Guidelines for Presenters and Discussants

You do notneed to submit your presentation slides to the website. Instead, upload your presentation to a USB stick and bring to the conference.

At your session you can upload your presentation to the session computer. You should arrive early at the session in order to do this.

Final papers are due by October 21st.Please upload the final paper to Conference Maker and use the following naming convention:


X is your session number and Y is the last name of the presenter.

Note: Presenters should create presentations that can be displayed using a computer. If you need other modes of presenting material, please email us first to confirm that such modes of presentation are available. Again, to ensure that all fonts, symbols and equations appear the way they were originally typed, please submit your document in pdf format. Although all conference computers will have Powerpoint software, certain fonts may not be displayed as they were intended if the presentation was created using a different version of the software.