Justice Matters teams up with the team from Declarations: The Human Rights Pocast to interview New York Times Senior Story Producer, Malachy Browne


Join us for this special episode of Justice Matters, produced in collaboration with Declarations: The Human Rights Podcast. In this episode, we interview Malachy Browne, Senior Story Producer at the New York Times. Malachy focuses on visual and open source investigations.

Do we live in a “post-truth” world? How does information shape national and international politics? Can we fact-check reliably in the social media age, and can we imagine a future where such standards can be enforced online? These are some of the questions we’ll be grappling with in this episode.

Malachy’s led investigations from Yemen to the refugee camp known as the “Calais” jungle, and he’s a leader in using open-source digital techniques to verify social media stories – work that gets right to the heart of today’s episode.

Declarations Podcast is a show about human rights coming to you every week from the Cambridge Centre of Governance and Human Rights. This episode features Declaration's Matthew Mahmoudi and Max Curtis.