publication cover image with satellite dishes"The ethical impacts of technology can be understood, in part, by examining how it bears on human rights."

In this discussion paper by Matthew MacDonald, Technology & Human Rights Fellow ('22-'23), he discusses the dangers of new technology, misinformation, and how they intersect with human rights. "...It is possible for rights to evolve over time, and for new rights to emerge, in response to changes in the “systematicity” of significant hazards. Hateful misinformation is one hazard which is growing increasingly systematic as a result of technologically-driven changes to the infosystem. This motivates carefully re-examining the limits of an established right (the right to free speech), and seriously evaluating the case for a new right (a distinctive right against misinformation)," he writes.


Matthew MacDonald. 2/27/2024. “Rights, Systematicity, and Misinformation”. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Kennedy School.