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Julie Battilana
Vol. 32, Issue 1, Pages 1-18
To the surprise of many in the West, the fall of the USSR in 1991 did not lead to the adoption of liberal democratic government around the world and the much anticipated "end of…
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Liz McKenna
Since 2020, the Democracy & Power Innovation Fund (DPI) and our learning partners in organizing, philanthropy, and academia have been innovating a new approach to measuring…
Marshall Ganz
How can community leadership spark social change? In a conversation with CPL, Professor Marshall Ganz…
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This month, the Center for Public Leadership awarded Ashif Shaikh, co-founder of Jan Sahas, with the 2022…
Syeda Ghulam Fatima Gilani
This month, the Center for Public Leadership awarded Syeda Ghulam Fatima Gilani, Secretary General of Bonded Labour Liberation…
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Linda Bilmes
Pages 456-458
This article describes some of the challenges of effective governance for sustainability at the subnational level of government.
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Hannah Riley Bowles, Jorrit de Jong
Vol. 58, Issue 4, Pages 595-645
To address complex social challenges, it is widely recognized that leaders from public, for-profit, and civic organizations should join forces. Yet, well-intended collaborators…
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Max Bazerman
Vol. 8, Issue 2, Pages 59-69
Expressions of confidence can give leaders credibility. In the political realm, they can earn votes and public approval for decisions made in office. Such support is justified…
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Archon Fung
To understand the advantages of and challenges to a reformed regulatory review process, New America’s Political Reform program and the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and…
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It’s been a long year for Leni Robredo, former vice president of the Philippines. But she’s not done yet. Robredo has spent a busy fall in Cambridge as a…