Linking International Agricultural Research Knowledge with Action for Sustainable Poverty Alleviation: What Works?

CID Faculty Working Paper No. 173

Patti Kristjanson, Robin Reid, Nancy Dickson, William Clark, Prasad Vishnubhotla, Dannie Romney, Peter Bezkorowajnyj, Mohammed Said, Dickson Kaelo, Ogeli Makui, David Nkedianye, Julius Nyangaga, Paul Okwi, Ranjitha Puskur, Shirley Tarawali, Susan MacMillan, Delia Grace, Tom Randolph, Hippolyte Affognon
July 2008


This paper asks ‘What kinds of approaches and institutions, under what sorts of conditions, are most effective for harnessing scientific knowledge in support of strategies for environmentally sustainable development and poverty alleviation?’ In applying an innovative conceptual framework to a diverse set of sustainable poverty-focused projects undertaken in numerous African and Asian countries, we found that strategies key to closing gaps between knowledge and action include: combining different kinds of knowledge, learning and bridging approaches, strong and diverse partnerships that level the playing field, and building capacity to innovate and communicate.

Keywords: sustainability, knowledge, action, poverty, innovation, development

JEL subject codes: 013, 016, 017, 031