Cambridge, MA—Three Harvard Kennedy School research centers are cited as among the best university-affiliated think tanks in the world.

The Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, and the Center for International Development (CID) are among those named in the latest edition of the “Global Go To Think Tank Index Report,” produced annually for the past decade by James McGann, director of the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program (TTCSP) at the University of Pennsylvania’s Lauder Institute.

The Belfer Center tops the list of all university-affiliated think tanks, while CID ranks number six in this year’s Index. The Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation is also ranked on the list.

The Index compiles information from approximately 7,800 think tanks. More than 4,000 journalists, policy makers, public and private donors, and functional and regional area specialists participated in this year’s TTSCP think tank index survey.

“We are honored and delighted to again receive this important recognition for the work we do at Ash,” said Ash Center Director Anthony Saich, Daewoo Professor of International Affairs. “I never cease to be impressed by the commitment of the Ash community to making the world a better place, and its dedication to advancing the important work of the Center.”

“The Belfer Center is home to a remarkable community of scholars, students, and staff driven by a common mission to build a more secure, peaceful world,” said Belfer Center Director Ash Carter, Belfer Professor of Technology and Global Affairs. “I am proud that the impact of our efforts to train the next generation of leaders and advance policy-relevant knowledge at the intersection of science and international affairs is recognized around the world.”

“As a center of modest size, we are honored to be listed alongside these distinguished institutions every year,” said CID Director Ricardo Hausmann, Professor of the Practice of Economic Development. “This recognition further drives our diverse team of faculty, fellows, and staff as we continue to research, implement, and iterate theories and practices aimed at advancing inclusive growth and prosperity around the world.”

The Ash Center seeks to advance excellence and innovation in governance and public policy through research, education, and public discussion through its three main programmatic pillars focusing on democratic governance, government innovations, and Asia studies through the Rajawali Foundation Institute for Asia. The Belfer Center’s programs and projects address critical issues relating to cybersecurity, nuclear proliferation and terrorism, and relationships with Russia, China, and the Middle East, as well as challenges surrounding energy and climate change. CID focuses its work on resolving the dilemmas of public policy associated with generating stable, shared, and sustainable prosperity in developing countries. Its programs include Building State Capability, Evidence for Policy Design, and the Growth Lab.


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