Mara Bolis headshotMara Bolis is a CID Research Fellow. Mara is a seasoned leader with 25 years’ experience in economic development with a particular focus on advancing gender justice in the US and around the world. Mara has led gender mainstreaming efforts at project- and institutional- levels for private sector and nonprofit actors operating across the emerging markets. Mara was Senior Advisor at social enterprise Value for Women, Chief Strategy Officer at Marshall Plan for Moms, and Associate Director of Women's Economic Empowerment at Oxfam America where she facilitated initiatives across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Mara has a particular interest in development finance with work experience at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, US ExIm Bank, and the Development Finance Corporation. She has been interviewed for her work by Forbes, Bloomberg, and the Washington Post, invited to speak at Skoll World Forum, the OECD, and several universities, and is the author of influential articles on impact investing, social impact, and women's empowerment. Mara has an MBA from Johns Hopkins University, a Master of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown, and a BA from Barnard College. Mara’s fellowship will focus on supporting students and/or teachers --particularly in disciplines typically considered gender-neutral--to integrate intersectional gender-related inquiries/evidence into their studies/teaching.