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Friday, November 16, 2018, 12:00PM - 1:00PM

CID Speaker Series: New Pathways to Inclusive Growth: The Sri Lanka Project in Retrospect 
Democracy Lab AB (R-414 AB) - Rubenstein Building 4th Floor

colombo.jpgSpeakers: Daniel Stock, Research Fellow, CID; Timothy O'Brien, Research Fellow, CID; Sehar Noor, Research Assistant, CID

About the talk: Starting in November 2015, the Center for International Development’s Growth Lab has been engaged in economic policy research with the Government of Sri Lanka. Led by Professor Ricardo Hausmann, the team has focused on a single question: what is holding back investment in Sri Lanka – especially in new and non-traditional export-oriented sectors – and what can the government do about it? In this talk, members of the Sri Lanka team will show what they learned. [Read more...]

Friday, November 30, 2018, 12:00PM - 1:00PM

CID Speaker Series: Cash Transfer Programs in Developing Countries: Insights from Indonesia 
Perkins Room (R429) - Rubenstein Building 4th Floor

Aaron%20Berman%20Headshot.jpgSpeaker: Aaron Berman, Research Fellow, Evidence for Policy Design (EPoD)

About the talk: In this talk, Aaron Berman will present an overview of EPoD's research on cash transfers in developing countries, led by Professors Rema Hanna (HKS) and Ben Olken (MIT). He will focus in particular on two research projects. The first, "Universal Basic Incomes versus Targeted Transfers: Anti-Poverty Programs in Developing Countries," explores several considerations related to the design and implementation of cash transfer programs and weighs the advantages of targeted programs against universal basic income schemes. The second, "Cumulative Impacts of Conditional Cash Transfers: Experimental Evidence from Indonesia," evaluates a large-scale policy experiment involving Program Keluarga Harapan(PKH), Indonesia's conditional cash transfer program, six years after the program's launch. [Read more...]