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A Message from the Director

CID’s aspiration is not only to reduce poverty, but also to create a world of givers. We aim to build a world where all can thrive—where each person has what they need to reach their full potential and can join in impacting the world together

CID Director Asim I. Khwaja

Incredible progress has been made throughout the world in recent years. However, globalization has failed to deliver on its promises. As problems like unequal access to education and healthcare, environmental degradation, and stretched finances persist, we must continue building on decades of transformative development work.

The Center for International Development (CID) is a university-wide center based at the Harvard Kennedy School that seeks to solve these pressing development problems—and many more.

At CID, we believe leveraging global talent is the key to enabling development for all. We teach to build capacity, conduct research that guides development policy, and convene talent to advance ideas for a thriving world. Addressing today’s challenges to international development also requires bridging academic expertise with practitioner experience. Through collaborative, in-country partnerships, CID’s research programs, faculty, and students deploy an analytical framework and context-dependent approaches to tackle development problems from all angles, in every region of the globe.

Research at CID is conducted by our 100+ faculty affiliates at Harvard and beyond, including three distinct programs within CID: