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Working to understand the dynamics of growth and to translate those insights into more effective policymaking.

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Conducting research with policymakers – frequently at scale – to build a direct road to impact.

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Researching new strategies and tactics to build the capability of public organizations.

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Faculty and fellows are conducting research projects in 26 countries

#2 ranked university think tank in the world

Rohini Pande Honored by the American Economic Association

Professor Rohini Pande, Rafik Hariri Professor of International Political Economy at Harvard Kennedy School and Co-Director of Evidence for Policy Design, will be honored by the American Economic Association for advancing the status of women in economics. 

Download the PDIAtoolkit

Our Building State Capability team has developed the PDIAtoolkit - designed to guide you through the process of solving complex problems which requires working in teams. We call it a Do-it-Yourself (DIY) kit, where the ‘you’ is a committed team of 4-6 people mobilized to work together to solve a complex problem that cannot be solved by one person.

New Service Export Data Visuals Offer Pathways to Growth

The Atlas of Economic Complexity now features trade in services, including tourism, transport, finance, and telecom for over 170 countries. This marks the first known platform to offer services trade data visualized alongside goods trade. Learn more and explore.

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