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CID’s aspiration is not only to reduce poverty, but also to create a world of givers. We aim to build a world where all can thrive — where each person has what they need to reach their full potential and can join in impacting the world together.

2CID Annual Report020 was for CID—as it was for much of the world — a year of tragedy and setbacks. As the COVID-19 pandemic spread, development challenges continued to mount on the world’s most vulnerable, low-income countries in which we work. But 2020 was also a year of resilience and adaptation. In the face of shutdowns, our teams quickly found innovative solutions to keep advancing our mission. We worked with governments and in-country partners around the world to respond creatively and effectively to real-time policy issues. We rapidly pivoted our degree program and executive education courses using digital tools and strategies to continue building development expertise for today and the future. And we continued magnifying these critical issues through online events and conferences. I remain in awe of the CID community’s capacity to respond to the compounding challenges of the pandemic. I am grateful for our three research programs Building State Capability, Evidence for Policy Design, and the Growth Lab; our Global Development Council (GDC) members; our faculty; staff; students, and the broader community for their resilience, response, and support in these challenging times. Even as this year has exacerbated many of the development challenges we’ve been working for decades to solve, it also offers an opportunity. This crisis has highlighted key issues in development and signaled the incredible potential that innovation has to respond to them. Right now, we have an opportunity to revolutionize the discourse of development, rethinking both ongoing and new development challenges. In the year ahead, we will continue to push forward as we use analytical and evidence-based tools to find creative solutions and work with governments and organizations around the world to test and implement them. No matter what 2021 will bring, CID’s goal remains the same: to build a world where all can thrive—where each person has what they need to reach their full potential and can join in impacting the world together. 


Asim I. KhwajaAsim I. Khwaja

Director, Center for International Development & Sumitomo-FASID Professor of International Finance and Development


Harvard CID's 2020 Annual Report
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