Volunteer Roles and Opportunities

Harvard Kennedy School alumni community is one of the largest networks of public policy professionals in the world. From presidents to prime ministers, analysts to social entrepreneurs, alumni in the HKS network are helping people around the world live safer, freer, and more prosperous lives. 

Volunteers from the alumni community play a vital role in connecting their classmates with the School. Working with HKS staff members, volunteers facilitate engagement and advance giving opportunities around the world.

Building Community
Alumni Ambassador

Alumni Ambassadors are representatives who live in an area with fewer than 100 HKS alumni. They plan events and communications for their region and work to engage HKS alumni with each other and the School.

Alumni Board

HKS degree-program and executive education alumni are represented by an elected board that comprises 22 volunteer members. These volunteers work to strengthen connections among HKS alumni across the globe by supporting alumni, current students, and the School. Members, who meet twice a year in Cambridge, serve four-year terms. Board committees typically focus on alumni networks, Reunions, alumni awards, elections, communications, and career advancement.

Harvard Alumni Association Board of Directors

The Harvard Alumni Association (HAA) Board of Directors is an advisory board that guides community-building among alumni. The HAA’s Board of Directors primarily focuses on developing volunteer leadership and increasing and deepening alumni engagement through an array of programs that support alumni communities worldwide.

Regional Alumni Networks and Shared Interest Groups

Regional Alumni Networks and Shared Interest Groups are University-recognized groups of 100 or more alumni based on either geographical location (the regional networks) or affinity (the SIGs). These groups engage HKS alumni with each other and the School through a variety of events and communications. Each network and SIG has dedicated leaders who hold various roles (e.g., president, vice president, secretary, treasurer) that manage programming and outreach.


Help plan your Reunion by participating on your class’s Reunion Committee. Reach out to your classmates to encourage them to attend Reunion, organize class-specific events such as meals or outings, and participate in fundraising for your class gift.

Invest in the Future of HKS
Class Representative

Class Representatives serve as class champions who play an essential part in educating other alumni about the pivotal role that annual gifts have in helping the School make a difference in the world and in the lives of the next generations of students. HKS Class Representatives work with the HKS Fund and Alumni Relations teams within the Office of Alumni Relations and Resource Development to increase gifts to the HKS Fund, which supports the School’s most critical need each year, and to identify opportunities for engagement within their class.

HKS Fund Executive Council

The HKS Fund Executive Council fosters alumni engagement and facilitates a culture of giving to the Kennedy School. Members lead efforts to develop a comprehensive volunteer fundraising program while working to increase alumni participation in the HKS Fund.

Graduating Class Gift

The Graduating Class Gift to the HKS Fund provides resources for financial aid, faculty research, and academic programs. Volunteers from each graduating class lead the effort to inform other students about the importance and impact of student and alumni gifts to the HKS Fund in the year leading up to their graduation from Harvard Kennedy School. They also work to secure broad participation from the graduating class. Co-chairs and committee members will gain experience running a fundraising campaign. 

Interact with Current and Prospective Students
Office of Admissions

The Admissions team seeks volunteers who can help find the next generation of talented HKS students. Volunteer opportunities range from hosting newly admitted student events, attending career fairs on behalf of Admissions, and participating on Admission Panels for each degree program.  

Office of Career Advancement

The Office of Career Advancement seeks alumni volunteers to help current students navigate their careers, obtain internships, and more. We search for alumni who are willing to participate in one-on-one career chats and who would like to mentor students by having them shadow them at their jobs. In addition, we appreciate alumni who can attend career fairs on behalf of their companies and participate on alumni panels at networking events.  

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