By Valerie Krempus

The Center for International Development (CID) at Harvard University is pleased to welcome a new cohort of fellows for the 2024 spring semester. Fellows play an important role at the Center as they devote their time to research, writing, and/or classroom participation to deepen our collective understanding of international development. CID’s fellows this spring include Mr. Patrick Achi, the former Prime Minister of Côte d’Ivoire, and CID’s inaugural class of fellows as part of the Center’s new Visiting Researcher Program.

Patrick achi
Mr. Patrick Achi, former Prime Minister and Head of Government for the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire.

Mr. Achi recently stepped down in October 2023 as Prime Minister and Head of Government for the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire after working in the private sector and in public administration for many years. During his fellowship, he will focus his research on addressing the slow pace of economic transformation and human development in Africa and teach a CID seminar on accelerating sustainable development.   

“We are thrilled to have Patrick Achi join the Center for International Development this spring,” said CID Faculty Director Asim I. Khwaja. 

CID Executive Director Fatema Z. Sumar echoed this sentiment. “Having worked with Mr. Achi to promote inclusive economic growth in Côte d’Ivoire and the broader region, I have seen first-hand how his leadership has created opportunities for Ivorians to access better schools, roads, and power infrastructure,” she shared. “CID’s research community and Harvard students will benefit extensively from his deep experience leading one of Africa’s fastest growing economies.”  

Prime Minister Achi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from the Université de Cocody in Abidjan, a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from École Supérieure d'Électricité de Paris (SUPELEC), a Certificate of Economy from University of Paris 1- Sorbonne and a Master of Science in Management from Stanford University, California. He joins CID alongside the inaugural cohort of researchers from CID’s Visiting Researcher program. This new program welcomes PhD and Postdoc researchers from select European countries to pursue their research for a year in residence at Harvard Kennedy School, made possible by support from the UniCredit Foundation.

In Spring 2024, CID is welcoming:

Dilnovoz Abdurazzakova

Dilnovoz Abdurazzakova, CID PhD Fellow, Visiting Researcher Program

PhD candidate in Economics at Central European University

Ms. Abdurazzakova’s research specializes in development economics with a focus on gender inequality. She seeks to bridge academia and policy while making meaningful contributions to understanding and challenging gender dynamics and social norms in development economics.

CID Faculty Affiliate Sponsor: Michela Carlana

Patrick Achi

Patrick Achi, CID Senior Fellow

Former Prime Minister and Head of Government, the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire

Mr. Achi's research will focus on accelerating economic growth and sustainable development in Africa.

CID Faculty Affiliate Sponsor: Asim I. Khwaja

Erick Baumgartner

Erick Baumgartner, CID PhD Fellow, Visiting Researcher Program

PhD candidate in Economics at Bocconi University, Italy

Mr. Baumgartner’s research is aimed at evaluating social policy and the institutional framework on which policies are decided, attempting to propose measures that can improve the efficiency of the policy decision process, its targeting, and allocation.

CID Faculty Affiliate Sponsor: Eliana La Ferrara

Ishac Diwan

Ishac Diwan, CID Visiting Scholar

Research Director of the Finance for Development Lab at the Paris School of Economics

Mr. Diwan’s research focuses on helping resolve the debt crisis in low and middle-income countries, efforts to improve the balance sheet of the International Development Association (IDA), and other related work.

CID Faculty Affiliate Sponsor: Dani Rodrik

CID is grateful to this group of fellows from around the world, representing research interests in education, gender inequality, finance, employment, and social policy, for enriching the community of faculty, students, and staff who are committed to building a thriving world for all.

Read more about current fellows at CID and CID's research programs.

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