Student fellows are the heart of the Center for Public Leadership’s mission to develop principled, effective public leaders capable of solving the world’s most pressing problems.

In addition to receiving tuition support, our students participate in a robust cohort-based co-curricular program grounded in servant leadership and experiential learning designed to deepen self-awareness, cultural humility, collaboration and social responsibility. Harvard’s community of faculty and practitioners integrate rigorous academic preparation with the world of practice to equip students with the knowledge and character to lead change. 


This landmark program builds upon what is increasingly clear: young people who have served and sacrificed for their country represent some of the brightest hopes of their generation to bring fresh, responsible, and ethical leadership to the United States and to the world.


The Emirates Leadership Initiative Fellowship is a collaboration between CPL, the Middle East Initiative and Executive Education. It provides advanced training in public management and leadership development to emerging public and private sector leaders from the UAE s and the broader Arab region.


The Equity Fellowship recruits top-tier students from diverse backgrounds who plan to devote their careers to understanding and dismantling barriers to equity across society. 


The George Leadership Fellowships support selected students in the joint degree program offered through HBS and HKS. The fellowships reflect the foundation’s commitment to enhancing public service by investing in character formation and leadership development.


The David Gergen Summer Fellowship Program allows students to gain meaningful hands-on experience and develop important networks through summer internships.


Gleitsman Leadership Fellowships are awarded to students with a strong background in - or strong potential for - leadership in social activism.  Gleitsman Leadership Fellows are committed to tackling complex social problems by enabling, empowering, and inspiring collective social action.


The David M. Rubenstein  fellowship prepares first year joint degree students at HKS and HBS to work in positions of influence at the intersection of business, government, and nonprofit organizations.


The Wexner Foundation generously supports up to ten outstanding government and public service professionals from Israel as they pursue a one-year Mid-Career Master's Degree in Public Administration with the goal of providing Israel’s next generation of public leaders with superlative training.


The Zuckerman Fellowship is for first-year students at Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard Graduate School of Education, or Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.


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