• Carr Center for Human Rights Policy


Annual ReportThe past year has brought to light many of the challenges we still face in advancing and evolving the human rights landscape. The continued conflict between Russia and Ukraine; closing civic space and attacks against media freedom throughout the African continent; the dire situation for women’s rights in Afghanistan and Iran; racial injustices across the United States; and the birth of ChatGPT and the subsequent re-envisioning of how AI will forever alter our lives—these events are only a small subset of radical recent changes that have made worldwide human rights advocacy and research more important than ever.

Our 2022-2023 annual report highlights the Carr Center’s growing research and programming efforts over the past year to encourage and ensure a future of more robust worldwide human rights policies. Our latest research, publications, books, podcast episodes, and webinars over the course of the year—created in tandem with our faculty, fellows, and Harvard Kennedy School students—have reached hundreds of thousands of people in over 160 countries, widening the Carr Center’s positive impact in the global human rights policy sphere. To learn more about what the Carr Center accomplished during the 2022-2023 academic year, click the link above.


Carr Center Human Rights for Policy. 9/14/2021. Carr Center Annual Report: 2020-2021. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Kennedy School.