Student Opportunities

EPoD summer internships for HKS students

Interested in building up your experience in field research, data management and analysis, and design of field experiments? Apply for a summer internship working on a research project in India or Pakistan with EPoD. Responsibilities include management of field survey activities, partnership coordination, data cleaning and analysis, etc. EPoD will facilitate coverage of travel expenses and a monthly stipend. To apply for these summer positions, send your CV and a short statement of interest to with "EPoD summer internship" in the subject line. Please submit your application by Monday, March 4th.

Available internships:

Environmental policy experiments in India– Seeking a summer intern to work in support of several large-scale, randomized-controlled trials of new environmental policies in India led by Professors Rohini Pande, Michael Greenstone, Nicholas Ryan, and Anant Sudarshan. These projects include (i) a project, supported in part by the HKS Sustainability Science Program, to introduce and test an emissions trading system for air pollution in industrial estates; (ii) a project to encourage greater energy efficiency and measure energy consumption among Indian industrial plants; (iii) additional, early-stage projects on the use of information disclosure to increase compliance with pollution standards. Responsibilities will include support for the design and roll-out of an information disclosure intervention, data cleaning and supporting analysis of emissions, abatement cost, energy consumption and economic data for industrial plants, and contributing to policy briefs on preliminary results.

Education financing program in rural Pakistan

Impact evaluation of rural banking in southern India

Design and evaluation of a government vocational skills program in Pakistan

A cash transfer replacement initiative in Bihar India– Seeking a summer intern to assist with an evaluation of replacing in-kind food transfers via the Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS) with cash transfers in Bihar. The Principal Investigators on both projects are Professors Karthik Muralidharan (UCSD), Paul Niehaus (UCSD), and Sandip Sukhtankar (Dartmouth College, visiting HKS).

State and non-state authority in Pakistan

Gender and public policy in India– Seeking a summer intern to help develop a report synthesizing evidence on gender and anti-poverty programs for the Ministry of Rural Development. Responsibilities may also include working on a scoping study for an evaluation assessing the impact of design innovations in the national employment guarantee program on violence for women.