Hauser Institute Welcomes New Fellows

September 15, 2013

The Hauser Institute is thrilled to welcome two new research fellows to HKS for the 2014 academic year, expanding Hauser research in philanthropy and organizing.

Paula Doherty Johnson will spearhead research on the growth, practice and impact of global philanthropy. Working closely with Christine Letts, her initial research projects at Hauser will likely include a comparative study of philanthropy in six Latin American countries, a study to strengthen the role and impact of philanthropy to Haiti, and the development of the Global Philanthropic Capital Project (GPCP), a global collaboration to track, map, and analyze institutional philanthropic giving in countries around the world.

Prior to joining the Hauser Institute, Paula was the Director of the TPI Center for Global Philanthropy, dedicated to advancing both the understanding and practice of global giving. At TPI, Paula conducted research to strengthen giving to and within other countries, worked directly with individual donors and foundations to develop global philanthropic strategies and programs, and worked on a number of initiatives to build and strengthen philanthropic capacity around the world. From 2002 - 2007, Paula was a Research Fellow with the Global Equity Initiative (GEI) at Harvard University where she developed its focus on global philanthropy, conducting applied research aimed at strengthening the role of private philanthropic investments in advancing global equity. Prior to her work with TPI and GEI, Paula worked with several international development organizations, including the Harvard School of Public Health, the Academy for Educational Development, and the Education Development Center.

Pukar Malla will be investigating and piloting innovative frameworks of organizing youth to lead change in developing nations, with focus on Nepal. Working closely with Marshall Ganz, his research topics will include youth leadership, diasporic philanthropy, community organizing and enterprise development.

Pukar has been leading a parallel career as a community organizer and an innovation specialist. As a Co-Founder of Nepal Ko Yuwa, global Nepali youth movement, he has been organizing local and diasporic Nepali youth to lead change in areas of public policy, civil society and entrepreneurship through several initiatives such as Walk for Nepal and Dayitwa Nepal Public Service Fellowship. As Senior Innovation Policy Specialist at the World Bank, he has supported governments in India, China, and Ghana to promote inclusive growth. In his previous high-tech career, he led engineering design at Intel, AMD, Silicon Graphics and a Silicon Valley start-up.