Si No Llueve

"Si No Llueve" (If It Doesn't Rain)
A 2007 film by Michael J. Palmer and Charles K. Mann

This film was commissioned by the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University to introduce the topic of poverty in Southern Mexico at their US/Mexican summer study program about poverty in Southern Mexico. The film seeks to capture what it might be like "to walk in the shoes of the poor" in a rural Mexican community. With this broad objective, it is relevant to a wide audience for the insights it provides both into village life and into the issue of migration as seen from the Mexican perspective. The storytellers are newlyweds Lulu and Miguel, the Ignacio farming family, and the citizens of El Carrizal as they grapple with the competition for water between a new trout farm and traditional irrigation. Set in a beautiful region of Oaxaca, the film captures a sense of individual courage and dignity supported by strong and enduring communal traditions.



"Si No Llueve: Primer Regreso" (If It Doesn't Rain: First Return)
A 2009 film by Mary M. Jirmanus & Charles K. Mann

The families and communities of the original Si No Llueve take pride in showing off improvements. Inadequate rainfall and early frost continues to threaten their food supply; new touristic cabins complement the trout farm.


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