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Housed at the Harvard Kennedy School, CID works across Harvard University and a global network of researchers and practitioners to build, convene, and deploy talent to address the world’s most pressing challenges.


“Growing in a Green World”

Global Empowerment Meeting (GEM23), “Growing in a Green World” will take place on May 10-11, 2023. 

The meeting will explore different dimensions of climate change, with a particular lens on both challenges and opportunities emerging from developing countries who are on the frontlines of a warming planet. 

CID Global Internship Program

This program provides funded international development internship and training opportunities for Harvard students. Students gain the opportunity to build their capacity to use economic evidence and to provide students with a toolkit to make meaningful contributions to development projects. Applications are now open. 

CID's Research Programs

Building State Capability (BSC) researches new strategies and tactics to assist public organizations struggling with incomplete or ineffective policy implementation.


Evidence for Policy Design (EPoD) conducts development economics research, training, and policy outreach.  We aim to improve lives by designing, testing and enabling better policies worldwide. 


At the Growth Lab, we push the frontiers of economic growth and development policy research, collaborate with policymakers to design actions, and share our insights through teaching, tools and publications, in the pursuit of inclusive prosperity.

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