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Researching new strategies and tactics to assist public organizations struggling with incomplete or ineffective policy implementation.

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The Growth Lab works to understand the dynamics of growth and to translate those insights into more effective policymaking in developing countries. We place increased economic diversity and complexity at the center of the development story and uncover how countries move into industries that offer increased productivity.

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Evidence for Policy Design (EPoD) conducts development economics research, training, and policy outreach.  We aim to improve lives by designing, testing and enabling better policies worldwide. We work closely with policymakers to solve some of the most pressing policy problems through innovation, testing and iteration at all stages of solution development.




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Faculty and fellows are conducting research projects in 32 countries


Q&A on COVID-19 with Development Economist Rema Hanna

In a recent interview, EPoD's Faculty Director Rema Hanna discusses the economic impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak. She comments on the particularly devastating effects of a pandemic, such as the novel coronavirus, for developing countries. Rema's research revolves around improving the provision of public services in developing and emerging nations, particularly for the very poor.

The Center for International Development was proud to host Nobel Laureate and CID Faculty Advisory Council member Michael Kremer for a public Q&A event with over 250 Harvard students on Tuesday, November 5th in Harvard Commons. This event follows Michael's 2019 Nobel Prize in Economics, along with our dear MIT colleagues Esther Duflo and Abhijit Banerjee

Announcing: Country Profiles

The Atlas of Economic Complexity – the Growth Lab’s powerful data visualization tool – is proud to introduce Country Profiles. This new platform takes users on an interactive journey through the economic structure and dynamic growth patterns of more than 130 countries. Powered by a decade of research, the platform generates 10 unique data visualizations per country and easily identifies what new industries are poised for growth. 

A Message from the Director

Asim Ijaz Khwaja is the new faculty director of the Center for International Development. 

In this message, Khwaja shares his personal journey and explains how it guides his values, research, teaching, and ultimately, his vision for CID. 


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