Adriano Fernandes headshotAdriano Fernandes, FAS
CID PhD Affiliate, Concentrations in Financial Economics, Macroeconomics, Public Economics, & Behavioral Economics

Adriano Fernandes is a sixth-year PhD candidate in Economics. His fields are Financial Economics and Macroeconomics. He will be available for interviews in the job market for AY 2023-2024. More information can be found on his personal or institutional websites.

Adriano's work combines quasi-experimental designs and structural models to test and quantify assumptions of foundational theories in finance and macroeconomics. His research builds on such evidence to inform the design and evaluation of economic policy. His Job Market Paper uses project-level data from India to document that increases in discount rates causally shorten project gestation lags; and quantifies the implications for firms' and governments' capital budgeting decisions using a novel model of investment. The paper further outlines a series of implications for the conduct of fiscal and monetary policy. Adriano has also worked on the pass-through of monetary policy to employment via corporate balance sheets; and the macro-stabilization role of unemployment insurance. Moving forward, he hopes to increase the representation of topics and data related to developing and emerging market economies in Macroeconomics and Finance.

Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, Adriano holds a BA summa cum laude in Economics and Mathematics from Columbia University.