CAMBRIDGE, MA — The Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, located at the Harvard Kennedy School, is pleased to announce our upcoming symposium: Technology & Human Rights.

The Symposium will be chaired by Carr Center’s Senior Fellow Steven Livingston, a Professor of Media and Public Affairs and International Affairs with appointments in the School of Media and Public Affairs and the Elliott School of International Affairs at the George Washington University.

The Technology & Human Rights Symposium, hosted at Harvard Kennedy School on November 3rd and 4th, aims to strengthen technical collaboration among stakeholders working on issues at the intersection of human rights and technology. It will also help highlight key theoretical developments in human rights work. The symposium is organized around three technical clusters and the communities of practice that have emerged around them. These clusters are:

  • Geospatial Technology: The use of remote sensing satellites, geographical information systems (GIS), drones and geographical positioning satellites (GPS) and receivers to track and record human rights violations.
  • Digital Networks: The use of digital platforms to link individuals in different locations working towards a common goal, such as monitoring digital traces of human rights violations around the world.
  • Forensic: Recoding material objects, including human remains, into binary code. This domain includes Next-Generation DNA sequencing technologies as well as document scanning and data management technologies.

Through the symposium, the Carr Center will create a better understanding of how digital technologies affect investigations into potential human rights abuses and war crimes. Participants will develop increased understanding of the capabilities, limitations and points of common purpose found in these technologies. 


Thursday and Friday, November 3rd and 4th, 2016
Carr Center for Human Rights Policy
Allison Dining Room, Taubman Building, 79 JFK Street, Cambridge MA 02138


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