Harvard Kennedy School Academic Dean Iris Bohnet, the Albert Pratt Professor of Business and Government, has announced a series of faculty appointments, promotions, and renewals. The following changes were effective July 1:

Joseph Aldy, Professor of Practice 

Joseph Aldy is the HKS Regulatory Policy Program faculty chair, an RFF university fellow, an NBER faculty research fellow, and a CSIS senior adviser. He focuses on climate change policy, energy policy, and regulatory policy. In 2009-2010, he served as the special assistant to the president for energy and environment at the White House. He holds degrees from Duke (BA and MEM) and Harvard (PhD).

Marcella Alsan, Professor

Prior to coming to HKS, Marcella Alsan MD, MPH, PhD, was on the faculty at Stanford. Her research concerns the relationship between health and socioeconomic disparities with a focus on infectious disease. She received a BA in cognitive neuroscience from Harvard, an MPH from Harvard School of Public Health, a medical degree from Loyola, and a PhD in economics from Harvard.

Sara Bleich, Professor (CAT C)

Sara Bleich is a professor of public health policy at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health. Her research provides evidence to support policy alternatives for obesity prevention and control. Sara was appointed as a White House Fellow (2015-2016). She holds degrees from Columbia (BA, psychology) and Harvard (PhD, health policy).

Lauren Brodsky, Lecturer 

Lauren Brodsky teaches courses on policy analysis and writing. Previously, Lauren taught at Northeastern, Tufts, SUNY Albany, and Skidmore. Lauren was the manager of the Diplomatic Training Programs of the Fletcher School at Tufts. Lauren holds a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and an MALD and PhD from the Fletcher School.

Arthur Brooks, Professor of Practice

Arthur Brooks is a social scientist working on management and leadership. Previously, he was president of the American Enterprise Institute. He will jointly serve as a senior fellow at HBS. An author (most recently, “Love your Enemies”) and classical musician, he was on the faculty of Syracuse University and holds a PhD from the Rand Graduate School.

Will Dobbie, Professor 

Will Dobbie’s research focuses on the causes and consequences of poverty in the United States. He is a recipient of a Sloan Research Fellowship, as well as the Jonathan Edwards Bicentennial Preceptorship at Princeton. He holds a PhD from Harvard in public policy and a BA in economics from Kalamazoo College. He joins HKS from Princeton University.

Gordon Hanson, Professor 

Gordon Hanson’s research identifies the impact of immigration and international trade on the U.S. labor market. He also studies economic geography and urban issues. Gordon has held faculty positions at UCSD, Michigan, and UT Austin, and holds degrees from Occidental College (BA, economics) and MIT (PhD, economics). He joins HKS from UCSD.
Jorrit de Jong, Senior Lecturer 

Jorrit de Jong is the faculty director of the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative and of the Innovations in Government Program at the Ash Center. His work focuses on strategic management, collaborative governance and public sector innovation. Jorrit holds a PhD in public policy and management (VU Amsterdam), an MA in public administration (Leiden), and an MA in philosophy (Leiden).
Juliette Kayyem, Senior Lecturer 

Juliette Kayyem is the faculty chair of the Homeland Security and the Security and Global Health projects at Harvard Kennedy School. A former assistant secretary at U.S Department of Homeland Security, she focuses on risk reduction, homeland security, and crisis management. She is also an on-air analyst for CNN. She holds an AB and JD from Harvard.

Julia Minson, Associate Professor 

Julia Minson is a social psychologist with interests in conflict, negotiations, and decision-making. Her research addresses the “psychology of disagreement”: How do people engage with opinions and perspectives that are different from their own? Prior to the Kennedy School, Julia served as a lecturer at the Wharton School. She received her PhD from Stanford and her BA from Harvard.

Leah Wright Rigueur, Associate Professor 

Leah Wright Rigueur is an expert on 20th-century U.S. political and social history and modern African American history, with an emphasis on race, political ideology, American political institutions, and the American presidency. She is the author of “The Loneliness of the Black Republican,” and is working on her new book project, “Mourning in America: Black Men in a White House.” She holds degrees in history from Dartmouth (BA) and Princeton (MA and PhD).

Maya Sen, Professor 

Maya Sen is a political scientist working on the political economy of U.S. race relations, law and politics, and statistical methods. She is the author of “Deep Roots: How Slavery Still Shapes Southern Politics,” and is working on her new book on how American courts become politicized. Sen holds a PhD (political science), an AM (statistics), and an AB (economics) from Harvard, and a JD from Stanford Law School.

Robert Wilkinson, Lecturer 

Robert Wilkinson teaches negotiation and leadership. Rob has consulted for clients such as IBM, ExxonMobil, Deloitte, the IMF, the UN, and the White House. Previously, he worked overseas for 15 years on numerous international projects. Rob holds degrees in materials science and engineering from Stanford and MIT.