HKS Affiliated Authors

Additional Authors:

  • Helen Clapp


HKS Professor Kathryn Sikkink and Research Coordinator Helen Clapp examine the origins and impact of feminist foreign policies in the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs.

The article explores whether the Global North uses feminist foreign policies (FFPs) to impose their values on the Global South and if such policies can enhance gender justice. Using evidence from their new global data set of transitional justice mechanisms, the authors argue that countries with FFPs do not impose gender-attentive transitional justice on other countries. Rather, FFPs should be viewed both as an expression of a commitment to internal gender-attentive policies and a willingness to support and fund these policies abroad.

Kathryn Sikkink is the Ryan Family Professor of Human Rights Policy at the HKS and a Principal Investigator of the Transitional Justice Evaluation Team (TJET); Helen Clapp is the Research Coordinator for TJET. 

Read the full article here.