Negotiate WELL - Work, Education, Life, and Leadership

Negotiate WELL provides resources for managers, negotiators, and educators. Link below to a multi media collection of evidence-based resources to support negotiations over work, education, life, and leadership.

Be SURE Negotiation Framework

Be SURE Workbook

Be SURE You are Prepared to Negotiate WELL Workbook

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Over four episodes, the Negotiate WELL podcast aims to illustrate how everyone, at every level, can use negotiation as a tool to meet their Work, Educational, Life, and Leadership aspirations. We use the stories of real people to illuminate the basic steps and principles of the “Be SURE” negotiation preparation tool.

Negotiate WELL is hosted by Jesus Murillo, produced by Wonder Media Network, with content direction by Hannah Riley Bowles and the financial support of the Harvard Kennedy School’s Center for Public Leadership.

The Negotiate WELL collection provides multimedia, evidence-based materials for teaching and learning about gender in negotiation and career-related negotiations. The collection is inclusive of life experiences from early career to executive leadership, the boundaries of work and family, and historically marginalized perspectives.

Find links to cases, a workbook, videos, slides, background readings, and teaching notes on the Harvard Kennedy School CASE webpage to facilitate in-class or asynchronous instruction.

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Hannah Riley Bowles

Co-Director, Center for Public Leadership
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