Have a profound impact at HKS

Harvard Kennedy School’s Dean's Council comprises leaders from various sectors who believe in improving public policy and public leadership around the globe. Members provide financial support and practical advice that allow the School to advance positive change at the local, state, national, and international levels so people can live in societies that are more safe, free, just, and sustainably prosperous.

Through their annual support, members of the Dean's Council have a profound impact at HKS. Their contributions  help sustain our excellence in teaching and learning, making HKS accessible to promising future leaders regardless of their finances and fueling research that addresses complex public challenges. 

Unrestricted Gifts at Work
  • $25,000 Provides funding for five unpaid summer internships
  • $50,000 Covers the average cost of tuition for an HKS student
  • $100,000 Funds the creation of three new case studies
Meetings of the Dean's Council

One of the many benefits of Dean’s Council membership are invitations to biannual meetings where members have the opportunity to interact with HKS faculty and the dean on timely topics.