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We are pleased to announce the award recipients for the 2021 CID/Malcolm Wiener Joint Awards on Inequality Research, thanks to generous funding from The Review of Economics and Statistics, the Harvard Center for International Development (CID) and the Harvard Kennedy School Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy.  The awards recognize exceptional, original research by Harvard undergraduate,  Master’s, and PhD students on issues of inequality, both domestically and abroad. 

This is a University-wide initiative to highlight the best research papers addressing a topic on inequality including:

  • Economic inequality, social safety nets, tax and welfare systems
  • Health care and COVID-19 response
  • Crime, violence, criminal justice, and policing
  • Gender inequality
  • Race and ethnicity
  • Workforce and labor markets
  • Education access and quality
  • Spatial inequality
Completed Research Prize Winners & Honorable Mentions

Prize Recipients

Innovation and Income Inequality: Creating a More Inclusive Economy in Germany
[Full Report | Policy Brief | Short Video Explanation]
Lucas Kitzmüller
Harvard Kennedy School


Improving Equity in the U.S. Healthcare System: Framing, Identifying and Addressing Health Disparities at Intermountain Healthcare
[Full Report | Policy Brief | Short Video Explanation]
Emily Savage
Harvard Kennedy School & Stanford Business School


Honorable Mentions

Returning Power to American Workers and Raising Wages: How Collective Bargaining Reform Can Help Restore America's Middle Class
[Full Report | Policy Brief]
Alex Domash
Harvard Kennedy School

Who Cares? Elderly Care and Female Labor Force Participation in the Mashreq
[Full Report | Policy Brief]
Rose Khattar
Harvard Kennedy School

New Research Award Recipients

Gendered Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown on Employment: The Case of India 
[Full Report | Policy Brief]
Abhishek Anand
Harvard Kennedy School

Longer Travel Distances and Late Stage Presentation of Breast Cancer in Rwanda 
[Full Report | Policy Brief]
Kayleigh Bhangdia
Harvard School of Public Health

Trends of Beds Equity in China between 2000 and 2016: Does the 2009 Healthcare Reform Matter?
[Full Report | Policy Brief]
Yian Fang
Harvard University

Maternal Age as a Predictor of a Child’s Preschool Enrollment in sub-Saharan African Countries
[Full Report | Policy Brief]
Youngkwang Jeon
Harvard Graduate School of Education

Measuring Effectiveness of Chatbot to Change Gender Attitudes in Underserved Adolescent Children in India
[Full Report | Policy Brief]
Pallavi Khare
Harvard Kennedy School

Innovation and Income Inequality: Creating a More Inclusive Economy in Germany
[Full Report | Policy Brief]
Lucas Kitzmüller
Harvard Kennedy School

The Economically Significant Cultural Consequences of the Partitions of Poland 
[Full Report | Policy Brief]
Pawel Rybacki
Harvard University, Economics Department

All recipients will be invited to present their work at the Harvard Student Poster Session during the 2022 Global Empowerment Meeting (GEM 2022), cohosted by CID and the Malcolm Wiener Center during the spring of 2022 in Cambridge.