The Carr Center invites individuals dedicated to advancing human rights through scholarship or practice to apply for a year-long fellowship.

Whether you're a post-doc, scholar, academic on sabbatical, human rights defender, senior leader in international organizations, or head of a human rights organization, we want you to be part of a cohort where fellows can form valuable intellectual partnerships to support their work. Ideal candidates actively invest time and energy in building a community with fellow cohort members.

We encourage fellows to actively participate in the Center's programs, such as public lectures, study groups, conferences, workshops, and more.

Due to a high volume of applications, please refrain from contacting us directly. Fellowship opportunities are time-limited and do not lead to faculty or staff positions. All nominations undergo review by the Dean of Harvard Kennedy School.

Applications are now closed for all of the Carr Center's 2024–25 fellowship cohorts. Please check back in Spring 2025 for information on applying for a 2025–26 cohort.


Our Fellowships


The Carr Center welcomes applications from individuals seeking to affiliate for a year as Fellows. Fellows can be post-docs, scholars, academics on sabbatical, human rights defenders, senior leaders in international organizations, or heads of human rights organizations. 


The Technology and Human Rights Fellowship is part of the Carr Center’s project to examine how technological advances over the next several decades will affect the future of human life, as well as the protections provided by the human rights framework.


The Racial Justice Fellowship focuses on reimagining systems, institutions, and movements to promote racial and economic equity for all, and strengthens discourse connecting domestic civil rights to global human rights frameworks.