• Allissa Richardson


surveillance camIn her latest article for Foreign Policy, Carr Center Exectuive Director Sushma Raman warns that without adequate public oversight, technology in policing could result in Black people being surveilled and controlled even further.

“Of course, technology could be a tool for racial reckoning. The author Allissa Richardson has spoken of the phenomenon of “Black witnessing,” whereby Black people use smartphones to capture, document, and livestream for the world to see the truth behind modern-day lynchings at the hands of police and armed white vigilantes. Advocacy groups from the American Civil Liberties Union to the Electronic Frontier Foundation have likewise called for Americans to exercise their First Amendment “right to record.”

But as cities, municipalities, and other places shuffle funds away from police departments and potentially invest in technological solutions instead, they will need to address underlying systems, inputs, laws, and policies to make sure those solutions don’t just reinforce racism.”

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