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GEM23: Growing in a Green World will take place on May 10-11, 2023 at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA. 

This year, the meeting will explore different dimensions of climate change, with a particular lens on both challenges and opportunities emerging from developing countries who are on the frontlines of a warming planet. The overarching emphasis will be on action so that we can have pathways to pursue evidence-driven solutions together.

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EPoD SPDi Methodology

Evidence for Policy Design (EPoD) conducts development economics research, training, and policy outreach.  We aim to improve lives by designing, testing and enabling better policies worldwide. We work closely with policymakers to solve some of the most pressing policy problems through innovation, testing and iteration at all stages of solution development.

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State Capability

Researching new strategies and tactics to assist public organizations struggling with incomplete or ineffective policy implementation.

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Income Ratio

At the Growth Lab, we push the frontiers of economic growth and development policy research, collaborate with policymakers to design actions, and share our insights through teaching, tools and publications, in the pursuit of inclusive prosperity.

Global Empowerment Meeting Highlights

On April 28th and 29th, CID and the Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy co-hosted CID’s flagship annual Global Empowerment Meeting (GEM22). Top business leaders, policymakers, and academics came together in this two-day in-person conference to discuss the theme of GEM22, “Healing an Unequal World”. While the two days brought to stark relief the pervasive issue of inequality in each facet of humanity, they also allowed for reflection and convening towards change.  

New Economic Complexity Country Rankings & 2030 Growth Projections

China, Vietnam, Uganda, Indonesia, and India are projected to be among the fastest-growing economies to 2030, according to researchers at the Growth Lab. Presented in the Atlas of Economic Complexity, the release provides the first detailed look at 2020 trade data, including major disruptions to tourism and transport vehicle exports from the global pandemic.

Key takeaways from CID's Beyond COVID seminar and podcast series

As a culmination of CID's Beyond COVID series, we compiled key takeaways that help to guide our continued focus on pandemic recovery for inclusive prosperity. This series brought together practitioners and faculty experts in development to engage in productive conversations on how to use pandemic lessons to create more resilient systems for the future. 

Announcing EPoD's Evidence Corps Internship Program 2022

CID's EPoD is launching the Evidence Corps internship program in 2022, which will provide funded international development internship and training opportunities for Harvard students. The aim of the program is to build students’ capacity to use economic evidence and to provide students with a toolkit to make meaningful contributions to development projects.

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