CAMBRIDGE, MA – Where will the jobs of the future come from?  What should we do about growing inequality?  How do we prevent the next financial crisis?  After months of culling the most compelling scholarship from around Harvard University, the Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business & Government (M-RCBG) has launched, a website showcasing the work of Harvard faculty in addressing these questions. The site provides a carefully reviewed collection of what Harvard scholars are saying about the causes and cures for the most pressing challenges to economic opportunity and growth.

“The depth and breadth of material at serves as a valuable source of Harvard-based scholarship in an increasingly global economy,” announced John Haigh, co-director of the Center and executive dean of Harvard Kennedy School (HKS). “Our goal in bringing this research together is to inform debate about the role of policy in achieving shared, sustainable prosperity, and to make this work easily accessible to decision-makers outside the university for greatest impact.” currently has more than 1,300 entries, including research papers, op-eds, blogs, videos and books, with new content being added daily. The listings are from economists, lawyers, political scientists, historians, sociologists and educators from across the University. Recent posts include everything from a report on inclusive prosperity and a review of eight centuries of financial crises to a video on the slowdown in China’s growth and a book on African development.

Several hundred entries come from HKS faculty members, including Lawrence Summers (Director of M-RCBG), Ed Glaeser, Carmen Reinhart, Ricardo Hausmann, Richard Zeckhauser and Rohini Pande. “This is an important resource for anyone interested in learning more about some of the greatest challenges facing the U.S. and global economies, commented Jeffrey Frankel, who has more than 40 listings on the site. “Having all of this research in one place will benefit policymakers, students and academics alike.”

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