Alumni: Share your career and engage with current students.

Alumni from around the world connect with students during the January term. Participating students will have an opportunity to book one-on-one virtual sessions with alumni, where they can learn about their host’s organization, career, post-HKS experience, and gain helpful career advice and guidance. This opportunity has proven to be very valuable and enjoyable for alumni and students alike. 

A year after he graduated from HKS, Craig Altemose MPP/JD 2010 opened the doors of Better Future Project (BFP) to Cate Fox-Lent MC/MPA 2019 during her winter break as part of the Kennedy School’s annual Career Shadowing Initiative.

Students: Connect with alumni and learn about their careers

What is the annual career shadowing initiative?

Goal: This initiative provides an opportunity for students to connect virtually with alumni to learn about their career paths after HKS

Dates: Any day between January 1–31, 2024 (“J-Term”). Continuing the discussion beyond the 60-minute call or meeting later in person is at the discretion of the alum and student .

Activities might include

  • a one-on-one meeting virtual meeting to learn about the alum’s professional journey  
  • a one-on-one virtual meeting to receive career advice, feedback on a resume, and suggestions on further resources for career exploration 
  • observing a virtual staff or client meeting  
  • introductions and virtual meetings with colleagues in the same or a different department.

Do you have more questions about the Career Shadowing process? Visit our FAQ page.

Organized by Alumni Relations and Resource Development, the Office of Career Advancement, and the Kennedy School Student Government.