Harvard Kennedy School has announced a set of faculty appointments, promotions, and renewals. The following changes are effective July 1:


New Faculty

Deirdre Bloome, Professor

Deirdre Bloome is a sociologist utilizing demographic and statistical techniques to understand how patterns of social stratification are produced and reproduced. Her current research covers the relationships among economic inequality, mobility, and insecurity, the evolution of racial inequality in income and family structure, and statistical methods for characterizing population heterogeneity. She was a member of our Multidisciplinary Program in Inequality and Social Policy, holds a PhD in sociology and social policy as well as an AM in statistics from Harvard University. She joins HKS from the University of Michigan. 


Sharad Goel, Professor

Sharad Goel is an applied mathematician who looks at public policy through the lens of computer science, bringing a computational perspective to a range of issues, including democratic processes, policing, discrimination and machine learning. He is the founder and faculty director of the Stanford Computational Policy Lab. Prior to joining Stanford, he worked at Microsoft Research. Sharad holds a BS in mathematics from the University of Chicago, as well as a master’s degree in computer science and PhD in applied mathematics from Cornell University. He joins HKS from Stanford University. 


Faculty Promotions and Renewals

Dara Kay Cohen, Professor

Dara Kay Cohen is a political scientist whose research spans the field of international relations, including international security, civil war and the dynamics of violence, and gender and conflict. Her first book, Rape During Civil War, examines the variation in the use of rape during recent civil conflicts. Dara’s second book, Lynching and Local Justice: Legitimacy and Accountability in Weak States, draws on original data collected in Haiti. She received an AB in political science and philosophy from Brown University and a PhD in political science from Stanford University. 


Pinar Doğan, Senior Lecturer

Pınar Doğan is an economist whose research focuses on industrial organization, regulation and competition policy. She is an Associate Editor of Information Economics. Prior to joining the HKS faculty in 2005, she taught at Koç University and was a visiting scholar at École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications, and at Public Utility Research Center in Florida. Recently, she was a visitor at the School of Social Science at the Institute for Advanced Study. She received a master’s degree in mathematical economics and PhD in economics from University of Toulouse, France. 


Nancy Gibbs, Professor of Practice

Nancy Gibbs is an expert on the press and politics and the Director of the Shorenstein Center. Formerly, she was Editor in Chief of TIME. During her three decades at TIME, she covered four presidential campaigns and is the author of more cover stories than any writer in TIME’s history. Co-author of two bestselling presidential histories, Nancy also served as a consultant to CBS News and an essayist for PBS News Hour. She received a BA in history from Yale University and a master’s degree in politics and philosophy from Oxford University. 


Eric Rosenbach, Lecturer

Eric Rosenbach is a national security and cybersecurity expert and Co-Director of the Belfer Center. He previously served as the Pentagon’s Chief of Staff and Assistant Secretary of Defense for Global Security, leading all aspects of the Department’s cyber activities and key areas of defense policy. Eric is a former Army intelligence officer and Commander of a telecommunications intelligence unit. He has co-authored several books on national security and was a Fulbright Scholar. He earned a BA from Davidson College, a JD from Georgetown University, and an MPP from HKS. 


Teddy Svoronos, Lecturer

Teddy Svoronos is an expert in integrating technology and pedagogy and works to replicate the dynamics of small classes on a large scale. He develops online courses and blended learning offerings to teach residential students and civil servants abroad. Teddy is a Faculty Lead of HKS’ online Public Leadership Credential, the Faculty Director of Training at Evidence for Policy Design, and cofounder of Teachly, a web application focused on creating effective and inclusive learning environments. Teddy holds an MPH from Columbia University and a PhD in health policy from Harvard University.