Seeking 'The Good'

Inquiries into community, culture, & society 

The Leadership & Happiness Laboratory is excited to announce Seeking ‘The Good’, a yearlong series of monthly inquiries into community, culture, & society.  

‘The Form of the Good,’ a Platonic ideal, is the origin of knowledge. Plato argues that only from ‘the Good’—a perfect, eternal, and changeless idea—can justice and truth derive value. As imperfect people, it is a concept that will always be just beyond our grasp, but also one that must be sought after if we hope for a better world. In this new journal, the Lab intends to inquire about problems and propose solutions with this ideal top of mind. 

This year’s collection of essays will comment on remedies to America’s political malaise, how leadership is entwined with pain (and meaning), how to buoy up workplace culture, when conflict is beneficial, and more. It is our hope that Seeking ‘The Good’ will provide the basis for leaders of families, businesses, and political parties to unite in a shared vision of goodness. Only in seeking can we move forward together. 

Read the Seeking 'The Good' series below:

September 2023: Public leaders should build a culture based on compassion, not confrontation
November 2023: Great Leaders are Happiness Teachers