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One person can make a difference. Give to the HKS Fund. 

Your gift provides immediate resources to keep Harvard Kennedy School growing and innovating. Your commitment ensures that our students’ financial needs are met and that our campus and curriculum are relevant and responsive to a changing world.


“I think if you have benefitted greatly from the School, you owe them something. At the Kennedy School, I was challenged. It was truly transformative.”


“My time at [HKS] was really transformative and made possible by generous financial assistance...I want to help other students much like I was helped.”


“The time I spent at Harvard fully justified my contributions. For me it was a very good fit. It was payback time.”

“I simply wanted to make sure others have the same opportunity I had, and every little bit can help.”

Wendy Pangburn MC/MPA 1986
Colin Jones
Colin Jones MPP 2014

Colin Jones MPP 2014 was able to attend Harvard  Kennedy School only because generous alumni contributed to the HKS Fund, which provided the financial aid Colin needed.



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