Social Enterprise Competition to Alleviate Cholera in Haiti

October 25, 2013

Cholera is an intractable problem in Haiti. Since October 2010, over 800,000 people have fallen ill and over 8,000 have died. A new project based in Cambridge, MA, aims to take an innovative approach to curb the spread of this preventable disease.

On November 1-3, the Archimedes Project will be sponsoring a social enterprise competition, where teams of five will design and propose plausible and scalable business plans to address the cholera epidemic in Haiti. These teams will intentionally include people from a variety of different backgrounds including business, nonprofit, academic, and government sectors.

Three teams will present their plans on November 3rd, and the winning social enterprise will be on a fast track for implementation, with the goal to launch the enterprise within a year.

To learn more about the Archimedes Project, visit You can follow the Project’s progress on Twitter at @ArchGrp.