The Public Leadership Co-Curricular Program offers leadership development focused on developing the capacities for principled and effective public leadership, leaning on reflective, interactive, and experiential methods on campus and in the field. 

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Spring 2024 Offerings

Explore the categories and titles of our spring 2024 Co-Curricular Program offerings below. More information about the offerings will be available soon.

The Candid and Constructive Leadership Conversations offerings underscore the importance of embracing an open, non-combative, empathetic, and forward-thinking approach to navigate challenging conversations and improve your unique communication styles.

Special Interests and Leadership Exploration offerings will provide leaders with a range of opportunities to delve into a diverse array of topics, fostering a better understanding of philanthropic insights, addressing challenges in impact investing and exploring democratic leadership with a focus on race and restoration.

All Co-Curricular Program offering applications are available through the application portal. Check below for application open and close dates for each offering. 

Candid and Constructive Leadership Conversations Offerings

Facilitator: Carla Dirlikov Canales

February 7, 21 and March 6, 20. 6:00-8:00 PM

Using Your Authentic Voice is designed to help participants feel empowered to use the full potential of their voice as leaders for social change. Through activities that explore culture and personal identity as well as vocal exercises, we will explore ways to best utilize the power of our voice to communicate authentically and effectively.

Applications for this offering are closed.


Facilitators: Monica Giannone, Anselm Dannecker, and Rand Wentworth

March 1, 1:00-5:00 PM, March 2, 9:00 AM-5:00 PM

Boiling Point is a highly interactive workshop series designed to build leadership and negotiation skills to drive action on climate change. We have invited seasoned international climate change negotiators to join us to share their experiences of how to advance the substance of climate change negotiations, how to shape an effective process for progress, and how to build and maintain relationships that drive change.

For more details about Boiling Point, click here.

Applications for this offering are closed.

Facilitator: Rand Wentworth

March 25, 6:00-8:00PM

The cornerstone of every exceptional leader lies in their profound listening skills – a crucial asset for motivating teams, forging alliances, navigating negotiations, and resolving conflicts. This is a highly interactive workshop that will cultivate practical skills that you can put to work immediately. 

Applications for this offering are closed.

Facilitators: Monica Giannone and Hugh O'Doherty

April 12, 13

Crossroads is a two-day interactive workshop that offers an in-depth introduction on how to engage in a dialogue on tough issues that matter to participants. The workshop is an experiential learning opportunity that offers a platform to explore frameworks and tools, and then apply these tools and receive feedback from faculty and peers.

Applications for this offering are closed.

Facilitator: Monica Giannone

April 5, 6

The Coaching Clinic is an intensive clinic designed using best practices in negotiation skill development and a research-based coaching protocol. The Clinic is an opportunity for students to improve their negotiations performance through one-on-one feedback from a trained coach who will understand their personal goals, observe them in multiple exercises, and provide feedback and an opportunity for guided reflection.

Applications for this offering are closed.

Facilitator:  Timothy Patrick McCarthy

April 4, 5

The rising generation must be able to communicate with conviction and compassion in an increasingly diverse, divided, and disrupted world. This workshop will help strengthen your capacity to be a brave leader and communicator in whatever setting or sector you choose.

This workshop is open only to students who have not taken the course "REAL TALK: The Art & Practice of BRAVE Communication" at HGSE.

Applications for this offering are closed.

Special Interests and Leadership Exploration Offerings

Facilitators: Marshall Ganz and Christopher Robichaud

February 6, 20, March 5, 19, April 9, 23. 6:00-8:00 PM

We must see ourselves as human if we are to achieve excellence in the practice of democratic leadership and democracy itself. But this understanding of ourselves and each other is in deep peril today. Economic systems turn us into profit centers, political systems turn us into data points, communications systems turn us into users, even as our relationships are turned into transactions. And in universities and colleges, humanistic studies like art, literature, philosophy, sacred scriptures, and poetry, get marginalized with ever increasing speed.

With "Being Human” we begin to respond by offering participants an opportunity to incorporate the humanistic lens into their leadership practice through a variety of different modes of engagement. These include reflection, readings, art, music, relationship building, and other forms of practice-oriented exercises. One focus of the co-curricular will be on examining ways in which we dehumanize each other and experimenting with ways to rehumanize ourselves.

Being Human is jointly offered by Harvard Kennedy School Senior Lecturers Marshall Ganz and Christopher Robichaud.

Applications for this offering are closed.

Facilitators: Kathryn B. Carlson and Anil Hurkadli

February 2, March 8, April 5, May 3. 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

This series is designed for public leaders seeking a better understanding about how philanthropy impacts public policy and community outcomes. Philanthropy is often misunderstood as monolithic, and there are numerous ways to engage and partner with foundations. We will not be talking about how to fundraise in this series; instead, we hope students will walk away with new insights about the role foundations have played in shaping the modern world and how to effectively leverage philanthropic partnerships as a tool for greater equity and justice.

Applications for this offering are closed.

Facilitator: David Wood

February 8, 22, March 7, 21, April 3. 4:00-6:00PM

Practitioners of responsible and impact investing must take particular social and environmental issues or goals and make them tractable to financial practice. In this intensive you will meet a series of practitioners facing specific challenges, and work with those practitioners to think through the kinds of decisions they must make to meet those challenges.

Applications for this offering are closed.

The Liberation Lab: A Course on Agency, Identity, and Restoration (Race & Restoration)

Facilitators: Abel Cano and Kortni Malone

March 22nd - In-Person from 12pm-3:00pm EST

March 29th - Online from 12pm-3:00pm EST

April 5th - In-Person from 12:30 pm-3:30pm EST

April 12th - Online from 12pm-3:00pm EST

April 19th - In-Person from 12pm-3:00pm EST

This series offers a peer-learning experience that focuses on reflection and restoration as key practices of democratic public leadership and engages race as a critical dimension of those practices. The program uses race-based caucusing to provide a transformative space for reflection, synthesizing learning, and building your restorative tool kit. The series offers a transformative space where BIPOC leaders and White allies can build their capacity to engage.

Applications for this offering are closed.