Dilnovoz Abdurazzakova headshot

Dilnovoz Abdurazzakova is a third-year PhD student in Economics at Central European University, specializing in development economics with a focus on gender inequality. Prior to her doctoral studies, she conducted a fully funded internship at the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), investigating the association of women's empowerment with child nutrition. During her PhD, she collaborated with the World Bank on a study examining the role of preschool expansion in enhancing female employment in developing countries. Currently, her research centers on social norms and their influence on career and educational aspirations among high school students in Uzbekistan, utilizing a field experiment to analyze how societal expectations shape the futures of both boys and girls. Dilnovoz Abdurazzakova's work demonstrates a commitment to bridging academia and policy while making meaningful contributions to understanding and challenging gender dynamics and social norms in development economics.