CID Student Research Publications Assistant (PhD Student)

CID at Harvard University is hiring a part-time (10-14hr/week) Research Publications Assistant to support with tagging CID publications for our new Publications Database. CID’s Publications Database is a powerful new tool that brings together all international development research of CID’s faculty affiliates and offers faculty, practitioners, and students a one-stop shop for finding international development research at Harvard. Learn more and apply.


CID Visiting Researcher Program

This new initiative welcomes PhD and Post-Doc researchers to pursue their research in residence at Harvard Kennedy School. Current opportunities open for Post-Doc researchers, closing on Thursday, December 14, 2023. Learn More and Apply.


EPoD Research Fellows Program

EPoD fellowships are geared towards researchers planning to join a PhD program after their term and grant them a period to collaborate closely with EPoD faculty on a specific research project, and gain experience in microeconomic research methods including research design, and data collection and analysis. In addition, the program often gives participants potential opportunities to travel to developing countries and gain hands-on research experience in the field. Learn More and Apply.


Front-End Developer, Growth Lab

The person in this role will be tasked with building, enhancing, and maintaining the front-end codebase of Growth Lab’s flagship tools, The Atlas of Economic Complexity and Metroverse. They will also work with a wide assortment of interesting data sets to build brand new, innovative tools at the Lab. Learn More and Apply


Growth Lab Fellow Program

Research Fellows 2024

Under the guidance of Ricardo Hausmann, affiliated professors throughout Harvard, and senior researchers at the Growth Lab, Research Fellows contribute significantly to our core research agenda while collaborating with government leaders and development practitioners in the field to apply research to policy problems. Deadline Friday, December 15, 2023. Learn More and Apply


Growth Lab Postdoctoral Fellow

Responsibilities include conducting research related to the Growth Lab’s research agenda in collaboration with team members intended for publication in top-ranking academic journals; commenting, discussing, and supporting research conducted by team members and visiting scholars. Learn More and Apply