Research & Policy

EPoD works alongside policymakers to design policy-relevant research projects addressing key questions in development. Our approach is not to carry out one-off projects, publish our findings, and move on to the next project. Rather, we develop broad, multi-year engagements, collaborating with the full range of policy players active in a particular space, including public sector, private sector, and civil society groups. These engagements allow for a deeper understanding of the policy context, careful identification of the questions that empirical research can help to answer, and follow through on issues of design and implementation. We prioritize areas where experimental evidence can generate insights that are applicable across a range of contexts, catalyzing broad policy change to improve the lives of the poor.

Policy-Research Engagements
Through direct collaboration with policymakers and practitioners to design, evaluate and often re-design interventions, EPoD researchers have made substantial contributions to policy decisions in low-income countries. Researchers spend significant time in the field, often testing different iterations of a program so that the implementing partner can find the optimal policy design and forecast its impact before scaling up. This strategy creates avenues for sustained engagement with policymakers through comprehensive, multi-year field projects. [More]

Research Outputs
EPoD research has led to the generation of new ideas and knowledge on how to reduce poverty and achieve more effective governance in low-income countries, and has been published in top journals including the American Economic Review, Quarterly Journal of Economics, New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Development Economics, and Science.

Our research is supported by public and private sources including the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, USAID, DFID, the Templeton Foundation, the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation, the International Growth Centre, and the Children's Investment Fund Foundation.

Research Initiatives
EPoD also oversees two research initiatives that focus on generating evidence around innovative solutions in financial access and the environment:

Training and Teaching
EPoD provides capacity building for policymakers and practitioners on impact evaluation and evidence-based policy design. These trainings include lectures as well as longer workshops, often organized in collaboration with in-country partners or donors. Courses and Executive Education programs are also offered through the Harvard Kennedy School. [More]