fbpx Why the HKS Fund? | Harvard Kennedy School

When you support the HKS Fund, you are providing immediate and flexible resources to enhance our campus, ensure that our students’ financial needs are met, modernize our teaching and curriculum, and invest in new areas that are critical to the School’s future. A gift of any amount...

...is our most powerful source of funding.
In recent years, HKS has relied on unrestricted donations from alumni, friends and other sources to cover nearly 20 percent of our annual operating budget.

...creates opportunity.
The cumulative impact of donors affects the quality and quantity of opportunities we can provide to our students and faculty. In just the past few years, gifts under $5,000 from alumni and friends collectively contributed nearly $2 million to the annual operating budget.

...connects you with the HKS community.
Maintaining this cycle of giving is important to the health of the HKS community and the good that our alumni and scholars do across the globe. When you join HKS’s community of donors, you will have access to special news and events that connect you with the students and faculty who have the potential to transform our world.

Your support will be used in any number of important ways:

Navbahor Imamova MC/MPA 2017
Financial aid recipient Navbahor Imamova MC/MPA 2017.

Financial Aid

The most effective tool we have for attracting the very best students is financial aid. Some of the world’s most talented future leaders, however, are unable to receive Harvard Kennedy School’s exceptional training simply because they cannot afford it. In addition, increased student aid means more students will have the freedom to take on transformative summer internships and pursue careers in public service because their student loan burden will be significantly reduced.

Seed Funding for New Initiatives

The HKS Fund provides flexible dollars that allow us to respond to emerging opportunities, often providing seed funding for initiatives not covered through the endowment or other sources of income. In recent years, HKS Fund donors have played a part in helping to jumpstart digital HKS, which trains leaders to understand and incorporate technology into policymaking and public matters, and the Social Innovation and Change Initiative, aimed at expanding the teaching, research, and practice of social innovation at Harvard Kennedy School.

Campus-based Conferences and Publications

Our students seek to create change from the moment they set foot at the Kennedy School, often initiating conferences and journals covering a wide range of topics. From the annual Black Policy Conference to the annual Kennedy School Review, Kennedy School students are exploring issues, convening leaders, and thoughtfully engaging in the world beyond the classroom.