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Carr Center Discussion Paper Series | 2023-02
Rapid advances in AI have created a global sense of urgency around the ways that automated systems are changing human lives. Not all of these changes are necessarily for the…
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Carr Center Discussion Paper | 2023-05
Breaking from big tech, civic activists, and human rights advocates working with technology are envisioning data, platforms and intelligent systems aligned with pluralism and…
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Rights and the Pandemic — Atlanta Town Hall
In the third of a series of focus groups sponsored by the Reimagining Rights and Responsibilities Project, Atlanta area residents gathered virtually to discuss issues of…
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Erica Chenoweth
How to Stop a Power Grab
According to Erica Chenoweth, there is no one, single moment when a country crosses from a democracy into an autocracy. Instead, as she tells The New Yorker, "The norms and…
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Carr Center Discussion Paper Series | 2023-04
The exacerbation of racial inequality through the design of technologies remains an understated way in which the evolution of digital technologies impacts our human rights. As we…
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Mathias Risse
Carr Center Discussion Paper | 2023-03
In 2021 the Saami Council asked Harvard to suspend research related to stratospheric aerosol injections, a form of geoengineering. Their intervention raises far-reaching questions…