fbpx HIDIF Summer Internship Funding (MPA/ID) | Harvard Kennedy School

Summer Internship Funding

CID awards modest grants on a competitive basis to first year students who undertake summer internships on development projects through the Harvard International Development Internship Fund (HIDIF).

Grant Criteria and Eligibility:

  • Competition is open to HKS first year MPA/ID students.
  • Internship must be on a development related issue.
  • Internship must take place in a developing country other than the student’s home country. 
  • Internship must be 8 weeks or longer at one organization.
  • Priority will be given to internships related to CID's faculty affiliated projects.

Application deadline

  1. 1st review: Wednesday, March 22, 2023, 12 pm (ET)
  2. 2nd review: Wednesday, April, 19, 2023, 12 pm (ET)
  3. Subsequent reviews will be offered at a schedule TBD for internships secured after initial review periods

To apply, go to the online application via KNET. Application packages should include the following:

Summer Programs Online Application (available via KNET’s link above)

  • Statement of Purpose
  • Detailed budget
  • Current CV
  • Sponsor Letter from the organization for which you will be working

ALL APPLICANTS must also complete the following documents:

  • HIDIF Award Agreement (once notified of award)
  • Assumption of Risk (once notified of award)

In the event a student is awarded from HIDIF, submission of these documents ensure that the award checks are processed prior to departure for the internship.

Without these documents, we do not guarantee funding in a timely manner.

Additional requirements

If awarded from HIDIF, CID requires students to:

  • Submit to CID at least 1 blog entry highlighting the experience.
  • Send us at least 5-8 high-resolution pictures of their work in the field. 
  • Be available to speak with other students about their experience.

Questions? Contact Eve Margolis, eve_margolis@hks.harvard.edu