• Kenneth Roth


ken rothHKS Carr Center Senior Fellow and former Human Rights Watch Executive Director Kenneth Roth will join Princeton’s School of Public and International Affairs as a visiting professor for the upcoming academic year.

Roth will complete his fellowship at Harvard Kennedy School, which concludes at the end of the fall semester, during his first semester at Princeton. “Although I will have overlapping responsibilities next fall, I will do what I can to spend time at Harvard,” he added. Roth is looking forward to becoming a professor; while he has a great deal of experience lecturing at universities and teaching individual classes, this will be the first time in his career that he will be teaching full courses.

Roth will return to HKS mid-April to host a variety of speaking engagements, interact with students, and be “actively involved with the Harvard community. The following lectures by Ken Roth (all moderated by Mathias Risse, Faculty Director, Carr Center for Human Rights Policy) are open for advance registration for anyone with a Harvard ID: April 17 Addressing China’s repression at home and attacks on human rights mechanisms abroad April 19 Addressing Russian support for war crimes in Syria, a prelude to Ukraine April 20 Working through the United Nations, despite its difficulties, to defend human rights.

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