Monterrey, Mexico - On October 18-19, 2022, Center for International Development (CID) Faculty Director Asim Khwaja and Executive Director Fatema Sumar, joined virtually by CID Faculty Affiliate Gordon Hanson, met with business and community leaders, academics, political figures, Harvard Kennedy School alumni, and CID Global Development Council (GDC) members in Monterrey, Mexico. During the visit, the CID delegation explored how researchers and practitioners can work together at local levels to address pressing development issues. Through these meetings, they sought to better understand the opportunities for identifying the policies that have hurt and those that have helped close persistent development gaps in Mexico.   

Hosted by GDC members Jesus Viejo and Armando Garza Sada, the trip included a visit with mayors from Monterrey to exchange ideas on municipal policy and inter-municipal collaboration. 

In a round table led by Ana Fernanda Hierro, Technical Secretary at Consejo Nuevo León para la Planeación Estratégica, the CID delegation discussed issues facing women and girls in Monterrey and greater Nuevo Leon, including violence, education, access to jobs, and institutional and cultural barriers.  

The CID delegation then visited the Universidad de Monterrey to hear from students and university leadership on initiatives underway including a Master Class taught by  Hanson with over 200 top students. CID also had the privilege to share their research agenda with university economics students at the Tecnológico de Monterrey and deliver a Master Class by Khwaja on systems approaches to education. 

The CID delegation concluded the trip by joining the traditional annual Gala for Harvard Alumni at the Club Harvard de Monterrey, where Dr. Khwaja delivered the keynote speech. They were able to join in celebrating the recipients of the Harvard Book Prize and Scholarship Award for three junior high school students and the Life Merit Award honoring their great contribution to society.  

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