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Using Evidence to Improve Social Program Effectiveness(Chaired by Dan Levy)
June 2013(2014 dates TBA)
Managers of social programs are under increasing pressure to provide evidence about the effectiveness of their programs, but what constitutes reliable and valid evidence of effectiveness? How should an organization generate evidence about the effectiveness of social programs? What data should organizations collect, and how should managers use that data? How does one assess and apply evidence that others have generated about what works? Answering these questions can help managers lead their organizations to design and implement more effective social programs. This Executive Education program addresses the challenges that managers face in identifying useful strategies for assessing and improving social program effectiveness.

Shaping Healthcare Delivery Policy: Understanding the Challenges, Managing the Change(Co-Chaired by Amitabh Chandra)
January 26-31, 2014
The Affordable Care Act is expected to have a sweeping impact on healthcare delivery systems across the United States. For healthcare leaders, effectively navigating these changes requires an in-depth understanding of how legislative policies will affect the way healthcare is delivered, reimbursed, and managed. Rigorous and evidence-based, this program explores current challenges and opportunities, and provides insights into the trends that are shaping the future of healthcare policy and delivery. Led by an unprecedented group of healthcare experts and practitioners, this innovative program will provide participants with a roadmap for delivering better healthcare amidst today’s dynamic healthcare environment.

Rethinking Financial Inclusion: Smart Design for Policy and Practice(Co-Chaired by Rohini Pande, Asim Ijaz Khwaja)
February 23-28, 2014
Despite three decades of innovation in financial services for the poor and an unprecedented global expansion in access, the potential of finance to reduce poverty, foster entrepreneurship and improve well-being has yet to be fully realized. Harvard Kennedy School's newest Executive Education program will explore frontier issues in finance for the poor and address challenges faced by both low and high-income countries. Led by Harvard professors with years of experience in evaluating financial access initiatives, Rethinking Financial Inclusion will combine an evidence-based approach to understanding the market for finance and client needs with theoretical insights on how to design financial products to meet those needs. The executive program will convene strategic thinkers from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to provide a conceptual framework for policy and product design. The hands-on curriculum will include lectures from faculty and industry leaders as well as case studies and group work.