Faculty, fellows, and students at the Center for International Development at Harvard University regularly publish research in a wide range of academic and policy venues.

These include working papers in either our faculty or fellows CID Working Paper series, books, book chapters, articles in top peer-reviewed journals, policy pieces, op-eds in news outlets, reports, and conference papers.

We've highlighted some of our latest releases. See the navigation to the left for complete listings of all our publications.


Building State Capability: Evidence, Analysis, Action

This book by Matt Andrews, Lant Pritchett, and Michael Woolcock uses data to identify failures in efforts to build state capability in development, employs theory to explain why these failures are common and likely to persist - keeping countries in capability traps - and builds on applied experience to offer a new approach to build state capability more effectively. 

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Agents of Structural Change: The Role of Firms and Entrepreneurs in Regional Diversification

Who introduces structural change in regional economies: Entrepreneurs or existing firms? Frank Neffke, Matte Hartog, Ron Boschma, and Martin Henning develop a theoretical framework that focuses on the roles different agents play in regional transformation. The work is published in December 2017 issue of Economic Geography.


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