 2013–2014 and can also draw on the past few years’ work developing the EU’s relations with the countries of Central Asia within the EU’s foreign service.

Christopher Tyson MPP 2003 has been selected to be the next CEO of the East Baton Rouge Redevelopment Authority (the RDA), the redevelopment entity for the city of Baton Rouge. Christopher will take a leave of absence from his position as the Newman Trowbridge Distinguished Professor of Law at the LSU Law Center. He joins the RDA as CEO in January 2018.



Jeff Berkin HKSEE retired in 2008 as a deputy assistant director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He is currently focused on cybersecurity, counterintelligence, and insider threat challenges associated with his role as chief security officer and senior vice president with CACI International Inc., an information technology and professional services company focused on the defense, intelligence, and national security sectors.

Stephen Frost MPP is principal of and is leading an international team embedding inclusion in some of the world’s leading organizations. In particular they are working with the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England to calibrate decision making by including introverts and minorities in the decision-making process. His second book, Inclusive Talent Management, is out now.

Edward Omotoso HKSEE has been elected honorary member, for life, of the governing board of the Association of Former International Civil Servants (AFICS) in New York. He previously served as president of this 3,500-member association of former United Nations officials.

Ken Robbins MPA writes, “I am continuing to run my start-up, MILLIE, which helps military families with the moving process. We are getting great traction and attention from larger brands. We recently were recognized by Forbes as one of the Top 25 Veteran Start-ups in America.”

Buck Song Koh MC/MPA published a second edition of his book, Brand Singapore: Nation Branding After Lee Kuan Yew, in a Divisive World, and was the closing keynote speaker at the City Nation Place global forum on place branding in London in 2017.

Dan Zuberi PhD, a professor of social policy at the University of Toronto, coauthored a new book, (Re)generating Inclusive Cities: Poverty and Planning in Urban North America (Routledge, 2018).



George Billard MC/MPA announces that his documentary, They Shall Not Perish: The Story of Near East Relief, became available in the United States on Netflix on January 1. The film tells the extraordinary story of the humanitarian response to the Armenian genocide.

David Chipanta MPA/ID writes, “My family and I are still in Geneva and working with UNAIDS. Work is exciting. I am looking forward to speaking at the 19th International Conference on AIDS and STD in Africa (ICASA) in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire in December 2017, where I last spoke at this conference 20 years ago! My wife and I are thrilled that our son has started grade 1 and speaks French and English and is learning my local language. It has been refreshing to meet MPA/ID alumni recently and catch up on the wonderful things you are doing to change the world! Let me know when you are in Geneva in case you would like to hang out.”

Sylvia Clute MC/MPA is a contributing author to a new book, Transforming Justice, Lawyers and the Practice of Law (ed. Marjorie A. Silver, Carolina Academic Press). Fourteen chapters written by U.S. lawyers and judges describe the contribution each is making to the integrative law movement and the transformation of the justice system. Clute’s chapter, “A Parallel Model of Justice: Unitive, not Punitive,” compares 12 structures of punitive justice with 12 structures of unitive justice and describes how we can create a unitive system based not on the proportional revenge of our present system but on the moral principle of lovingkindness.

Jo Guzman MPP writes, “Joanna and I are wrapping up a rewarding two-year tour of duty in Norfolk, Virginia, where I serve as the deputy chief of intelligence for Carrier Strike Group 8. Amidst the deployments to the Middle East, we also had a baby girl, Guadalupe Joy (“Gigi”), who turned one in November and is climbing up onto everything!! In the spring, we all move to Hawaii, where I will serve as the chief of plans and policy in Pacific Command’s Joint Interagency Task Force—West (JIATF-W). Our mission will focus on countering illegal drug and transnational criminal organizations originating in the Pacific area of operations. If you visit Oahu, please call!”

Bernie Henderson HKSEE was named chief executive officer of Woody Funeral Homes and Nelsen Funeral Homes, serving metropolitan Richmond, Virginia, on June 1. In July, he was reappointed by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe to second terms on the Virginia Conflict of Interest and Ethics Council and the Virginia War Memorial Board, completed his tenure as president of Jewish Family Services of Richmond, and became president-elect of the Shepherd’s Center of Richmond.

Hyun Kim MPP is pursuing peace and security through diplomacy and mediation at the United Nations Headquarters Department of Political Affairs in New York. “Currently serving in the department’s Africa 1 Division, which engages in the Horn of Africa, East Africa, Great Lakes, and Southern Africa regions.”

Erica McKnight MPP was appointed associate general counsel for the Obama Foundation. The foundation is the platform for former President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama’s philanthropic activities and will create programs to engage young leaders from around the world, identify and broadcast innovative approaches to civic engagement, and connect communities by fostering conversations to bridge difference and creatively solve problems.

Christopher Mora MC/MPA was competitively selected in July 2016 to serve on active duty recall in the Office of the Judge Advocate General Headquarters in the Pentagon and promoted to the rank of navy captain (O-6) in September 2017. In the private sector, he is a full-time real estate investor and continues to serve as a principal for a family of private real estate investment funds and an advisor to clients who are both equity investors and private lenders.

Dominic Moulden HKSEE has continued to work toward racial, class, and gender equity alongside the staff and members of ONE DC as a resource organizer. Taking to heart Marshall Ganz’s counsel, ONE seeks to build and learn leadership from within the community. This February, ONE launched the Black Workers Center, a unique project of popular education, alternative economics, and racial and economic justice. Through Dominic’s experience as a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health fellow, the BWC’s mission will include a focus on worker wellness. Email Dominic at to get involved.

Kevin Parker HKSEE writes, “After serving in Washington’s state legislature from 2008 to 2016 and working primarily as a budget negotiator and writer, I retired from state politics and accepted a position as senior advisor to U.S. Congresswoman McMorris Rodgers. Have been also a fellow at the Aspen Institute. Our coffee business has grown to nine locations over the past ten years. In 2013, had the honor to return to HKS as a facilitator for the 21st Century Leadership course. This year I started the doctoral program of leadership studies at Gonzaga University.”

Xenia Stefanidou MC/MPA writes, “I retired from public service in 2015 as ambassador of Greece to Mexico. I live in Athens and I am spending my time traveling around the world.”

Segokodi Thoka HKSEE writes, “I am currently the managing member of a labor consulting company. I am also a part time commissioner of the Commission for Mediation Conciliation and Arbitration (CCMA). The CCMA deals with labor disputes resolution in South Africa. I am passionate about my work, as it enhances labor peace in the workplace.”



Bob DeColfmacker MC/MPA continues advising small colleges on strategic planning as a senior consultant with Stevens Strategy, an international education consulting firm. “Each assignment is a bit unique and with its own set of challenges. In the past year alone we assisted a small liberal arts college in New England, a health sciences university in California, a Christian college in the South, and a start-up hospitality school in the Middle East. In my spare time, I spoil six grandchildren before returning them to their parents.”

Emily Felt MC/MPA just took a job leading the energy policy team at Duke Energy, one of the largest energy firms in the United States. “The energy sector is like nirvana for a public policy wonk like me.” She also reports that when she is not geeking out on law and regulation, she camps, canoes, and travels with her husband, Greg, and growing daughters, Hana (nine) and Lou (six).

Brian Iammartino MPP writes, “I’m very proud to have joined the faculty of HKS this year, teaching financial analysis for nonprofits and governments! My real estate investment business continues to grow, and most importantly, my wife and two daughters (now six and two) are doing well and loving our life in Boston. Would love to connect with other alums in the Boston area.”

Tim Reid MC/MPA, after spending the past couple of years working for the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission in Donetsk, Ukraine, is currently an executive in residence at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy.

Tommy Smith MC/MPA was recently appointed to the Contra Costa County Library Commission representing the city of Concord, California. The commission is the citizen advisory committee to the county librarian and the Board of Supervisors. Tommy continues in his work in supplier diversity at Kaiser Permanente (KP) the large nonprofit health care provider headquartered in Oakland, California. At KP, Tommy helps leverage the organization’s buying power to support small and diverse entrepreneurs to promote employment, wealth creation, and ultimately better health outcomes in the communities in KP’s footprint.



Kai-yan Lee MPP, after the Federal Reserve and the World Economic Forum, assumed the role of managing director and opened the U.S. subsidiary for Vanke in 2013—one of the world’s largest real estate companies and a Global Fortune 500 company. Kai has grown it to an asset value exceeding $3.5 billion, with projects across the United States. He also cofounded an SEC-registered real estate investment management firm in 2016 under Vanke U.S. In his free time, Kai is active on various national nonprofit organizations’ boards and is also on track to run half marathons in all 50 U.S. states.

Manjana Milkoreit MPP writes, “Four years after receiving my PhD and 10 years after leaving Harvard, I have published my first book, Mindmade Politics: The Cognitive Roots of International Climate Governance (MIT Press, 2017). If you want to peek into the minds of the people who negotiated the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, have a look!”

Funmi Olorunnipa MPA writes, “After leaving the Obama administration, where I worked in the White House Counsel’s Office, the Department of Justice, and the Administrative Conference of the United States, I’m returning to the private sector to become counsel at Palantir Technologies in Washington, DC.”

Nilmini Rubin HKSEE published a coloring book for kids and adults called The United Shapes of America. Each page depicts a different state and you can color in the congressional districts. It’s a fun way to learn about the political landscape of the United States and gerrymandering. The coloring book is available on Amazon.

Vesselin Valchev HKSEE writes, “I was appointed as consul general of Bulgaria in Los Angeles in 2015. Responsible for 11 states from Alaska to Hawaii—all in all 4.5 million square kilometers. I wish everybody every success.”

The Moakley Courthouse was once again the venue for the all-school reception in November. Hundreds of students, faculty, and staff came together for the annual event, enjoying the company and the setting, with its views of Boston Harbor.

2008 | 10th Reunion

Brian Bombassaro MPP joined the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance as international trade counsel. Previously, he was an associate at Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer LLP in Washington, DC, where his practice centered on investor-state arbitration, sovereign finance, and international trade.

Steven Cohen MPP, PhD is an assistant professor and the academic program director for executive education at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. He also serves as president of Summit Presentations, llc, a boutique training company that helps leaders communicate their ideas with influence. He recently finished a new book, Speaking for Success: Readings and Resources (2nd edition), a collection of essential articles on the art of public speaking. He is happily married and lives in Baltimore, Maryland. He travels frequently and enjoys reconnecting with former classmates. He invites you to contact him at

Omar Khan MPA is currently serving as governance advisor to the Department for International Development in Pakistan. He loves to travel and is passionate about heritage. His upcoming book on Murree, a small British colonial town in Pakistan, is with the publisher. He lives in Lahore with his wife, Fariha, two sons, Asad and Saad, and a recently born beautiful daughter, Natalya.

Josh Manning MPP is fighting for truth, justice, the Oxford comma, and the American way as site director for “CT provides commentary on culture, politics, and the day’s events—specifically written for what elites derisively call ‘flyover country’ but what we respectfully call ‘Heartland America.’ Owned by Liftable Media Inc., Conservative Tribune is one of the largest conservative webpages in America and routinely ranked by Alexa as one of the top 100 U.S. websites by traffic. My favorite accomplishment over the past year was forcing a correction from the New York Times on a story about ... fake news.”

Yasmin Padamsee MC/MPA writes, “I am back in Cambridge after eight years in Myanmar. I am currently busy working with the city of Cambridge on its participatory budget, as a fundraiser for the Adaptive Leadership Network, and as city ambassador for HKS Women’s Network. I look forward to meeting many of the class of 2008 at our 10th-year reunion! Keep in touch.”

Joseph Pfeifer MC/MPA is the chief of counterterrorism and emergency preparedness for the Fire Department of New York. Recently, he was appointed, by General Jean-Claude Gallet, as an honorary first-class firefighter of the Paris Fire Brigade (Brigade des sapeurs-pompiers de Paris) for his international counterterrorism work with first responders after the November 13, 2015, terrorist attacks at the Bataclan and Paris. Joe is the only international fire chief ever awarded this honor in the 206-year history of the Paris Fire Brigade. Both Joe and Gallet have taught at HKS’s Leadership in Crisis Programs.

Tai Sunnanon MPP has been named executive director of the Independent Cities Association, a membership-based organization of 40-plus cities across Los Angeles County, including Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and Long Beach. Tai is responsible for organizing and supporting public policy and legislation that impact these cities. Learn more at



Thomas Eads MC/MPA is on detail leading a team in innovation and scientific computing at the FDA Center for Tobacco Products. This team improves regulatory effectiveness by creating information architectures that get the right information to the right people at the right time. Thomas’s formal contributions now span scientific review, scientific research, policy evaluation, and regulatory informatics. The U.S. Congress directed CTP to regulate the manufacture, marketing, and distribution of tobacco products in order to prevent initiation of use by youth and young adults, and to reduce harms of use to those who can’t or won’t quit.

Gonzalo Fanjul MC/MPA writes, “I am very proud to share with all of you, a journalistic and research foundation focused on migration that we created three years ago and is now a reference in the Spanish-speaking media. Our portfolio combines investigative journalism on issues such as the corporations and interests behind the migration-control industry, with solutions journalism focused on the alternatives to this broken migration regime. Its quality has been recognized by partners such as El Pais, The Guardian, and Univision. Financing is still a challenge, but I’m positive we’ll be able to establish a solid base to guarantee our future and independence. All best!”

Rade Glomazic HKSEE was recently appointed as project director for EU-financed projects: planning for climate change in Malawi; supporting employment policy for the promotion of job creation in Mongolia; and Natura 2000 and low carbon development projects in Turkey with Human Dynamics, in Vienna. Human Dynamics is a leading European provider of premium public sector development consulting services for the European Commission in both developing and transition countries worldwide. HD assists governments in improving the performance and delivery of public services through the provision of high-quality consultancy in line with international best practice.

Bruce Haupt MPP writes, “Emily and I had a baby girl! Future HKS grad (MPP 2037) Elsa Quinn Haupt was born in Muscat, Oman, on July 9, 2017.”

Kimberlyn Leary MPA returned to Cambridge last fall after two years of public service as a Robert Wood Johnson Health Policy fellow in the Obama White House. She joined the Harvard T.H. Chan faculty as the Enabling Change program director and serves as McLean Hospital’s first executive director of policy outreach. “I am also a second-year fellow at the Women and Public Policy Program at HKS.”

Noorulain Masood MPA/ID, after working at the World Bank (2009–2013) and leading a nonprofit in Pakistan (2014–2015), has set up the Center for Social Innovation in Developing Countries (, an effort to foster a wave of social leadership that responds to the urgent challenges facing our world today. “We help those engaged in social change, and those wanting to be a part of it, hear their calling and navigate difficult and hostile environments to realize their purpose. For our work, we draw upon work done at HKS in community organizing and adaptive leadership, at MIT on systems dynamics, and at the Ed School in adult development.”

Diego Osorio MC/MPA is now the proud father of Emma Gaia (three) and Maya Luna (born last summer). He continues working as an international consultant, most recently in Colombia, Northern Ireland, and Jordan.

Justin Pasquariello MPA writes, “My wife, Vanessa and I are pleased to have our second child on the way: a daughter due near Christmas. In May, I became the new executive director of the East Boston Social Centers (EBSC), a settlement house organization that serves people across the life span in Eastie and surrounding communities with programs including welcome baby, early learning, after-school, teen programs, family engagement, and senior programs. EBSC turns 100 next year. Together, we are working to make East Boston the world’s most joyful place. Please come say hello!”

Philip Schaffner MPP writes, “My wife, Katherine Moss, and I welcomed our second child, Phoebe Rose Schaffner, on September 25, 2017. Phoebe is Tom Moss’s MC/MPA 1991 third grandchild.”

Yang Wang MPP writes, “Dear all, In 2017 I move on to a new job at Zhongrong Fund, as head of the financial institution department.”



Rick Harrison HKSEE is the new Secretary of the Council of Australian Government’s (COAG) Education Council. COAG provides a forum through which strategic policy on school education, early childhood and higher education can be coordinated at the national level and through which information can be shared, and resources used collaboratively, to address issues of national significance.

Anna Schnitger Narduzzi MPP writes, “I am a captain in the U.S. Air Force, and have recently returned to the United States after two years at Incirlik Air Base, Turkey, where I was the director of operations for the 39th Civil Engineer Squadron. It was a challenging and rewarding experience supporting coalition operations in Syria and navigating dynamic U.S.-Turkey relations, especially during the period surrounding the summer of 2016’s attempted Turkish military coup. I am excited to share that I’ll be promoted to major and we’re expecting our first child very soon!”

Denise Diaz Payan MPP writes, “I completed a PhD in public policy and management from the University of Southern California in 2015, and a postdoctoral fellowship in health services research in 2017 from UCLA Fielding School of Public Health. My husband, Daniel Payan MPP 2010, and I moved to Merced, California, earlier this year because I accepted an assistant professor of public health position at UC Merced, where I am teaching health policy and conducting state and local health policy research. Daniel is continuing his career in public service with the county of Fresno.

Deanne Titus MC/MPA recently took time away from her current role as a senior management analyst at the Administrative Appeals Office of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to volunteer with FEMA’s disaster recovery program. Over a monthlong deployment she assisted survivors in navigating the FEMA disaster assistance registration process in response to Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria.

Rob Werner HKSEE attended the HKS Climate and Energy program in October 2017, and writes, “It was great to be back on campus! The week informed my work both at the League of Conservation Voters and as a city councillor in Concord, New Hampshire, chairing the Concord Energy and Environment Committee. Concord recently launched Ready for 100% Renewable Energy, a campaign that calls for the city to be 100% renewable in energy generation in all sectors by 2050.”



Shahab Ahmed HKSEE is now the head of legal for Etihad Aviation Group, based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, where he looks after corporate, commercial, and regulatory matters and provides legal advice at the chief and board levels. Shahab lives in Abu Dhabi with his wife, Michelle, and four children. In their spare time, the family enjoys travel and time at the beautiful Abu Dhabi beaches.

Chloe Arensberg MC/MPA is a Washington-based senior producer for CBS News, coordinating all regional coverage for CBS This Morning. She returned to Washington after three years in Beijing, where she served as the network’s Asia bureau chief.

Eduardo Baeza MPA writes, “After five-and-a-half years working at the Spanish Prime Minister’s Office and advising Prime Minister Rajoy through three general elections (and winning them all), I have embarked on a new professional challenge and decided to head back to the private sector, leading the institutional affairs department of a major Spanish defense company, based in Madrid but with frequent travels abroad.”

Joandrew Cousins MC/MPA writes, “Life is great in Reading, Pennsylvania. After military retirement, I briefly worked for the largest health care in the world. This summer, I was asked by a UVA Darden School classmate to help run a nonprofit medical group. I’ve been on the job for two months. Working in the front lines of providing quality health care to an underserved community has its challenges, but it is also filled with many rewards. I’m hoping I can continue to pull from my life’s collective experiences and continue to make a difference. In closing, I am honored to be an alumnus of the Harvard Kennedy School. Shout out to Frank Pearl MC/MPA 2011—well done!!”

Michael Morse MPA writes, “I’ve just joined the medical faculty at Georgetown and continue to serve as the executive director of a nonprofit, the Palestinian Medical Education Initiative, that I started while at HKS. Our work has expanded to include a successful school-based mental health intervention in Palestinian public schools in East Jerusalem. If you are also active in Palestine, please reach out!”

Mark Tracy MC/MPA is pleased to announce his campaign for Rhode Island state representative. Please connect with the campaign at “Any support is most welcome! My daughter, Kate—the toddler you met at graduation—is now seven years old and in second grade. Her little brother Jonah is four. The entire family is well, and I encourage you all to come through Rhode Island on your next visit to Cambridge!”



Francisco Aguilar MPP writes, “I married Jaime Zagami back in January 2017 (with HKS folks in attendance) but don’t think I’ve shared an update since then. My company, Bounce Imaging, continues to serve police, fire/rescue, and other first responders in the United States and around the world and recently won the Miller Lite Tap the Future prize. We’re also launching a new 4G unit in partnership with Verizon. Hope you all are doing very well, in Trump-adjusted terms.”

Erica Harrison Arnold MPP begins her sixth year practicing law in Atlanta, Georgia. In October 2017, Erica’s undergraduate school alma matter, Hampton University, inducted her in its Forty Under 40 Alumni Recognition Society for the class of 2017.

Jay Bhatt MPA was named to Crains Chicago Business 40 under 40. “Appointed senior vice president and chief medical officer of the American Hospital Association. Cultivated partnership between National Urban League and the American Hospital Association. Launching a physician leadership agenda.”

Jeanette Acosta MPP 2012 passed away December 18, 2017, after a year-long battle with cancer. The fight she showed combating the disease was the same she had shown her entire life in her pursuit of social justice. It began in middle school, her family remembered, with an interest in student government and improving community life. By the time she was an undergraduate at the University of Southern California she was leading a scholarship fund for low-income students. At the Kennedy School, Jeanette founded the Ivy League Immigrant Rights Coalition and advocated for undocumented immigrants, especially Dreamers—those who had been brought into the country illegally as children. After graduating, she served as President Obama’s reelection campaign’s Latino vote director in Iowa, and then went on to work as director of the United Farm Workers Foundation campaign on immigration reform. Jeanette had just graduated from law school and was clerking for a judge on the DC Court of Appeals when she became ill. She fought with determination and grace until the end.

Anne Kroijer MPA/ID writes, “Shortly after graduating in 2012, I launched Rooted in my MPA/ID experience, OnFrontiers is an accelerated learning platform that connects businesses to locally plugged-in experts who can help them get smart on developing markets. Experts include experienced industry professionals, opinion leaders, academics, and consultants who offer business professionals a unique firsthand perspective and real-time insights, while building their own knowledge base and skills. I hope you will check out Drop me a line if you want to learn more.”

Suzette Lin MC/MPA writes, “Maya and I now live in San Mateo, California, after a brief stint in NYC. I now run my own law firm (Substantia Law Group, PC) and we currently have two offices in Silicon Valley. SLG represents entrepreneurs here in California as well as Chinese companies investing in tech or acquiring companies in the United States. Primary focuses are AI, health care, and ed tech companies. Outside of work, Maya and I travel often to Napa and Big Sur and explore the great outdoors whenever we can. Maya is active in the MIT Club, and I frequently attend Harvard Club events. If any of you are ever in Northern California, feel free to connect—”

Pietro Rabassi MPA writes, “Dear all, shortly after graduation I moved (again) to the energy sector that I love, as it is at the crossroads of business, policy, and technology challenges. Since 2016, I have been the director of Central European markets at Nord Pool—the world’s first and largest international power market. There, based in Berlin, I am responsible for the expansion of the company into seven new countries in continental Europe. Reach out if you have any questions. Happy to help! Lastly, in December my wife, Marguerite (whom I met at Harvard), and I became parents! All the best.”

Meghan Sullivan MPP and her partner, Nic Fortier, welcomed their first child, a baby boy. William Jay was born on October 4, weighing a healthy 7 pounds, 8 ounces.


2013 | 5th Reunion

Cristina Garmendia MPP writes, “In November, I will be returning to my beloved city of St. Louis to join a small team in the mayor’s office dedicated to addressing racial inequality and institutional racism as their equity indicators manager.”

Bruce Jackson MC/MPA writes, “In addition to consulting, training, coaching, speaking, and writing, I am currently building a new online life and leadership academy for students worldwide. Called Charlie Academy, we are publishing courses and programs designed to help 17-to-22-year-olds build their life and leadership skill while growing social media credentials—helping them gain a competitive advantage when applying for college, graduate school, internships, and jobs. Content based upon my published works on attentional leadership theory. Recently spoke at the U.S. Naval Academy and next month in Ghana to address inspiring young leaders. Missing HKS!”

Austin King MPA 2013 writes, “In 2016, I wrote the briefs for the appeal that nonprofit Better Markets brought in an effort to bring transparency to the lawsuit over MetLife’s status as a systemically important financial institution, the record for which was two-thirds under seal. A unanimous panel reversed the district court’s anti-transparency ruling in a sweeping opinion authored by Chief Judge Merrick Garland. It is the first important DC Circuit decision to affirm the public’s right of access to judicial records in decades. See MetLife, Inc. v. Fin. Stability Oversight Council.”

Vaibhav Lodha HKSEE is a co-founder of ftcash. Ftcash is one of India’s fastest-growing financial technology companies, recognized by Forbes, backed by PayPal and MasterCard. Ftcash empowers the 60-plus million underserved micro-merchants in India through financial inclusion using digital payments and loans. Vaibhav was recently awarded Businessworld ‘40 under 40’ and a Distinguished Alumni Award by the National Institute of Technology, Trichy. Earlier this year, he was invited by the World Economic Forum to its annual meeting at Davos to represent the voice of the millennial.

Monte McMurchy HKSEE writes, “Greetings from Kinshasa, DRC, where political publics are both fragile and astringent in that President Kabila is most reluctant to vacate office notwithstanding his agreement to depart at the end of 2017. Post-secondary education in DRC is under extreme duress as government forces continue to intimidate faculty and students who express truth to power. As rector of the American Christian Liberal Arts University Congo (UCI), my ordinal responsibility is dedicated to protecting both faculty and students from harm. The future for DRC as a nation both stable and responsive to the rule of law rests in the hands and minds of an educated, ethical citizenry.”

Preeti Sinha HKSEE writes, “Hello from New Delhi! I created and run my think-tank Yes Global Institute, the practicing think-tank of Yes Bank, India’s fourth-largest private sector bank. We are focused on catalyzing private capital for development.”

Rajesh Talwar HKSEE writes, “I continue to work for the United Nations in Afghanistan, and in my spare time write books. In the past one year I have penned a play on Kashmir and one on Gandhi. It was time to have a website, and so I have had a friend help me publish, which lists most of my books.”

Alfredo Zamudio MC/MPA writes, “After three good years in Geneva, heading the Internal Displacement Monitoring Center, I’m now back in Norway, as director for the Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue, based in Lillehammer. (Yes, that one!). I am soon reaching out to many of you, inviting you to contribute as speakers or to participate at the Lillehammer Dialogue City in June 2018, a global gathering of people working on dialogue for peace or development.”



Samuel Kim MPA writes, “Hi everyone! I am currently running a social enterprise I had started while in school back in 2012. I am quite happy to be running a few interesting projects in over 22 countries in Asia. I am mostly based in Boston, Kuala Lumpur, and Seoul, with a few weeks in Tokyo, Manila, and Ulaanbaatar. When you have the chance, please come and drop by. Would be more than happy to host in these places. Hope to reconnect with some of you!!”

Winston Ma HKSEE reports that his second book, China’s Mobile Economy, was released by Wiley in early 2017. The book covers the latest media/tech/innovation in China, which is the most important growth engine for China at this moment. McKinsey’s global CEO, Dominic Barton, wrote the foreword for the book and had it on his reading list. It was included in the Economist’s Matthew Bishop’s list of top business books of 2016, and as one of “the best 2016 business books for CIOs” by

Nate Mackinnon MC/MPA was appointed as the first vice chancellor for community colleges for the State of Nevada in July. Nate and his wife have now relocated to Reno. Nate will oversee the state’s community colleges as Nevada places an increased emphasis on the institutions to meet the growing demands of employers. Nate was born and raised in Boston, so the dry air will certainly take some getting used to.

Jose Felix Magana MC/MPA writes, “Fostering development. Latin American infrastructure’s unsatisfied needs act like an anchor to development and growth. As governments grew their leverage positions in the post-2008 era, the space to continue investing is somehow limited. CABEI, in anticipation of next cycle, has revamped and launched its structured finance and private sector business to promote FDI via corporate and non-recourse finance for local and foreign impact investors, financing sustainable energy generation, transport, and social infrastructure. I’ve been entrusted with this task and, so far, we have catalyzed/invested in projects amounting to $2.4 billion.”

Tim McDonald MPP is in his second year of the PhD program at the rand Corporation, where he is a graduate fellow and assistant policy researcher. He is a senior fellow at the Center for Policy Design.

Mai Mislang MC/MPA is a strategic advisor to CEOs and presidents of top organizations in the Philippines trying to move into the digital economy. She uses her all-around experience in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. “If you want to be wealthy in this country, you have to help the poor, because there are about 100 million of them. Give the unbanked an e-wallet platform. Empower women through an online wellness business. Feed children with affordable nutritious meals that you can sell for a profit. You simply cannot give what you don’t have, so count on entrepreneurship to solve the world’s problems.”

Gregory Pavone MPP married the love of his life, Andrea Moscoso, on September 29, 2017, in the Boston, Massachusetts, Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Greg is grateful to all friends and family for their love and support.

Tim Purinton MC/MPA writes, “After a dozen years working for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as founding director of the Mass Division of Ecological Restoration, I am now the executive director of the Maryland and DC chapter of the Nature Conservancy. The chapter is focused on restoring the largest estuary in the lower 48, the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries, as well as helping the region mitigate and prepare for climate change.”



Myrish Antonio MC/MPA is the associate director for the Center for Public Leadership at HKS. She was recently awarded Most Outstanding Law Alumni for 2017 from her alma mater, Silliman University, and has been selected to the 2017 cohort of the prestigious Harvard University Administrative Fellowship Program.

Edward Dong MC/MPA joined the HKS Dean’s Council in 2016 in addition to his volunteer role as alumni ambassador since 2015. He hosted HKS Alumni Connect London on January 15, 2017. Edward also joined the Leadership Council of the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Center in August 2017 to promote human rights and democracy throughout the world with a focus on Asian countries.

Felicia Gross HKSEE recently accepted a position as an assistant attorney general with the New York State Attorney General’s Office in Manhattan. She is a graduate of the 2015 Kennedy School Emerging Leaders programs led by Professor Jorrit de Jong.

Kumar Anuraj Jha MC/MPA 2015 died following a car accident in Khartoum, where he was working as a child protection specialist for UNICEF in Sudan. His wife, Jill, and two daughters were also in the car but survived the accident. A native of Nepal, Anuraj had dedicated his career to helping children caught in the vice of war. In Nepal, first with Save the Children and later with the UN Mission’s Child Protection Section, he helped negotiate the release of 2,000 children from the Maoist army fighting in that country’s long insurrection. He returned to work with the UN following graduation. In his short time in Sudan, according to UNICEF, he was key to progress made in the non-recruitment of children by armed groups and armed forces. He had spoken about that progress on his visit to HKS following graduation, and about how he had used many of the tools he had acquired while at the school, said Suzanne Shende, director of the Mason Program at HKS. “He truly was an exceptionally committed, humble, high-integrity, likeable person,” Shende said.

Simon Hedlin MPP is writing a book about how women’s empowerment can help revive the global economy. The focus of the book is on policies that different countries and companies have employed to boost the female labor force participation rate. The book will be published by Stanford University Press in the fall of 2019. If anybody has ideas on research to cite or people to interview, send an email to

Tadahiro Ikemoto MC/MPA, deputy director at Japan’s Ministry of the Environment, established in April 2017 the first nudge unit in Japan, the Behavioral Sciences Team (best), which consists of industry, academia, and local and central governments in order to help people take better actions by guiding their own decisions without stress. He seeks global cooperation through information sharing, policy dialogue, etc. with overseas governments, businesses, and experts.

Vivek Kovilakathu HKSEE is working for a consulting company in Japan on cross-border M&A deals in the health care/pharmaceutical space. “In the future, I would wish to drive strategy and innovation for a pharmaceutical company focusing on emerging markets and poorer countries.”

Alex Yergin MPP 2015 married Jessica Reinis on September 16, 2017, in Siasconset, Massachusetts. In attendance were many HKSers: Dan Bowles MPP, Lloyd Edwards MPP 2016, Scott Quigley MPP, Greg Lamontagne MPP, Soline Miniere MPA/ID, Katherine Roberts MPA (who was a bridesmaid), Malavika Srinivasan Dhawan MPP, Julie Powers, Adele Faure MPA/ID 2014, and Paulina Ponce de Leon Barido MPP.



Taimur Ahmed MPP writes, “I am currently on the board of directors at the Harvard Club of Central Florida, collaborating with fellow Ivy League graduates about how best to serve our local community. I have interned at the White House, the Department of Justice, and for Mayor Buddy Dyer of Orlando, Florida, and was the president of Model United Nations at UF and also a student senator. I believe that it is my personal responsibility to make sure every young person knows they can achieve anything they set their minds to, so long as they believe in themselves. It is my job to push them to do so.”

Tania Del Rio MPP writes that Mayor Marty Walsh of Boston is serious about increasing diversity in City Hall, and she is thrilled to join the team that is tasked with making that happen. As a diversity outreach director in the mayor’s office, she will be ensuring that all residents can access opportunities to serve their city equally.

Peter Deutscher MPP writes, “I spent the first year after graduation working with professors Tim O’Brien and Ron Heifetz teaching courses on adaptive leadership and adult development. I was worried about not moving into a “professional” job at first, but it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It served as a forced pause, a chance to reflect, and changed the way I think about the work I do and what is meaningful and important to me. It helped me find a role that I think I will love at the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet in Australia. Thank you, HKS!”

Cindy Dinh MPA writes, “As concurrent MPA/ID students know, it’s sometimes hard to find the perfect blend of law and public policy. The summer after graduation, the California legislature passed the Student Voter Act, a bill that my PPIA friend Paul Monge-Rodriguez MPP 2015 and I coauthored and that won support from Assemblymen David Chiu and Rob Bonta. This law will automatically register college students to vote when they register for classes, affecting 240,000 college students at public colleges and universities. I’m now based in Houston, Texas, where I am clerking for a U.S. district court judge, and for once, enjoying the mild winters.”

Kelly Mua Kingsly MC/MPA writes, “The opportunities knocking at my door after HKS are huge. After school, I settled for a job to serve the public over making quick money. The fields in Africa are ripe, but the workmen have little reason why. I wear many caps currently: I serve as the Cameroon’s representative to the Regional Advisory Commission on Financial Markets; director for finance operations of the state; censor at the central bank (BEAC); and project fund coordinator at the Ministry of Economy and Planning. Reengineering the economy through financial markets, especially with the fall in commodity prices, is my daily bread and butter.”

Fabian Lewis HKSEE manages the Research and Analysis Unit at Jamaica’s Ministry of Finance. “Since completing the Emerging Leaders program in 2016, I have personally developed inter alia my leadership capabilities and applied formal negotiation strategies in practical, everyday situations. Moreover, my participation in the program has tremendously assisted me to better navigate the challenges associated with a dynamic public service environment. As one of the 25 2016 World Heart Federation’s Global Emerging Leaders, my work is continually aimed at reducing (by 25 percent, come 2025) the prevalence of cardiovascular disease worldwide.

JiaQuan Lu HKSEE writes, “Along with fellow Harvard alumnus Eza Seow (ALB 2000, GSAS 2000), we organized an event with the Harvard Alumni for Global Development at the Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore. Our distinguished guest speaker for the night was Candra Darusman. Candra is the Singapore deputy director of World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), the United Nations agency for intellectual property services, policy, information, and cooperation. UN-WIPO had been associated with Harvard for decades, working closely with Harvard faculty, academia, students, and alumni, on patent economics at Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard Medical School, and Harvard Law School. It was a good close-knit networking session where several alumni conversed on ideas on how to tackle global development issues by leveraging disruptive innovation.”

Airene Montesa Robinson MC/MPA writes, “The presidential election was over when I came home after the HKS graduation. I went back because the whole point of going to Harvard is coming back home to do public service. I joined in September and was appointed by the president as the new assistant secretary for planning at the Department of Transportation. It was a big challenge with vast learning ahead, but I took it head on, knowing the need for transportation infrastructure and the significant contribution my work will bring to the improvement of public transport in the Philippines and effectively the standard of living of its citizens. It’s been quite a year of challenges!”

Alyce Su HKSEE writes, “Hong Kong Handover 20th Anniversary Top 50 Chinese Business Leaders, approved by Beijing, China. Published by The Economic Daily Press (under China State Council).”



Agnes Igoye MC/MPA writes, “On October 14, 2017, I was awarded the Alumni Honor Roll of Fame by President Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) University’s 10th annual meeting, for the significant impact of my counter–human trafficking work and continued dedication to making a difference in the world. I had an opportunity to give a speech. The day before, I was recognized in a speech by Chelsea Clinton detailing my accomplishments as someone who has inspired her and others since the establishment of CGI. And I sat on a roundtable to discuss the future of CGI University.”

Ben Schwartz MPA writes, “My foster son and I are opening an immersive West Africa travel experience where culture meets adventure on the border of Ghana and Togo. HKS students and alumni are welcome guests to our program, which provides alternative travel filled with lived experiences in the diverse natural and cultural landscapes of the region. After some delays, by early 2018 we should be ready to open our new home to guests from around the world. During construction, dozens have been trained in new skills. When not hosting guests, our home will serve as a convening space for community members to develop new skills and build their networks.”


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