All sessions will be held at Harvard Kennedy School on the third and fourth floors of the Wexner and Rubenstein Buildings. Enter through the Wexner Security Entrance here. At any time, you are welcome to grab coffee from the Democracy Lab, R414, and take a break in the CID Lounge and Perkins Conference Room.

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Saturday, November 4, 2023

All times below are Eastern Daylight Time.  

8:00-8:30 am: Registration and Breakfast – Fourth Floor Wexner 


Session 1: 8:30-10:30 am

8:30 am - 9:30 am

Development Economics Research and Public Policy: The Case of Agriculture
Shawn Cole and Michael Kremer

9:30 am - 10:30 am

Political Economy and Development: A Field at a Critical Juncture
Vincent Pons and Ben Marx

Chair: Allan Hsiao

Paper Title Author
Agricultural Trade and Adaptation to Climate Change in Sub-Saharan Africa Obie Porteous
Dodging Day Zero: Drought, Adaptation, and Inequality in Cape Town Cassandra Cole
It Will Rain: The Effect of Information on Flood Preparedness in Urban Mozambique Stefan Leeffers
More Than Just Carbon: The Socioeconomic Impact of Large-Scale Tree Planting Jeffrey Pagel
Targeting Disaster Aid: Visibility and Vulnerability after the 2015 Nepal Earthquake Matthew Gordon


Chair: Sean Higgins

Paper Title Author
Credit, Entrepreneurship, and Violence in Brazilian Favelas Felipe Tomkowski
Reconstruction following Destruction: Entrepreneurship in the Aftermath of a Natural Disaster Richard Lombardo
Search Frictions, Belief Formation, and Firm Hiring in Ethiopia David Wu
Navigating the Commons: Industry Dynamics, Resource, and Externalities in American Whaling Yangkeun Yun
Climate Change and Intersectoral Labor Reallocation in a Developing Country Trinh Pham


Chair: Susan Godlonton

Paper Title Author
Education and Domestic Violence: Evidence from a School Construction Program in India Katja Bergonzoli
Female Labor Productivity Reduces Domestic Violence: Evidence from Peru Isadora Frankenthal
Accepting the unacceptable: does intimate partner violence shape the tolerance of violence? Eugenia Maria Frezza
Empowering Adolescent Girls through Safe Spaces and Accompanying Measures in Côte d’Ivoire Claire Boxho
Do safer streets increase female labour market participation? Evidence from India and Indonesia Alice Cahill


Chair: Gabriel Kreindler

Paper Title Author
Pollution, Productivity and Place Anshuman Tiwari
The Effect of Immigration Enforcement Abroad on Immigrant’s Home Country Firms Daniel Osuna Gomez
Place-based Policy, Migration Barriers, and Spatial Inequality Nghiem Huynh

Disastrous Displacement: The Long-Run Impacts of Landslides

Travis Baseler
When the Weather Turns: Coping With Risk Through International Migration in the Presence of Search Frictions Emir Murathanoglu


Chair: Jaya Wen

Paper Title Author
Turnover, Morale, and Performance in Bureaucracies: Evidence from Indonesian Villages Benjamin Marx
Private Returns to Bureaucratic Appointments: Evidence from Financial Disclosures in India Song Yuan
Corruption in Procurement Auctions: Evidence from Collusion between Officers and Firms Qianmiao Chen
Corruption and Talent Allocation Yang Xun
Bureaucrats and the Korean Export Miracle Philipp Barteska


10:30-10:50 am: Break – Democracy Lab, Fourth FlooR


Session 2: 10:50 am-12:30 pm

10:50 am - 12:20 pm 

Publishing in Economics
 Andrew FosterJournal of Development Economics; Rema Hanna, American Economic Review; Ben Olken, American Economic Journal - AppliedTavneet Suri, Review of Economics and Statistics; and Melissa Dell, Journal of Political Economy

Chair: Michela Carlana

Paper Title Author
For a few dollars more: Compensating for the effects of the disadvantaged student share with a discontinuously targeted program Matías Morales
The Welfare Implications of School Voucher Design: Evidence from India Harshil Sahai
How much do I matter? Teacher Beliefs about Education Production Jalnidh Kaur
Promoting Parent-Child Reading: Evidence from Kenya Stephanie Bonds


Chair: Cheryl Doss

Paper Title Author
Can Effective Policy Implementation Alter Political Selection? Evidence From Female Legislators in India S Anukriti

Limits of Information Campaigns in Correcting Social Norms: The Case of Women's Voting Rights

Muhammad Yasir Khan
Gender Targeting and Household Cooperation: Experimental Evidence from a Multifaceted Anti-poverty Program in Malawi

Michael King

Unintended Consequences of CCT Programs on Gender Role Attitudes Ha Luong


Chair: Silvia Prina

Paper Title Author
Intergenerational Impact of Labor Coercion Marie Beigelman
Irrigating the Killing Fields: Economic Legacy of the Khmer Rouge Genocide Rahul Mehrotra
Long-Run Effects of Colonial Land Reforms: Evidence from India Kartikeya Batra
En Route: The French Colonial Army, Emigration, and Development in Morocco Awa Ambra Seck


Chair: Enrico Spalaore

Paper Title Author
Symbols of oppression: The role of Confederate monuments in the Great Migration Francesco Ferlenga
Real-time Surveillance of Repression: Theory and Implementation Veli Murat Andirin
Formalizing Dispute Resolution: Effects of Village Courts in Bangladesh Martin Mattsson

Port-Au-Prince Calling: Social Network Response to Social Unrest using Mobile Phone Metadata in Haiti

Daniel Putman


Chair: Anders Jensen

Paper Title Author
Can Research with Policymakers Change the World? Alix Bonargent
Impact evaluation, welfare comparisons and the value of public funds Laura Morris
The World Bank and China: Comparing the Impacts of Their Development Projects in Africa Qingyuan Chai
Moving targets: The role of model and data recency in proxy means test accuracy Emily Aiken


12:30-1:30 pm: Lunch – Wexner Commons, Ground Floor of HKS


Session 3: 1:30-3:30 pm

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Place-based and Industrial Policies 
Gordon Hanson and Dani Rodrik

2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Social Networks
Emily Breza

Chair: Andrew Foster

Paper Title Author
Temperature Shocks and Land Fragmentation: Evidence from Transaction and Property Registry Data Julian Arteaga
Border Trade and Information Frictions: Evidence from Informal Traders in Kenya Eleanor Wiseman
Can informed buyers improve goods quality? Experimental evidence from crop seeds Eric Hsu
Pricing and Allocative Efficiency of A New Agricultural Technology Mai Mahmoud


Chair: Brian Dillon

Paper Title Author
Industrial Water Pollution and Agricultural Production in India Nick Hagerty
Sea Level Rise and Urban Adaptation in Jakarta Allan Hsiao
The curse of bad geography: Unsafe water and children’s development Steve Berggreen
Toxic Recycling: Used Lead-Acid Battery Processing’s Negative Effect on Test Scores in Mexico Erin Litzow

Improving Local Governance and Environmental Spillovers: a study of the Programa Municipios Verdes in the Brazilian Amazon

Kathryn Baragwanath


Chair: Apoorv Gupta

Paper Title Author
Spatial Inequality and Informality in Kenya’s Firm Network Verena Wiedemann
Cash Constraints and Relational Contracts: Evidence from Dairy Cooperatives in Kenya Mohamed Abouaziza
Do Microenterprises Maximize Profits? A Vegetable Market Experiment in India Benjamin Roth

Do Small Firms Partially Insure Customers from Price Increases? Evidence from Retail Firms in Tanzania

Jess Rudder
Measuring and Estimating Retail Productivity Ajay Shenoy


Chair: Rohini Pande

Paper Title Author
Women’s Work, Social Norms and the Marriage Market Abhishek Arora
Pathways to Choice: Delaying Marriage and Increasing Education via Safe Spaces Isabelle Cohen
Female Genital Cutting and Bride Price Suzanna Khalifa
The Effects of an Unconditional Cash Transfer Program on Youth Mobility and Migration: Evidence from Malawi Marwa Ibrahim

Parental preferences for marital attributes in Pakistan

Hira Farooqi


Chair: Ben Marx

Paper Title Author
Who values democracy? Max Miller
The Added Value of Local Democracy: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Karnataka, India M R Sharan
Young Politicians and Long-Term Policy Ricardo Dahis
Learn, in Order to Practise: The Effect of Political Rotation on Local Comparative Advantage in China Haochen Zhang
Electoral Turnovers Vincent Rollet


3:30-3:50 pm: Break 2 – Democracy Lab, Fourth Floor


Session 4: 3:50-5:30 pm

3:45 pm - 4:30 pm

Education Markets and Systems
Emilana Vegas and Asim Khwaja

4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

AI and Firms
Rembrand Koning and Raffaella Sadun

Chair: Madeline McKelway

Paper Title Author
Whom Would You Rather Work With? An Experiment on Gender Discrimination in the Referral System Livia Alfonsi
Barriers to Entry: Decomposing the gender gap in job search in urban Pakistan Nivedhitha Subramanian
Bringing Work Home: The Impacts of Flexible Work Arrangements on Women in West Bengal Lisa Ho
Minimum Wage and Gender Gaps: Evidence from Morocco Louise Paul-Delvaux


Chair: Dani Rodrik

Paper Title Author
Active Labor Market Policies in General Equilibrium: Crowd-In or Crowd-Out? Mitchell VanVuren
Measuring Misallocation with Experiments Jeremy Majerovitz
Technological Stickiness: Switching and Entry in the Long Transition from Water to Steam Power Martin Rotemberg
Farm Household Misallocation Jedediah Silver


Chair: Marcella Alsan

Paper Title Author
Religious Safety Nets and their Effects on Human Capital Accumulation Hani Mansour
Rooting for the same team: Shared social identities in a polarized context Pedro Sant'Anna

Sacred Ecology: The Environmental Impact of African Traditional Religions

Neha Deopa
Religious Media, Conversion and its Socio-Economic Consequences: The Rise of Pentecostals in Brazil Marcela Mello


Chair: Owen Ozier

Paper Title Author
Food Subsidies and Substitution: Experimental Evidence from Indian Micro Retail Panel Data Alp Sungu
The Protective Role of Index Insurance in the Experience of Violent Conflict: Evidence from Ethiopia Daniel Maggio

Enforcement spillovers under different networks: the case of quotas for persons with disabilities in Brazil

Jessica Gagete-Miranda

Pension Privatization, Behavioral Responses, and Income in Old Age: Evidence from a Cohort-Based Reform

Maximiliano Lauletta


Chair: Chris Neilson

Paper Title Author
Learning to Teach by Learning to Learn Vesall Nourani
Peer Influence and College Major Choices in Male-Dominated Fields Rocío Valdebenito
To inspire and to inform: The Role of Role Models Muchin Bazan
Improving Math and Science Skills in Contexts of Low Teacher Capacity: Experimental Evidence from India Alejandro Ganimian


5:30-7:30 pm: Social Hour – Wexner Commons, Ground Floor of HKS


Sunday, November 5, 2023

All times below are Eastern Standard Time.  

8:00-8:30 am: Breakfast – Fourth Floor Wexner 


Session 5: 8:30-10:30 am

8:30 am - 9:30 am

Political Economy of AI and Implications for the Developing World 
David Yang

9:30 am - 10:30 am

The Economics of Mental Health in the Developing World
Gautam Rao

Chair: Arnab Basu

Paper Title Author
Can Destigmatizing Mental Health Increase Willingness to Seek Help? Experimental Evidence from Nepal Nishith Prakash
Contract Enforcement in a Stateless Economy Sultan Mehmood
Navigating Ambiguity: Imprecise Probabilities and the Updating of Disease Risk Beliefs Divya Pandey
Contracts Justifying Nonconformity: Experimental Evidence from Motortaxi Organizations in Uganda Claude Raisaro
Stigma and Social Cover: A Mental Health Care Experiment in Refugee Networks Emma Smith


Chair: Kyle Emerick

Paper Title Author
Pollution exposure and health: The role of private actions and environmental externalities in Nairobi Susanna Berkouwer
How Large are the Environmental Benefits of Sustainable Agriculture? Evidence from Mexico Joel Ferguson
Market Power and Carbon Emissions in the Amazon Marcos Barrozo
Range-Based Subsidies and Product Upgrading of Electric Vehicles in China Xiaoyue Zhang
Optimal Public Transportation Networks: Evidence from the World’s Largest Bus Rapid Transit System in Jakarta Gabriel Kreindler


Chair: Cynthia Kinnan

Paper Title Author
Re-Thinking Social Protection: From Poverty Alleviation to Building Resilience in Middle-Income Households Diego A Vera-Cossio

Technology-Enabled Enforcement

Botir Kobilov
Equilibrium Effects of ``Financial Affirmative Action'': Evidence from India S.K. Ritadhi
Stimulating Investment in Developing Countries: Evidence on the Benefits of Equity-Like Finance and the Nuanced Role of Risk Preferences Muhammad Meki
Incentives and Endorsement for Technology Adoption Evidence from Mobile Banking in Ghana Emma Riley


Chair: John Hoddinott

Paper Title Author
Child Cognition Benefits of the Clean India Mission Sanitation Program Abhradeep Karmakar

Cash transfers and adolescent nutrition outcomes: Evidence from the Child Support Grant in South Africa

Kritika Sen Chakraborty
Outreach and Invitations: Increasing COVID-19 Vaccination in Kenya Kevin Carney
Does Performance Evidence Motivate? A Field Experiment in Guinea-Bissau’s Health Sector Mattia Fracchia
Improving the Early Childhood Environment: Direct and Distributional Effects on Human Capital for Multiple Generations Tania Barham


Chair: Matt Pecenco

Paper Title Author
Upgrade or Migrate: The Consequences of Input Subsidies on Household Labor Allocation Binta Zahra Diop
Unlucky and scarred: long-term consequences of labour market entry condition in Indonesia Joseph Marshan
General Skills and Underinvestment in New Technologies: Evidence from Burundi Nicholas Swanson
Can at-risk youth be rescued? Experimental evidence of a nationwide youth empowerment program Gabriel Costa


10:30-10:50 am: Break – Democracy Lab, Fourth Floor


Session 6: 10:50 am-12:30 pm

10:50 am - 11:50 am

A Gentle Introduction to Using Deep Learning in Economic Research
Melissa Dell

Chair: Pam Jakiela

Paper Title Author
Silence to Solidarity: Using Group Dynamics to Reduce Anti-Transgender Discrimination in India Duncan Webb
Perceived abilities and gender stereotypes within the household. Experimental evidence from Bangladesh Carlotta Nani
Paternalistic Discrimination Nina Buchmann
Virtual Windows Through Glass Walls? Digitization for Mobility-Constrained Female Entrepreneurs Layane Alhorr


Chair: Eoin McGuirk

Paper Title Author
The Catholic Church and its effects on Redistributive Conflict in Brazil Daniela Sola
Nation-Building in Post-Conflict Settings: Evidence from South Africa Gianluca Russo
The Long-Run Effects of Losing Siblings During a Civil Conflict Thomas Gautier
Hate, Fear and Intergroup Conflict: Experimental Evidence from Nigeria Miguel Ortiz


Chair: Doug Gollin

Paper Title Author
Managers and Public Hospital Performance Cristobal Otero
Discretion versus Algorithms: Bureaucrats and Tax Equity in Senegal Justine Knebelmann
The Effect of a Large-Scale Expansion of Public Primary Healthcare on Elderly Mortality: Evidence from Community Health Officers in India Patrick Agte
Housing and Human Capital: Condominiums in Ethiopia Daniel Agness


Secondary and tertiary education: Transitions to the labor force

Chair: Bryce Steinberg

Paper Title Author
Explaining the Productivity Paradox: Experimental Evidence from Educational Technology Andreas de Barros
Narrow Paths Out of Poverty and Educational Demand: Evidence from Dominican Baseball Brian Marein
Should I Stay, or Should I Go? Strategic Responses to Improve College Admission Chances Carolina Concha-Arriagada
Opportunity Bound: Transport and Access to College in a Megacity Fabiola Alba Vivar


Chair: Burak Uras

Paper Title Author
Network-Based Targeting with Heterogeneous Agents for Improving Technology Adoption Aranya Chakraborty

Using Seat Distribution as an Instrumental Variable to Identify the Impact of Peer Networks on Academic Performance in Rural China

Yujuan Gao
Silent Networks: The Role of Inaccurate Beliefs in Reducing Useful Social Interactions Vatsal Khandelwal
Endogenous Institutions: A Network Experiment in Nepal Juni Singh