Below you will find helpful information and resources for this year's program, which will be conducted virtually. 

What is it?
  • Purpose: This initiative provides an opportunity for students to connect virtually with alumni for a 1:1 career session.
  • Dates: Any day between January 1–31, 2024 (“J-Term”). Continuing the discussion beyond the 60-minute call or meeting later in person is at the discretion of the alum and student.
  • Session goals
    • learn about the alum’s professional journey  
    • receive career advice, feedback on a resume, and suggestions on further resources for career exploration  
    • introductions to colleagues in the same or a different department.

How do I find a mentor? For 2024, we are piloting a mentoring software, which will help students connect with alumni who match their professional interests. Through this software, students will be able to book up to two 60-minute sessions, either with the same mentor or two different mentors. 

How do I book a session with a mentor?  Once you setup your mentee profile, you can search for a specific mentor or keyword, filter by sector/industry and areas of expertise—or you can just browse all. Once you select an alum's (mentor's) profile, you can request a one-on-one, 60-minute session, in January based on the mentor's availability as shown in the online portal.

How do I see a mentor's availability to request a session?  If the mentor has availability, those dates will be bolded on the calendar. If no dates are bolded or the times provided don't work for you, please click 'Suggest another time'. Select your date, your time, and you must include a booking message before confirming your request. The booking message should include why you want to meet with the mentor and mention the topics you wish to discuss—that way your mentor can best prepare for the session.

Can the online software help me find a compatible mentor? Yes. If you are having trouble finding a mentor or need assistance, there is an algorithm that can show compatibility based on your professional interests. Please reach out to and we can provide suggestions. 

The software isn't allowing me to book a session with my desired mentor? What does this mean? Requests to mentors for 1:1 sessions are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Mentors can be booked for up two 60-minute sessions. If the mentor is fully booked with other students, then the software will not permit you to book a session.

Will I meet with my mentor in person? No. This is a virtual program that allows students to easily meet with alumni from around the globe.

What is the value in this program—Is it worth my time? This unique opportunity gives students the chance to get to know alumni one-on-one, learn from their experiences, and gain career insights. In the past, some student-alumni matches have led to long-lasting professional relationships and even job opportunities for students.  

Does this last the entire January-term, like an internship? No, the shadowing experience is meant to be a one-on-one connection. Continuing the discussion beyond the 60-minute call or meeting later in person is at the discretion of the mentor and mentee.  

Who are the alumni mentors and where can I learn more about them? Mentors will be visible on the mentoring software, where students can view their profiles and sort by industries. 

Can I be matched with more than one mentor or mentee? Yes, students can book up to two different one-on-one sessions with alumni. Mentors, you can be matched with up to two students.  

When do sign ups begin for students? The registration period for students will begin on November 30, 2023.