• Carr Center for Human Rights Policy


cover art for carr center discussion paperThe global pandemic has brought to the forefront the human rights issues that millions of us struggle with each day, from economic inequality and racial discrimination to the rise of authoritarianism and the threat of new technology and rampant disinformation. 

To mark International Human Rights Day, the Carr Center is looking ahead to 2022 and identifying the top four areas of concern to improve and protect our human rights: discrimination and racial inequality; impoverishment and economic inequality; accountability and authoritarianism; and technology and artificial intelligence. Throughout this publication, a number of Carr Center affiliates have commented on these themes, identifying the main areas or challenges that must be focused on in 2022 to lay the groundwork for a better world where human rights are made central to our everyday lives.


Carr Center Human Rights for Policy. 12/10/2021. Looking Ahead: Human Rights Priorities in 2022. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Kennedy School.